About Us

I feel great to see your interest in knowing about me and my blog powerhandtoolset. I am contented to brief about me and my blog to you. I am more responsible to do so.

Who Am I?

I am Mathew Adams, the human tool behind the blog powerhandtoolset.com. I am a fulltime building and construction professional. Indeed, a part-time blogger. I have great experiences in working on multiple projects where perfection is a must. That is very much possible only with the perfect toolset.

What Leads me to Have this Blog?

Still, I have had experience working with some poorly designed tools which leads me to have this blog. Every expert might come across hurdles before achieving something. I am aware that I can’t completely wind it up. But, I can roughly reduce your risk factors and disappointments in buying these essential power tools.

The PHTS blog is regularly updated with informative and review articles. Through which, I have a strong belief that I can guide users to land on owning a quality power tools. By following this blog, I assure that you can make your tools kit a perfect one.

What will you Get Reading this Blog?

The authors over here will be sharing their personal opinions and reviews on the products that they use every day. We take it very seriously to present only honest reviews. Ultimately, our goal is to provide insights and tool guide about the industry tools, DIY project tools, and more. We make our readers run through and determine the best that suits their need and budget.

The primary products we deal with are cordless drillers, hammers, oscillating tools and other essential tools for home DIY projects. If you are an individual interested in renovating your home frequently, then this blog is for you. Also, if you want to save big money doing your home repairing works yourself, you must own a potential tools box. For the sake, you can’t invest money in buying tools that are not optimal.

Rather paying out for service agencies, you can invest your money once in buying well-designed multipurpose power tools. You can use it for almost all common DIY home projects. If you are a novice employing such power tools, our detailed guide can assist you in a better way.

Being an expert in the construction industry, I would almost have these rigid power tools around me all the time. However, I am glad to have fun engaging in such power tools that serve me. You can also find minor accessories that are accompanied with particular tools. You can get to know how to pick the suitable accessories, nails, bits for various applications.

From my years of experience in the field, I can provide the best honest reviews and guide on tools which I am using it for my projects.

You Want to Get In Touch With Me?

I am glad to interact with my readers anything related to the blog posts on this blog. Also, if you are looking for assistance to handle any power tools which I have not presented here, I am available. For your information, I might be using Amazon products and links redirecting you to the Amazon. Against your purchase, I would be getting a minimal credit as affiliate commission. But, it doesn’t mean that you will be charged extra.

At the same time, I don’t post any fake reviews for the sake of promoting it. It’s all about trust and credibility; I wanted to build among you people. Also, I wanted you to gain enough knowledge of the essentials tools that we come across in our daily life.

Keep reading this effective blog articles and benefit out of it. For any clarifications, assistance or grievances, feel free to contact us.

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