Best Bosch Oscillating Tool Review

Best Bosch Oscillating Tool Review 2020 + Blades Reviews

I have published recently the oscillating tool blades. If you dig into both reviews, you can notice I haven’t included the Bosch oscillating tool on the list.  That doesn’t mean the Bosch doesn’t have any best oscillating multi-tool. I purposely keep it away from the list. I wanted to do separate Best Bosch oscillating tool review. It deserves.

You are here reading this Bosch oscillating tool review in 2020. That means you are already a fan of Bosch and trust the Bosch brand a lot. I am no different. I like it.

In my 6 years of experience in building and construction field, I have used a lot of Bosch oscillating tools, Bosch hammer drills, Bosch drill drivers, Bosch impact drivers and various Bosch saw blades. Thus I take a pride to write this Best Bosch Oscillating tool review.

The oscillating tool is nothing but the multi-purpose tools that every DIYers and construction professionals need. Out of a plethora of manufacturers of oscillating tools, Bosch stands out. Since, those tools are fast, powerful, robust, flexible and come with extensive features. It isn’t great to compare Bosch tools with others. Don’t just go with my words, run through the article and check more expert’s research on such oscillating tools by different manufacturers.

Without further ado, let us go and see the Bosch oscillating tool review for 2020. My review includes pros and cons.

Best Bosch Oscillating Tool Review in 2020

I like to introduce you to few best Bosch Oscillating tools here for you. The first one is Bosch GOP40-30C StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with Snap-In Blade Attachment and the second one is Bosch MX30EC-31 Multi-X 3.0 Amp Oscillating Tool Kit with 31 Accessories and the third one is Bosch GOP18V-28N Bare Tool 18V EC Brushless StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool and the last one is Bosch MX25EC-21 2.5-Amp Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit.

NoProduct ImageProduct NameCheck Price

Bosch GOP40-30C

Check Price

Bosch GOP18V-28N

Check Price
3Bosch MX25EC-21

Bosch MX25EC-21

Check Price
4Bosch 12V Max EC

Bosch 12V Max EC

Check Price

Let me allow to write best Bosch oscillating tool review one by one in detail. I include negatives of each product so you can trust this is an honest Bosch oscillating tool review. Below the review, I have included some additional Bosch products like Bosch oscillating blades & saw blades for your arsenal.

Oscillating Tool #1

Bosch GOP40-30C

StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with Snap-In Blade Attachment

Your GOP40-30C StarlockPlus oscillating Multi-tool handles blades seamlessly. No wrenching and hardly any tool needed to lock in blades or to take out. This oscillating multi-tool kit from Bosch uses latest StarLock technology for attaching blades with the oscillating tool.

It is the no-touch easy ON-and-OFF Star lock mechanism. This makes the Bosch oscillating tool best among its competitions. Apart from this Bosch oscillating multi-tool kit, I know Fein also does this in their oscillating multi-tool.


GOP40-30C has another variation GOP40-30B, there is only one difference I see, GOP40-30C comes with carrying case and GOP40-30B comes with a bag instead of the carry case.

This Bosch oscillating multi-tool is a corded model. The cord length is 13 feet and it is the industry standard and was more than enough for me at all times. This tool is just 3.75-inch height and 11-inch length which makes it handy, you can hold it stylish and do the job smoothly.

30 accessories come with the GOP40-30C oscillating tool. 25 of them are sandpapers. This can be a turn-off for someone who wants a lot of major accessories like blades for different uses. Unfortunately, Bosch does not sell with more accessories while other brands like Porter Cable and DeWalt offer more useful accessories in the kit.

I tried this best Bosch multi-tool to cut the door jambs, it worked well. I used it to cut sheet metal, it worked well. I cut wood, nails and drywall. Everything was easy-peasy. If you are a DIYer like me, you are going to love it. To do all these tasks, if you call a plumber or carpenter, he is going to cost you double than the price of a Bosch blade. So it is a steal price if you are going do it yourself.

While talking about blades, for me, the Bosch oscillating blades are looking like expensive when compared to other brand blades. This is a bit negative if you are going to use blades for completing a lot of tasks.


  • The starlock mechanism is there to attach and remove the blades. No-touch needed.
  • Cuts sheet metal and wood perfectly. Blades included in the kit.
  • 3.3 lbs weight and easy to handle.


  • 25 out of 30 accessories are sandpapers.
  • Corded one. Turn off for cordless lovers.

Oscillating Tool #2

Bosch GOP18V-28N

Bare Tool 18V EC Brushless StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool.

Amazon sells in two formats. One is a bare tool and another one is a bare tool with battery. Both formats don’t have any blades which are necessary to get started any works.

While 4.0 Amp mentioned in the above Bosch oscillating tool review and 3.0 Amp Bosch oscillating tool have been coming with the all necessary blades and accessories, this GOP 18V-28N version without these accessories still sells like candies. So what does really make them cool and most wanted?

1. GOP18V-28N is the cordless tool, unlike other two corded oscillating tools. This really makes it handy to handle and can pass more torque and a steady job for long period.
2. GOP18V-28N Bosch oscillating tool has a brushless motor which is not available in other Bosch devices. This makes 2X better performance, long durable motor.
3. The Bosch Li-ion battery is compatible with all the Bosch chargers and Li-ion accessories.


Your GOP18V-28N oscillating tool has StarLock mechanism to handle attachments of all accessories. This is really handy and hardly any tools required attaching and detaching blades. All StarLock and StarLockPlus blades are compatible with this best oscillating tool from Bosch.

I and my colleagues have used this tool for all kind of jobs. It cuts both wood and metal, it does both flush and plunge cut. It sands. It grinds. It trims. Grout removal in tiles, trimming window & door jambs, sands, cuts PVC pipes, metal pipes and you can imagine every odd task it does perfectly.

Biggest negative of this tool is, if I really have to say anything, blades need to be purchased separately after buying this best oscillating tool. If you are a long time user Bosch tools and accessories, you aware of this already that Bosch blades are little more expensive than other competitor blades.

But speaking from the durability of blades, I would say Bosch blades are more durable than other brands. This makes it still a deal for us.

Battery: Bosch BAT612 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 2.0 Ah Slim Pack Battery with Digital Fuel Gauge

Your Bosch battery is compatible with all Li-ion tools and charges.

To keep the battery cool, special conductive heat housing design has been implemented on this battery. How does this help you? Heating is the major factor for reducing battery cell life. By reducing the heat inside the battery, battery cells are happier and live longer. Isn’t cool it?

To summarize the pros and cons


  • Corded Oscillating tool from Bosch. No cords No dragging.
  • Brushless motor – 2x power and 2x motor life.
  • A starlock mechanism is available to attach and detach. No hand work needed.
  • StarLock and StarLockPlus blades are compatible with this tool


  • Battery charger required. Need to be purchased.
  • Blades don’t come with the kit. Every blade needs to be purchased.
Oscillating Tool #3

Bosch MX25EC-21

2.5-Amp Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit.

Hope you are following me on this Bosch oscillating tool review sincerely. This 2.5 Amp tool sits in my arsenal, can work pretty even after years. This oscillating tool has same OPM (oscillations per minute) like newer versions 3.0 Amp & 4.0 Amp one.

It does all the odd jobs grout removal, sanding, grinding, plunge & flush cutting, can cut wood & metal, scraping and many more.

It is compatible with OIS blades (Oscillating Interface System) which works with a 12 pin interface that delivers 70% more torque and thus the perfect finishing for your job.

In this Bosch best oscillating tool kit, 1 oscillating multi-tool, 4 blades, 1 sanding pad, 15 sanding papers and 1 carry bag included.

Bosch MX25EC-21

This carry bag is enough to carry all these accessories + little more room for some of your other accessories too. Still, a plastic carry case would have been a better choice. You can separately buy them in marketplaces if you want. But the carry bag comes with the original purchase can keep all the accessories safe in my opinion.

The 2.5 Amp motor is not superior as of today because Bosch itself now has 3.0 Amp and 4.0 Amp oscillating multi-tools. However, 2.5 Amp motor doesn’t let you fail in tasks you can do with higher amp tools. Only in case of heavier industry applications, you are advised to use 4.0 Amp motor oscillating tool. Else you are Ok with this 2.5 Amp oscillating tool for any task you may come to your daily home improvement needs.

In our this best Bosch oscillating tool review for 2020, this is the third corded one out of 4 best oscillating tool reviews. Cord length is only 8 feet; it is less comfortable while compared to the 13 feet cords available in the top oscillating multi-tools we have discussed above.

In terms of specification, this Bosch oscillation tool may look like inferior but does all the tasks for the half of price compared to the newer tools. If you are a DIYer who fixes the all issues in your home, you can go with this tool.


  • All tasks can be done – cut, grind, sand, scrap, and remove grout and many more.
  • 4 blades are available in the kit which is enough for all your needs.
  • OIS blades are well compatible.
  • Carry bag included.


  • The cord is only 8 feet length.
  • Inferior specs compared to the newer corded oscillating tools from Bosch.
Oscillating Tool #4

Bosch 12V Max EC

 EC Brushless Starlock Oscillating Multi-Tool Bare Tool GOP12V-28N

Weighing less than 2 lbs, the Bosch “GOP12V-28N” features a brushless motor design that promises 75% more run time than generic ones. In our testing, we found it to be almost true. Highly lightweight, the device features a wide 2.8° oscillating arc for better accessory utilization & increased productivity.

With the right accessories, the tool can do flush-cutting, plunge-cutting, sanding, grinding, and more with ease.

Bosch 12V Max EC

Powering everything, this Bosch oscillating tool carries a very powerful 12V motor – hence the name – that is coupled with a variable speed dial that can adjust from 5000 to 20000 oscillations per minute in an instant. As for the ergonomics, the tool is portable enough to reach into tight corners.

And since it has a soft rubbery grip too, it’s also pretty comfortable to use, even for far longer durations. As its highlight perk, the GOP12V-28N too features Bosch’s proprietary “star lock” 3-D tool accessory interface that opens doors for the tool to their impressive array of versatile oscillating accessories, increasing its versatility. Out of the box, the tool comes with a basic plunge blade that’s been preinstalled.

Battery operated, the Bosch, despite its small stature, offers excellent battery life. The Li-ion batteries are quick to charge enabled. You can go from 0 to 75 in just half an hour, ensuring seamless, hassle-free operation.


  • Extremely portable (can be used with one hand)
  • Powerful 12V motor that can produce up to a whopping 20000 oscillations per minute with wide 2.8-degree arc
  • Variable speed dial for faster adaptability to the task at hand
  • Long-lasting battery with quick charge support
  • Star lock compatible


  • No charger included. You have to purchase it separately
  • No extra blades in the box

Best Bosch Oscillating Blades Reviews

I have done best Bosch Oscillating tool review so far. Now, this is time for reviewing few best Bosch oscillating blades.

Now you knew 3 out 4 mentioned in the best Bosch oscillating tool review shown above comes with necessary blades within the purchased kit. The only cordless tool mentioned in the Bosch oscillating tool review above doesn’t come with blades.

I would like to mention that you should use Bosch blades to all the multi-tool mentioned in the above Bosch oscillating tool review. The same brand means easy & better attachments. If you want to use other brand blades, you will need a mounting device to attach or at least an adopter to attach.

Ok, so let us go for best Bosch oscillating blades review. First one  is

Bosch OSL114C-3

Starlock Carbide Plunge Cut Blade (3 Pack), 1-1/4

Bosch OSL114C-3

A bi-metal blade is required to cut the both Wood and metal. If you use a Wood blade in your tiny metals, you will spoil the device. In such case, bi-metal blades are required. But more strong metal devices need to be cut with only Carbide blades. Here comes the requirement for this Bosch OSL114C-3 Starlock carbide plunge cut blade.

This blade

  • Manufactured with carbide oscillating endings. 30X more life than a bi-metal blade would last long.
  • These are starlock blades, works perfectly with no-touch easy ON-and-OFF attach and detach mechanism. Neither wrench nor any tools needed to attach a blade to the oscillating multi-tool
  • These are OIS blades. So these blades work, means compatible with other brand oscillating multi-tools like Fein, Makita, Rigid and Milwaukee.


Bosch OSL114JF-3

Starlock Bi-Metal Extra Clean Plunge Cut Blade (3 Pack), 1-1/4

Bosch OSL114JF-3

To cut the wood, you may use Wood Plunge cut blades come with the kits. But if you use Bi-metal blades to cut wood, your job is so fast and precise cut that you get.

I really love Starlock mechanism to attach accessories. This Bosch blade also uses the same mechanism, means not only with the Bosch oscillating tools, the other brand tools which use Starlock mechanism are compatible with this Bosch starlock blade.

I always get the best, perfect cut in wood. I really like them. You can go confidently!

What Features You Need To Look For In a Best Bosch Oscillating Tool Review?

The reasons to choose a product vary from a person to person because it depends upon what task the tool is going to be employed. Now I consider the below criteria to choose the best Bosch oscillating tool.

1. StarLock Mechanism

Gone are the days where we will use a wrench or a hex key to attach a blade to the oscillating multi-tool. Thanks to the StarLock mechanism Bosch adopted in their innovative multi-tools. What is this mechanism all about?

StartLock blades are now manufactured by adopting universal new design specifications OSL where only OIS (Oscillating Interface system) was previously used. If a tool adopts this StarLock technology, the tool can be used in any Starlock-adopted branded tool. For example; A Bosch StarLock blade can be used in Fein and Makita oscillating multi-tool too.

Actually, you no need to do any work to attach or detach a blade to the tool. It works in this way – Just opening a knob in the multi-tool to attach/detach accessories.

2. Blade Compatibility

Latest Bosch oscillating tool adopts StarLock mechanism to attach/detach blades. This tool doesn’t accept old OIS blades which are still used in old multi-tools like 3.0 Amp and 2.5 Amp. But the old multi-tools accept new StarLock blades. Backward compatibility!

3. Accessories

Bosch gives blades, sanding pads, sandpapers with the Oscillating multi-tool. Depending on the usefulness of the accessories, I give weight and call it best. I am not using number count of accessories. Numbers mean nothing if the accessory is not much use for me.

4. Corded versus Cordless and Length of the cord if it is a corded one

I see first whether the oscillating multi-tool is the corded model or cordless one. No doubt, the cordless oscillating tool is very much handy to use and more torque can be employed if I can hold the multi-tool comfortably in my hands.

Second I see whether the oscillating multi-tool has enough cord length or not. 13 feet is standard and more than enough. Some Bosch multi-tools have 13 feet length and some have 8 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions-You might ask

From a quality standpoint, Bosch is literally unmatched. But hey, that doesn’t mean people are not curious about their products, especially their newest range of best Bosch oscillating tool review 2020 we’ve seen above!

Meant to help you better out, here is a quick Q and A session on these newest Bosch products that are taking the industry by storm.

Let’s go;

1) To whom are these tools for?

A multipurpose device, these tools are popular among professionals in the construction & maintenance industries as well as home repair niches. In fact, these are great for an average homemaker to do their daily fixes.

And of course, being adaptable, many DIY project workers too tend to love these amazingly super handy devices.

2) What are some of the top materials on which you can use these oscillating tools?

On average, these oscillating tools are most commonly used for working with tiles, drywalls, wood, metal, plastic, cement, etc…

That said, extra accessories may be required when dealing with at least some of these materials, especially metal & harder tiles.

3) Cordless or corded – what model to choose?

Obviously, cordless oscillating tools come in very handy when you have to work in smaller, confined spaces where a p-outlet may not be present.

However, they may lack a bit when it comes to capability, though, as they run on battery.The corded models, on the other hand, offer superior power and versatility, albeit at the cost of sheer portability

So yeah, just choose appropriately for your needs.

4) Are all oscillating Bosch accessories universally compatible?

No, they are not. Sorry.

5) What are some of the other popular oscillating tool brands?

At the moment, there are a ton of reputable brands out there making amazing oscillating types of equipment beside from Bosch. They include Black & Decker, Fein, Rockwell, Porter-Cable, Makita, and of course, Dewalt.

Every single one of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. So, make sure to read oscillating tools reviews first to see which one would be the better fit for your everyday needs and other maintaining wants.


Hopefully, I have written all the tools in the best Bosch oscillating tool review in the market and I have written about the few best Bosch oscillating blades also. I am really happy to help you choose the best Bosch oscillating tool and blades.

If you have any queries, please post them in the comment section below, I will try to help you honestly. Let me know how was my Bosch oscillating tool review!

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