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Best Cloning Machines {2022} For A Healthy Garden + Review & Buying Guide

As a gardener, we often see certain plants that are truly incredible. They look so amazing and grow better than any other plants of its type. The best cloning machines can help you to preserve/replicate the precious plants genetic so that you can grow more of them with ease – essentially, “cloning” them for a healthier garden.

Naturally, cloning machines’ popularity has led to an abundance of choices, some good, some very bad. Below, we’ve reviewed 5 of the best cloning machines available today + a buying guide to help cut through the noise.

So in hopes of a better, healthier garden, let’s get started;

Bet Cloning Machines – Where Science Meets Nature!

For those who don’t know, a cloning machine is essentially a squire/circular box that holds a pump, a nutrient mixture, and several mini pots, which serve as the cloning sites. By planting the parent/superior plant cuttings or seeds on it, you can grow new copies of the same – with all of the health benefits the former came with.

Naturally, the better the cloning machines, the faster and healthier the cloned plants are going to turn out to be. Sure they’re a bit complicated. But if you are a serious gardener, these tools can help preserve your top crops till, well… forever. Cloning not only creates the best plants. It is also fun to do and can save you money in the long run too.

Best Cloning Machines For A Healthier Garden

Every best cloning machines below is a worthy choice, and we have tried to break down both the top strength’s & weaknesses of each;


36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine

Complete with 36 cloning sites and red & blue inserts for the same, this Clone king offering is one of the few that offers a true 100% success rate with cloning, with successful results that can be easily observed within 3-5 days.

CLONE KING 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine

The large reservoir and submersible pump with 13 spray heads provide excellent coverage. Furthermore, it also delivers an oxygenated mist, which further enhances the plants’ growth rate.

Despite the large capacity, the machine weighs only around 5 pounds. You can easily move it around to get the best placement. The dual color-coded inserts help with cloning multiple plants in one session without any confusion.


  • Larger 36 cloning tray capacity – clone in big batches with ease
  • Color-coded inserts for easily cloning multi – types of plants together without any confusion
  • Large built-in reservoir with 13 spray heads
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Comes with detailed instructions 


  • Doesn’t come with any sort of temperature regulation system at all
  • The spray nozzles get clogged easily

#2 Hydrofarm


Made from FDA approved plastic, the superb Hydroform OX20SYS best cloning machines come with a compact design but with still 20 trays for easier batch cloning. The integrated Aqua Pump effortlessly delivers oxygen to the roots via countless bubbles.

Hydrofarm OX20SYS oxyCLONE

In fact, no other tools in this top best cloning machines list can rival the OX20SYS in terms of dissolved oxygen delivery, ever! The non-pinching, non-toxic inserts, which have anti-bacterial & fungi properties built-in, further facilitate better, healthier cloning. 

With the built-in evaporative cooling system, the tool protects the roots from excessive heat & offers a conducive climate for the plants to grow. The closed-off design prevents leakage & helps with portability by a lot. 


  • Advanced Active Aqua pump with a diffuser for enhanced oxygen recirculation
  • Made from food-grade BPA-free plastic
  • Non-toxic foam inserts with resistance to bacteria and fungi
  • Evaporative cooling mechanism
  • Compact and portable – perfect for DIYers


  • The plastic is pretty thin, so long term longevity is a cause of worry
  • Limited 20 cloning sites

#3 Hortipots

Aeroponic Cloner Machine

With a foldable humidity dorm to better facilitate a more conducive, plant growing environment, the Hortipots cloning device has 35 sites and comes with multi-color inserts to better facilitate replicating several types of plants at once.

Hortipots Aeroponic Cloner Machine

The large reservoir below is leak-resistant and has an aqua pump to bring nutrients to the plants. The sprayers have anti-clogging filters, so there’s no worry of debris blocking the plant growth. The clear dome allows for easy inspection of plants sans any sort of disturbance.

Guaranteeing an almost 100% success rate, the instrument comes with detailed instructions to help you start cloning with ease, even for beginners. You can also get this model 70 and 140 trays capacity if need be.


  • Foldable humidity dome helps to create the perfect micro-environment for plant growth
  • Large 35 tray capacity (also get in 70, 140 sizes)
  • Capable air pump for reliable nutrient & oxygen transfer to the roots
  • Colour coded cloning inserts
  • Comes with a detailed cloning instructions


  • The lid is very thin and might bulge a bit after long usage
  • Occupies a lot of space

#4 TurboKlone

T24D Cloning System

At 4th place in our best cloning machines review, the TurboKlone is built for those who live in a dry condition, as it comes with a humidity dome & fan system to keep the plants cool moisture-rich. With 24 sites and a deep reservoir, the tool has enough cloning capacity to meet the average gardener’s needs – not for bigger batches, though.

TurboKlone T24D cloning System

Also, note that the inserts are NOT color-coded, so you may want to keep a note on “where is which” if you plan on cloning several types of plants at once. 

At just 7.5 pounds, the TurboKlone is extremely portable, especially since its leak proof. The compact, minimalist design is pretty nice too. In our tests, the device was very easy to use, with very detailed instruction onboard.,


  • Comes with a clear humidity dome for plaster cloning
  • Space-saving design
  • Submersible pump with vents offers both nutrient to the plant as well as temp regulated climate
  • Anti-bacterial and fungi/pest resistant inserts
  • Detailed instructions


  • The 24 tray capacity is too restrictive considering the price
  • The inserts are not color-coded

#5 Indoor 7 Site

Plant Cloning Machine

Discrete and mighty portable, the Indoor “bucket” cloning machines are ideal for cloning plants that grow quite deep-rooted & need more nutrients. The large reservoir, which has a pump for exceptional oxygenation, the instrument has seven C-trays for plant cloning.

Indoor 7 Site Plant Cloning Machine

It might seem a bit too limited (and it is!), but with more room between plants, the 100% success rate of this cloning machine is clearly the real deal.

The clear humidity dome cum lid always ensures the right environment to better get the plant growing, with rooting time rated between 7 and 12 days. It’s also quite powered efficient, consuming just 3 watts per day.


  • Easy to install, use and power-efficient
  • Supports growing both hydroponics and aeroponics based plant clones
  • A large reservoir gives plenty of room for the roots to grow
  • Very compact
  • Aqua pump for easy oxygenation


  • Supports only cloning 7 plants at a time
  • No colored inserts

Best Cloning Machines Buying Guide – Things To Consider

Thinking of getting into the plant cloning game? Here’re some key qualities to consider helping make sure you are getting the real deal;

1) Cloning Mechanism Offered

Plant cloning machines usually come in two types, and choosing the right one is key, as some plants are restricted to one over another. They are;

  • DWC or deep water culture where the plant cuttings are suspended over a nutrient-rich soil/water mixture to grow
  • The Ebb & Flow system has plants placed on cloning trays & gets fed with nutrient-rich water that gets pumped from a reservoir below.

Again, the choice mostly depends on the kind of crop you are planning to clone. However, if you are a newbie, go for the DWC units as they’re relatively easy to operate. They are also far more affordable if that matters.

2) Capacity And Ease Of Use

To get the best results, Make sure the cloning trays are spacious & have plenty of room between them to give each plant their own area to grow & breath. As the reservoir size increases, the machine also gets bigger – buy appropriately.

The controls should be easy, so is the ease of maintaining the tool. Be sure it has a detailed manual to get you started easily.

Best Cloning Machines Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

Cloning machines are quite new, at least for the mainstream gardeners. The chances are that you may’ve a lot of doubts & worries

Here’s your chance to find answers to some of them;

1) Which Is Better – Cloning By Hand Or Using The Best Cloning Machines?

While cloning by hand can yield you almost the same results, the best cloning machine can help cut down the time and effort needed for it, at least by half! You also get more freedom, as these machines don’t need you to micro-manage everything.
With cloning machines, your success rate will also soar to nearly 100% as opposed to the traditional way of cloning by hand.

2) What Kind Of Water Do I Need For Cloning?

As long as it is pure enough, you can use regular tap water for cloning. However, if you are not sure enough, you can use RO water for the same. Make sure it has the right pH balance, which is generally between say, 5.5 to 6.5.

3) Can I Reuse Neo-Type Inserts For My Cloning Machine?

Of course, you can. Just make sure that the neo-type inserts are properly cleaned & sterilized before using it again. That said, we usually prefer getting new ones every time to keep the plants free of bacteria, pests, and diseases.
New or recycled – at the end of the day, it’s your choice to make!

Best Cloning Machines Review – Come, Let Us Conclude!

Cloning is a very difficult process – one that takes a lot of time and effort. The best cloning machines help to fast track this tedious effort and also assures almost a 100% success – something that cloning by hand can’t even hope to offer.

Do note that there’s no “perfect” cloning machine out there. The results depend on YOUR efforts, skill, and the amount of time & care you spend. Being so, make sure to pick a unit above that optimizes your gardening habits. We’ve both included hydroponic & aeroponic models above so you can clone whichever way you prefer. They all are also quite tough, so you can use them multiple times to benefit your gardens for longer.

Use the best cloning machines buying guide to zero in on the one you need. If you have any doubts or opinions, let us know in the comments below.

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