Best CNC Router In 2020 {Included Review & Buyer Guide}

Computer Numerical Control or best CNC router units are designed for giving you high factory-grade cutting, carving & milling results in a small workspace or at home. With computer-controlled precision/finesses, they are perfect for repeating tasks or creating cuts and carvings that humans can’t just simply make.

Granted, they used to be costly and huge. But, with the recent price drops and burgeoning popularity, they are a dime a dozen now. Below, we have chosen five of the best CNC router units that offer the best bang for the buck.

So without any further ado, let’s get started;

Best CNC Router Models – Can’t Get Better Than This!

Designed for 3-dimensional cutting & milling action, the best CNC router helps eliminate inefficiencies & errors prone to human, traditional methods. With incredible accuracy and extraordinary swiftness, a CMC router can turn a block of metal, wood, plastic, stone, etc. into an intricate piece of art in a jiffy. 

Computer-driven tools will allow you to convert your cutting/milling process into an industrial-grade, auto assembly line – Just enter the data, load the material, tap the button & you’re done!

Yes, it’s that simple!

Honestly, the best CNC router is “one of those tools you didn’t know you needed, but now that you do, can’t live without” kind of machines. Ideal for both newbies & pros, enjoy “god-level” cutting & carving with them!

Here’s a best CNC router guide to getting you started;

Best CNC Router Review – Top 5 CNC Tools For Upgrading Your Cutting Skills (2020)

Fun to learn & easy to use, the best CNC router can bring your design to life in minutes. Here are the top 5 models to look out for;

#1 VEVOR CNC 3018

CNC Router

A solid aluminum build, easy to assemble and control, a higher performance 24-watt stepper motor – clearly, there is a lot to love about the Vevor CNC router. We loved the light, robust, and distraction-free design. It is equipped with 3 axis, with effective working travel of 300(X)*180(Y)*45(Z) mm, its perfect for most casual, DIY needs. 


In fact, it is geared especially for doing accurate engraving work – it simply aced that test! A decent performer, this one works best on plastic, soft aluminum, woods, acrylics, PVCs, PCBs, etc.

For schematic input, it supports GRBL thorough a USB input (standard stuff). There is laser marking & the system itself supports as far back as Win-XP & 32-bit Linux. For cleaner milling, we get a 10000r/min bit speed.



  • Practical, durable and stylish
  • High-performance dual stepper motor with 10000 RPM milling bit – ideal for making, clean, precise cuts and carvings
  • Accurate GRBL schematic support for precision milling
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wider application headroom


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty, pro-grade work
  • A few pats are plastic

#2 MySweety Control

DIY Mini CNC Machine

Another affordably priced best CNC router, the MySweety CNC router, is notable for its surprising all-aluminum frame – a rarity at these prices. With a working area of 30x18x4.5cm and 24 watts 10000 RPM spindle, it’s a solid performer. We had no trouble milling across most soft materials and even a few non-soft ones (i.e., granite, tiles, etc…). 

MySweety Control DIY Mini CNC Machine

The new control board is very cool with an integrated chip, a heat sink, short circuit protection, and a 1G capacity. You can easily use it with the GRBL or simply work offline with the remote.

Assembly & installation is quite easy. And portability is also given a serious thought with the rather light 16.7-pound footprint. For serious CNC projects, different modules are available, and the package itself offers extra clamps & bits.



  • All metal, durable build quality
  • 24 watt, high-speed spindle for a cleaner, more precise carving & cutting action that’s on par with the best
  • Works online and offline (with manual entry)
  • Easy assembly
  • 12 months warranty


  • The new controller takes a bit of time for getting used to
  • Small working area

#3 Genmitsu

CNC 3018-PRO Router

If you want the best CNC router that’s a bit more premium, versatile and high tech, the Genmitsu CNC tool is what you are looking for.

Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router

With an integrated motherboard & custom software that’s efficiently paired with a 24-watt spindle, its perfect for professional-grade work, even across harder materials like ceramic, steel, etc. The Working area of 30x18x4.5cm is good for most casual projects, and we really loved the portability.

It runs on both Arduino & GRBL, which is great for DIYers thanks to the open-source nature. And yes, you can use it offline with the integrated remote. For serious DIYers, a LASER module is also available for versatility.



  • Very capable 24-watt spindle + stable metal frame for professional-grade cutting and carving performance
  • Superior Laser & custom software-based guidance system
  • Offline controller support
  • Built-in cooling system for sustained use
  • Very versatile


  • Installation can be complicated and time confusing
  • Small work area

#4 SainSmart Genmitsu

CNC Router Machine

An improved take on the Genmitsu best CNC router we just saw, the Sainsmart Router features a far more superior build quality and a new dual acrylic plate on both sides for better, increased protection. On the inside, we get the usual 24-watt spindle & the same sized workbench, which still is a potent combo as ever. 

SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router Machine

However, the new highlight is the new touch-enabled control remote, which makes controlling the tool even easier. Heck, if things get out of hand, there’s even a built-in kill switch on-board for quick shutdown. 

The installation process has been improved tremendously. You can now set it up and run the tool in just 15 minutes – nice. Honestly, this little upgrade is all about perfecting an already excellent machine – no more, no less.



  • Premium, durable and fairly stylish
  • Professional-grade, 24-watt stepper motor for better, reliable and sustained performance
  • TFT touch based LCD control
  • Pre-assembled for faster, hassle-free installation
  • Extra safety perks


  • The new touch control may take some getting used to
  • Small work area (still)

#5 BobsCNC

Evolution 4 CNC Router Kit

Last on our best CNC router review, the BobsCNC machine is big, high-powered, and strictly meant for businesses. Boasting a tough, laser cut frame and high-powered Makita-driven spindle delivering the cutting force, this Rig is perfect for large & small projects. 

BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC Router Kit.

The SG20U rail system makes precision a no-brainer. As expected for the price, we get support for both Arduino microprocessor & GRBL for accurate input.

Installation, as you might’ve expected, can be a hassle. However, once it’s installed, it’s not going anywhere thanks to the stable footprint. Granted, the poor cable management is another bad issue, but hey, for that HUGE board, its well worth it



  • Industrial-grade, high performance + larger worktable for unparalleled cutting and carving action
  • Easy controls (supports both Arduino & GRBL)
  • Tough laser cut frame
  • Works even offline through USB
  • Superfast


  • The pricing is seriously on the higher side
  • Tough assembly

Best CNC Router Buying Guide – Read This Before Buying!

Assuming you’re a beginner, here are few important things to consider first before getting a best RNC router model today;

1) Size and ease of use

The larger the machine & its table size, the bigger the materials that you can work with. Pickup a unit that best suits your work needs. The controls should be easy, including the setup for CAD data loading & overall OS/SW compatibility.

Stationary ones offer absolute precision. However, depending on your work, you can go for portable ones if need be – it’s your choice.

2) Overall Performance

With CNC routers, the motors are 2 in-kind – stepper and servo motors. A servo motor typically has more energy efficiency & higher torque to inertia ratio that allows for rapid load acceleration. Stepper motors, on the other hand, offer high torque on low/mid speeds. These are quite inexpensive and easy to use & maintain.

Whichever one you pick, make sure it has a top drive train, preferably ball-screwed, to help put that power to good use.

3) Extra features

For long-term satisfaction, it is preferable to get the best CNC router that’s feature-packed with quality of life improvements like; extra lighting, dust collector, vacuum, adjustable table sizes, ATC (automatic tool changer), etc.

Also, make sure you’ve access to ample spare parts & accessories as these can further increase these tools utility & longevity.

Best CNC Router To Buy – Wrapping Up!

A tool that can help get your job done quickly and precisely without wasting much material is a best CNC router is a no-brainer for all DIY & pro metal/woodworkers. Give your projects that truly professional look today!

As you can see, we’ve covered CNC routers across many price points and have features that appeal to a wide range of users (you!). To pick the right one, consider your needs closely, including the upcoming ones & make a choice based on it. If you are serious about CNC-ing, remember that you’ll sooner or later outgrow the budget models so it’s advisable to go for the premium ones NOW to better avoid future extra spending.

So yeah, that’s it. If you have any questions, ideas or opinions to share, please do so by throwing us a comment below

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