Best Cordless Circular Saw 2022 + Review & Buying Guide

Wherever in the world, look into a top handyman’s/DIYers tool kit, and chances are you’ll find the best cordless circle saw in there. Designed to offer precision cuts in a portable package, these exceptionally useful power tools are perfect for every project. 

Whether you are building a toy house, renovating your kitchens, or ‘DIY’ing a deck, you will definitely find these top best cordless circular saw units handy. In fact, you literally can’t call yourself a wood/metal worker, if you don’t have these tools in your kitty!

Almost every popular power tool company offers the best cordless circular saw solutions, claiming their ones to be the best possible. So yeah, pair that with all the features and prices, it can get overwhelming to pick the right one. To help, find below a good look at 5 of the best cordless circular saw to buy today + a buying guide

Without wasting any more time, let’s get started;

Best Cordless Circular Saw – Accurate Cuts, Every Time!

Whether building a patio, a fence, crafting furniture, chopping sheetrock, laying down your tiling or framing a house, the corded circular saw – with its high power and accuracy – has always traditionally been an integral part of any tool selection. 

However, as technology improved, the best cordless circular saw units are now rapidly becoming the new norm: effectively providing a phenomenal alternative to the old, bulky, cord-hindered sawing solutions – yup, the power of a tabletop saw, now in an even sleeker size.

With the best cordless circular saw, you can cut anything, and do so with superior accuracy and top speed. No more wires, no huge price tags. They’re a no-brainer – be it for a “DIYer”, weekend warrior or a pro handyman!

To get you started, here’s a quick look at the top models;

Best Cordless Circular Saws Review –5 Tools For The Perfect Cut, Every Time!

As recommended by experts & our own rigorous tests, here is a good look at the top 5 best cordless circular saw to buy in 2022;


6-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw

A high-performance circular saw that doesn’t break the bank; this best cordless circular saw features a high density 6 ½ inch carbide toothed blade, which when paired with the 4000 RPM high-performance motor, is plenty enough for most casual cutting needs. 


The contoured molded handle feels good in the hand, and since it only weighs 6.5 lbs, fatigue is never an issue, even with longer, heavier cutting sessions. For non-traditional cutting needs, we get a neat bevelling shoe (up to 50 degrees) that helps a lot with control & precision.

For sustained performance, the 20V battery gives ample runtime. And we found the standby time to be quite good as well. That said, you do have to get the cell separately. Finally, a good 2-year warranty is there for protection.



  • Decently powerful 4000 RPM motor & carbide blade (6 ½ inched) for reliable, mid-range cutting performance
  • Superior molded handle and ergonomic design for max comfort
  • A handy bevelling shoe for making trick cuts
  • 2-year warranty
  • Long-lasting “Max” 20V battery


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty, longer cutting tasks
  • No battery included


6-1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saw

With Dewalt at the helm, you know you are getting a quality product. Adorned in their top signature yellow & black design, the tool features a capable 3700-RPM motor that’s ideal for making exceptionally clean rip cuts & crosscuts. The 6 ½ inch carbide tipped blade does its job as expected. It doesn’t overheat, and the higher blade count means neater cutting results.



The built-in magnesium shoe ensures good precision while the metal guard & fan-cooled motor gives ample protection and sustained running. Have to say, we loved the anti-tremor handle Dewalt has included. It is super comfy – like very!

For versatility, the 0-50 degree bevel offers ample cutting headroom. The decent 18V battery offers good backup – nothing exceptional. It is backed by a 90=day MB guarantee and, lastly, a 3-year warranty to close the loop.



  • Light, portable and easy to use
  • Pretty capable 3700 RPM fan-cooled motor – runs longer, faster and cooler
  • Heavy-duty carbide tipped 6 ½ inch blade
  • Anti-tremor handle
  • 50-degree bevel cutting setup


  • Well-built yet still feels a bit cheap in some places
  • Battery life could be better


MAX 5-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw

Boasting a similar design to Dewalt but now far more robust, the Black + Decker best cordless circular saw boasts a 4000 RPM motor + 5 ½ inch combo that’s perfect for rendering cuts in smaller areas with its portable head. Thanks to the bevelling (40-90 degrees) head, making cuts in odd angles is as effortless. 


And yes, you can adjust the depth sans any tools – a feature that we think a lot of DIY/pro users will appreciate. The blade they have used here is awesome – got to say. It’s exceptionally strong & the carbide-dipped teeth help make quick work of most tough materials sans any resistance – clean cut, always.

The included 20V lithium-ion battery is quite good. In our testing, we got around a day’s worth easily, and yes, it has fast charging support. To wrap up, this highly ergonomic saw boasts a 2-year warranty to keep it safe.



  • Heavy-duty 4000 RPM motor for duly sustained, powerful cutting action across all type of materials
  • Compact, carbide-tipped 5 ½ inched blade for clean cutting
  • Tool-free depth control
  • Large 20V cell for excellent run time
  • 2-year warranty


  • Slightly on the heavier side at 7 pounds
  • Small blade


 Brushless 12V Compact 5-1/2 Inch Circular Saw

One of the more feature-packed best cordless circular saws, this offering from SKIL comes with a light, portable design that packs a meaner punch with a heavy-duty motor, a sharper 5 ½’ carbide-reinforced blade & 50-degree bevel capacity. 


Ergonomically, we get a portable fairy build, with a ton of rubber grip for excellent control. The tool-less adjustable depth stop makes life easy & the convenient steel shoe offers excellent precision. And oh, they’ve also included a trigger controlled LED light array for accurate cutting in the dark. 

While testing, we loved the integrated dust blower, which helps to keep the cut clean. The same also goes for the electric blade brake. Other perks include a large 20V cell, USB port for charging, integrated cooling, etc.



  • Highly feature packed for the price
  • High powered, professional-grade brushless motor (rated max 4000 RPM)
  • Integrated cooling system for consistent performance
  • Built-in LD system
  • Large 20V cell for superior run time.


  • Need to buy battery and charger separately
  • Smaller blade size


6-1/2-Inch Lithium-Ion Circular Saw

German engineering at its finest, the Bosch best cordless circular saw is expensive. But hey, it has all the “Chops” to justify it perfectly. Highly premium in design, the ergonomic structure & the texturized grip makes for fatigue-free operation. 


The inbuilt motor with 3900 no-load RPM gives a ton of cutting headroom, and the 6 ½ inch carbide tipped blade ensures accurate, efficient &cleaner cuts every time. The left-sided blade integration ensures proper visibility & we also loved the adjustable depth & bevel stops. 

Interestingly, this best cordless circular saw also offer bosch’s proprietory Anti-snag system that uses a custom lower guard to ease the tool into the material, thus making the cut more accurate. 

Get years of service with the tough aluminum footplate & blade guard. The e-brake ensures proper safety when using them and the 18V li-ion battery (not included) gives decent-ish runtime. The warranty is capped at 3 years.



  • Professional grade 3900 RPM brushless motor for superior, faster-cutting action
  • Large 6 ½ inch carbide tipped blade
  • Easily adjustable bevel & depth stop for precise cuts every time
  • Blade brake for superior safety
  • Premium build


  • The battery and charger are sold separately
  • Too pricey

Table setup not completed.

Best Cordless Circular Saw Buying Guide – Read This Before Buying! 

Hey, still confused with all the choices? We feel you. Here is a quick best cordless saw guide to help you find the “right” saw for you;

1) Ergonomics & Handling.

Being cordless, they are already very portable. Still, to get the best control, opt for a unit that’s very light, compact & offers a nice handle, preferably with a textured grip. 2.5 kg to 4 kg with the cell included) is the ideal sweet spot.

For convenience & safer use, go for units that offer laser markers, LED lights, etc., and have a vari-speed trigger for finer control & versatility.

2) Power & Capability

More power means better performance. Variable speed support is obviously important since this guarantees far more versatility on the table. 7-10 amp is ok for casual needs, with 15+ reserved for heavy-duty chopping

3000 – 6000 RPM is the best range for neat, fast cutting. Depth wise, most blades fall around3 ½ to 7 ½ inches, with some allowing for adjustments. 

3) Blade Types

The size aside, the build and finish of the blade can also have a deep impact overall the best cordless circular saw the performance. Steel, cast iron or an alloy, go for blades with tungsten tips so they’re sturdier in the long run.

More teeth mean neater cutting. It should be heat & water-resistant & if you’re buying a third party, go for a reputed brand.

4) Battery Life

Since these run cord-free, make sure to get the best cordless circular saw that offers better runtimes and decent backup. 12V – 18V is the norm with these tools, though it can go up to 20V for powerful, costlier units. 

Pro-tip; buy only saws that offer fast charging, as this guarantees lesser downtime between your cutting sessions.

5) Care & Warranty

Meant to cut sufficiently strong materials, while enduring dust, debris & usual wear & tears, it’s advisable to go for a model with a good warranty to avoid issues in the future. Besides, a long warranty also indicates higher quality.

If budget allows, go only for a branded best cordless circular saw, preferably from companies like Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, etc.

Best Cordless Circular Saw Review – The Conclusion

Without a doubt, the best cordless circular saw units are super handy & very portable, making them a lot easy to use. Perfect for making precise cuts in small spaces; give your all projects that are professional “cut”, today.

When picking the best cordless circular saw, be sure to consider all your needs; Comfort, convenience, project needs, etc., Use the included top best cordless circular saw buying guide to fine-tune your choice before buying. Above all, keep safety your highest priority. This is still a very dangerous tool, after all. 

Wear proper PPE’s like gloves, goggles, and more when using them. Make sure to keep them properly maintained and clean, as this can help a ton with their performance & longevity.

So which one did you pick? We’d like to know. Share your thoughts, ideas (and queries) below in the comment section.

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