Top 2+5 Best Cordless Hammer Drill Under $200

As you have arrived here, I can conclude that you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast or a specific person who handle the drill and hammer related jobs! Am I right?

So, finally, you have decided to buy the best cordless hammer drill under $200 for your professional or DIY works at home!

Alternatively, you can buy any one of the best cordless oscillating multitools which can be used for various home improvement needs. Dewalt DCD771C2 is also a best dril driver for you. If you are Ok with the Bosch brand, I have separately reviewed the best Bosch Oscillating multitool. 

best cordless hammer drill under $200

Good that you have taken a wise decision in getting the excellent power hand tool for getting the things done easier and sooner.

Do you know what exactly a cordless hammer drill can do? What are its specifications? What are the features that you should look for while buying this instrument?

Let’s see all the essential details in this article so that you can buy the best product to use for indoor and outdoor tasks.

Cordless Hammer Drill & Its Uses

A cordless hammer drill is a versatile do-it-yourself tool to have in your home and workspace. As it looks and performs similar actions like Cordless drill, many of us would get confused with its features and uses.

The cordless hammer drill driver has the additional mechanism (Hammering) along with the rotary mode so that it can be employed for several DIY projects like installation of shelves or electrical boxes or drywalls since these types of tasks may require lifting and holding the large panels.

Yet, there are two different rotary hammer drills out there. The basic one and the other is Slotted Drive System (SDS) rotary hammer drills. For masonry works like breaking or chipping bricks and concrete, these are suitable to make it easier. As these tools combine the features of both drillers and hammers, cordless hammer drill gains more popularity among users as an individual tool.

It can also be used to drive bolts in concrete, insert screws in wood frames, fix the fence, drill mortar joints between the bricks and so on. You can do all these do-it-yourself works at least three times faster than the standard drill.

Best Cordless Hammer Drill Under $200

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2Best 7 Cheap Cordless Drill Drivers Under $150


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3Best 7 Cheap Cordless Drill Drivers Under $150


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4Best 7 Cheap Cordless Drill Drivers Under $150


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5Best 7 Cheap Cordless Drill Drivers Under $150


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6Best 7 Cheap Cordless Drill Drivers Under $150

#MILWAUKEE 2411-22 M12

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7Best 7 Cheap Cordless Drill Drivers Under $150


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Things To Know When Buying Cordless Hammer Drill

Here is a simple and brief buying guide to buy the best cordless hammer drill 2019!

Type of Work

What is the purpose and kind of work that you are going to involve with this power hand tool? Be clear about its role while choosing the best cordless hammer drill on the market. If you are going to undertake the toughest tasks in the opaque materials like cement, and brick, then you may buy this electrical appliance.

Motor Power

The power of the motor decides the output quality of the work. You may choose the motor of the hammering drill that delivers maximum torque for better results.


Most of the hammer drills of the cordless type have the variable speed to undertake extensive applications. You may pick the device with 2-speed or 3-speed transmission range between 500 to 1500 RPM.


Fix the budget that you could spend and then search for the best product within your bearable financial range. Quite a lot of cheap cordless hammer drill drivers are available on the market.


Look at the ergonomic personality of the hammer drill that you are going to buy. You should feel comfortable with the grip handle, chuck size and entire weight of the device.

After analyzing the qualities and customer experience, I have listed some of the fantastic cordless hammer drills that are reasonably-priced!

7 Handpicked Top Cordless Hammer Drill Below $200

Product #1

#Ryobi P214 ONE+

18-Volt ONE+ 1/2 In. Cordless Hammer Drill

The Ryobi 18V cordless hammer drill is an excellent tool which is well-suitable to accomplish the high-speed drilling and high torque applications. It is one of the best appliances to make perfect drills on concrete & bricks along with the flexible hammering features.

RYOBI P214 ONE - 18-Volt ONE+ 12 In. - Best Cordless Hammer Drill

You will adore its versatility and robust performance through its 2-speed range variations. Getting the job done nicely and quickly is an impressive thing, and it is more likely to admire its depth stop result.

Also, there is no doubt that you will get the maximum comfort while using this top cordless hammer drill since it offers the soft grip handle and two-finger trigger; you will be getting the maximum control as well.

What else do you need to handle the basic to medium DIY tasks?


#Weight – 3.2 Pounds
#Voltage – 18 volts
#Battery – Lithium Ion
#Torque – 600 Pounds

What Do I like?

Made up of high-quality material

LED light for enhanced visibility

Auxiliary plastic handle for high accuracy

Flexible settings for both hammer and regular drill mode

No overheating issues

 Works well for the money spent

What Don’t I Like?

Difficult to cut the concrete

 During big jobs in hammer mode, the chuck gets loose and needs to be retightened.

Product #2


20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill/Drill Driver

DEWALT products are well-known for the superior performance through its high-efficiency motor, and this hammer drill boasts the same quality that can offer the maximum power for you.

DEWALT DCD985B 20V - Best Cordless Hammer Drill Under $200

No matter your work is related to Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Woodwork or building construction, you can use this premium hammer drill/driver that comes with patented technology.

Having the extreme durability without any overloading and deep discharge issues is the admiring quality of this best cordless hammer drill for concrete. With its slim handle, you can experience more comfortableness during the operation.

When you involved this amazing hammer drill for high-torque applications, you never need to worry about the gripping power as it possesses heavy duty metal chuck with carbide inserts. Moreover, for fastest application and better run time, it has been integrated with 3-speed all-metal transmission.

#Weight – 4.2 Pounds
#Voltage – 20V
#Battery – Lithium Ion
#Warranty – 3 years

What Do I Like?

Long life and suitable for extreme toughness

Built-in LED with 20 seconds delay for improved visibility

Excellent design for ideal balance and light weight feel

Long lasting battery

What Don’t I Like?

Somewhat bulky

Makes little bit noise

Product #3

#Makita XPH06Z

18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 1/2″ Hammer Driver Drill

If you’re specifically looking to buy the best cordless hammer drill under $200 that has the brushless motor for several demands and longer life, then you may buy Makita cordless hammer drill driver as it has no brush in the motor.

MAKITA XPH06Z - Best Cordless Hammer Drill Under $200

It is an awesome DIY tool which is specially designed for a broad range of hammer drilling applications through its 2-speed variations. If you employ this device in drilling the cinder block, you will be experiencing its astonishing speed and simplicity.

I should have a word about its remarkable durability since it integrates XPT technology and star protection computer controls for extended battery life. Besides, this Makita hammer drill is compact for use, light in weight and has 3-stage LED indicator to display the charge level of the battery.

#Weight – 3.1 pounds
#Voltage – 18 volts
#Battery – Lithium Ion
#Colors available – Black & Blue

What Do I Like?

The energy of the battery gets optimized for 50% longer run

Nice ergonomic design for reduced user fatigue

Adjustable torque settings for tiny delicate screws

Great productivity for any type of hammer drilling

What Don’t I Like?

You must be careful while using the large drill bits as it may twist your hand

The make quality is not up to the mark.

Product #4

#DEWALT Bare-Tool DCD950B

1/2-Inch 18-Volt XRP Hammer Drill/Drill/Driver

Here comes another greatest cordless hammer drill at a low price, DEWALT DCD950B 1/2-Inch 18-Volt XRP hammer drill/driver. It features 3-speed all metal transmission for lightning fast applications.

Comprising a heavy duty self-tightening chuck for exceptional gripping strength is the notable excellence of this reasonably-priced hammer drill. When you work in confined areas, its LED light will help you carry out the task at ease.

You can enjoy the triple speed range to manage the heavy-duty, professional tasks. Also, this cheap 18V cordless hammer drill never puts any excessive strain on your wrist and hand as its compact design is well-suitable for corners and closets.

#Weight – 4 Pounds
#Voltage – 18 volts
#Battery – NiCAD
#Warranty – 90 days

What Do I Like?

High-efficiency motor (450 Watts) for robust performance

Keyless chuck with ratcheting action

Hammer function works great on anything like concrete, wood, stone or block walls

Adjustable handle works charm in tight places

Long lasting XPR batteries

What Don’t I Like?

Noise inside the chunk

No clutch mode in both drill and hammer

Not much suitable for in-depth drilling

Product #5

#Makita XPH07Z LXT

Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Hammer Driver Drill with Tool

For increased power and speed, Makita has launched this cordless hammer drill machine with the brushless motor that delivers maximum torque. You can perform a variety of demanding drilling and driving tasks with its all metal variable 2-speed transmission feature.

MAKITA XPH07Z LXT - Best Cordless Hammer Drill Under $200

Makita XPH07Z LXT Cordless Hammer Driver Drill can be used in harsh environments since it boasts the workhorse tool with robust features. You would feel more secure with its ergonomic design as well.

Mentioning the worthiness of its battery is so important, and yes, it won’t sit much time on the charger. This best 18V cordless hammer drill set also supports the start protection technology, and hence you don’t need to bother about the overloading and over-discharging difficulties.

#Weight – 5.8 Pounds
#Voltage – 18V
#Battery – Lithium Ion
#Warranty – 3 years (1 year for battery)

What Do I Like?

Efficient and long-life because of the absence of carbon brushes

Makes for minimum effort on heavier tasks

3 stage LED gauge indicator to display the battery level

Includes depth gauge, tool belt clip and side handle

Higher quality chuck for fast drilling

What Don’t I Like?

Somewhat mediocre performance in cordless hammer drill mode

Not well-suitable for heavy duty reverse operation.

Product #6

#Milwaukee 2411-22 M12

12-Volt 3/8-Inch Hammer Drill Kit

If you want to buy the lightest cordless hammer drill that is best in speed, power, and durability, then you may get Milwaukee 12-Volt 3/8-Inch Hammer Drill Kit without any second thought. To provide a greater convenience, the manufacturer facilitated the built-in LED and onboard fuel gauge.

MILWAUKEE 2411-22 M12 - Best Cordless Hammer Drill Under $200

Including a powerful motor that delivers the first class torque is an impressive matter of this best cheap cordless hammer drill. Besides, it is a closely packed tool suitable for the contractors and repair technicians; you can experience a high portability and get the job done easily.

Not only the solidity, but this best cordless hammer drill under $200 also offers the maximum durability, bit retention and greater grip with the help of its 2-speed metal gear box and 3/8 inch metal single sleeve ratcheting chuck.

#Weight – 7.7 Pounds
#Voltage – 12V
#Battery – Lithium Ion
#Warranty – 5 years (Parts)

What Do I Like?

Excellent chuck – no wobble and never lose bits

Solid performance even after the years

Powerful, light in weight and more convenient to use

Well suitable for hard materials like brick & concrete with proper drill bit

Accurate battery indicator

Torpedo battery design better for tight spaces

What Don’t I Like?

Batteries are not up to the mark

Reverse switch is not at the right location

Product #7


18-Volt Cordless Compact Hammer Drill/Driver

If you’re still displeased with the top cordless hammer drill that I have listed above, here comes an amazing DEWALT product for you! DEWALT DC725KA 18-Volt Cordless Compact Hammer Drill/Driver is the best tool for construction based works like drilling the masonry, breaking and take away the brick and cement.

DEWALT DC725KA - Best Cordless Hammer Drill Under $200

This best buy 18v cordless hammer drill has the lightweight design to reduce the user fatigue. To avoid the slippage, it has been incorporated with the ½ inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck. Also, you could move between the tasks in a fast manner with the help of its extraordinary design.

When I mention that it is the powerful cordless hammer drill for building works, you might have estimated the capability of its motor and yes, it is very authoritative. When you involve in extensive errands, you would amaze its mid-handle grip that results in accurate results.

#Weight – 4.9 Pounds
#Voltage – 18V
#Battery – NiCAD (Included)
#Warranty – 90 days

What Do I Like?

No need to retighten the chuck

Much appropriate for heavy drilling and hammering jobs

Prolonged battery life and recharge time is also quick

Shining LED light comes handy in dark places

Variable torque (dual mode torque settings available) to drive the Topcon without any stripping

What Don’t I Like?

When getting old, it may make noise and sparks

After making few holes, it may fail to reach the in-depth drilling level.

Slightly unstable shaft that may lose contact with the gear mechanism

Wrapping Up

Cordless hammer driller is specifically designed to perform the heavy duty tasks through its dominant hammering motion. If you want to deal with the dense materials, you may buy a best cordless hammer drill brand instead of getting a primary drilling tool.

I hope now you can choose the best cordless hammer drill under $200 through the details that I have enclosed in this post? Which device would you like to purchase for your professional or spirited DIY tasks? Write your thoughts & experiences in the comment section.

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