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Best Cordless Jigsaws 2020 – Review & Buyer Guide

When it comes to making complex or precise cuts in wood, metal, or even ceramic, there are far few tools better than best cordless jigsaws. With such an agile blade & their signature lightweight structure, the non-wired jigsaws are perfect for chopping through a broad range of materials, making it indispensable for both DIYers & pro shops. They are safer; they are portable, cuts everything – a no-brainer, indeed!

Best cordless jigsaws don’t have a subtype. With thousands of different models available, picking the right model can be as tricky as their namesake Chinese puzzles. Don’t worry; we’ll help. Recommended by experts, we have tested and listed 5 of the best cordless Jigsaws to buy today to meet ALL your cutting needs.

Also, please read till the end as we have also prepared a brief best cordless jigsaws buying guide to help you pick the “right” one.

Let’s begin;

Best Cordless Jigsaws – The Ultimate Cutting Tool!

Although they don’t offer quite as much power as their corded counterparts, all these best cordless jigsaws are handier because of their “goes anywhere” attitude. This gives an immense range of flexibility, both when cutting on the fly and dealing with materials that aren’t freestanding. Pair that with the vast range of features & accessory support they boast, and yeah, doing cutting and fabrications has never been this easy!

With the best cordless jigsaws, say goodbye to the hassle of wires, and say yes to effective, effortless cutting action. Yup, they are must-have – especially if you’re a DIYer, a workshop owner, or a weekend warrior! 

To help make your search easier, we’ve rounded up the best ones below;

Best Cordless Jigsaws Review – 5 Best Cordless Jigsaws For Easy Cutting (2020)

They cut, they chop, they slash – here is a closer look at 5 of the best cordless jigsaws to buy today for easy cutting:


Compact (LPS7000) Jig Saw

Let’s start small – literally! These best cordless jigsaws from black decker are crafted for the average Joe, DIY newbies & beginners. The portable design feels good on the hand; the “gun-inspired” structure gives perfect trigger control. 


For the price, the cutting quality is excellent. However, the cheap price also means there is a performance cut – it can only cut up to 1 inch of wood. Interestingly, we do get a LED array here that helps with accuracy in dim lit conditions. Pair that with the steel base & yes, it’s a breeze to use.

The keyless blade change setup makes swapping blades a breeze on the go. The battery life is decent as expected of this size. Plus, there is no fast charging either. In our testing, we found it to be a capable unit, albeit not for heavy sawing.



  • Super portable, light & sleek design
  • Decently powerful performance (for the price) – you can cut up to 1 inch of wood with ease
  • Key-less blade change setup
  • Built-in LED array for accurate cutting in low light
  • Decent battery life


  • Not at all suitable for professional-grade projects
  • No fast charging

#2 Bosch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion

Bare Tool Cordless Jig Saw

Coming from a brand like Bosch, these best cordless jigsaws are bound to be awesome – and guess what? They are! Marrying a portable structure with a powerful 2700 SPM motor, the jigsaw effortlessly cuts through anything we threw at it with a 1-inch stroke length – be it wood, ceramic, or even metal sheets.


Bosch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion

We loved the tool-less T-shank that allows for easy blade change, as It gives exceptional versatility on the field. In our testing, the tool faired brilliantly. It didn’t catch anywhere, nor did it have much vibration.

With an always-on dust blower and an LED light, the JSH180B jigsaw offers increased visibility along the cut line. And thanks to the adjustable footplate, beveled cuts up to 45 degrees are easily possible.


And oh, the 18V battery, which offers top run time & features a heat guard, is annoyingly sold separately – bummer, indeed,



  • Quite powerful 2700 SPM rated motor – reliable enough to cut even ceramic and metal sheets
  • Built-in LED system for easy low light use and always on dust blower
  • Light & portable with a grippy handle
  • Adjustable footplate for easy beveled cutting
  • Anti-overheating guard


  • The battery and charger are sold separately
  • Not for pro-cutting

#3 Makita XVJ03Z18VLXT

Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw

Another range of best cordless jigsaws, but now from the Japanese, the Makita XVJ03Z features a top motor that delivers 0 to 2600 SPM for effective, reliable cutting. Assisting in its chopping shenanigans, we get 3 orbital settings designed for efficient straight, curved beveled cutting actions. We tested them out & yes, it works. 

Makita XVJ03Z18VLXT

The heavy gauge precision-machined base further helps with accuracy & ease of cutting. The ever-handy tool-less blade change system is present (as expected) & so is a variable speed trigger.


It runs on Makita’s 18V battery series (not included) and gives excellent backup. We had no trouble getting through a light workday with ease. It also features their “Star guard,” which protects the batteries from overheating.



  • High powered “Makita engine with variable speed (0-2600) ensures efficient, fast cutting across wood, metal, porcelain, etc.
  • Custom “precision” modes for straight, curved & beveled cutting needs
  • Excellent battery life & standby
  • Heavy gauge, the machined base for max accuracy
  • 3-year warranty


  • Battery and charger are sold separately
  • No dust blower

#4 Milwaukee (MLW273720)

M18 FUEL D-Handle Jig Saw

An American made powerhouse; the Milwaukee MLW273720 features a top “power state” Brushless motor that kicks out a whopping 3500 SPM at variable speeds. The result? Cuts with no chipping/cracks with precision edges! 

Milwaukee (MLW273720)

Thanks to the smart REDLINK Plus system, which adapts the stroke speed per material, there is next to neither vibration nor catching. For those who’re always on the go, the tool-less blade swapper can be a great boon. And thanks to the LED array, working in dim conditions is now a breeze too.


Thanks to their proprietary 18VREDLithium cells, battery life has been good for us – we typically got days worth every charge. That said, the cells are sold separately. The tool comes with a 3-year warranty to boot.



  • Category leading, powerful motor with 3500 SPM with variable speed support – ideal for pro-grade cutting needs
  • Tool-less blade swapping for maximum cutting versatility on the go
  • Excellent battery life & backup
  • Built-in LED array for cutting in dim-lit situations
  • 3-year warranty


  • Both charger and battery are sold separately
  • No blower


MAX XR Jig Saw

The final stop in our best cordless jigsaws review, the Dewalt MAX Jigsaw, is built like a tank, cuts like laser and is priced to match. Sleek, ergonomic, and portable, the die-cast casing carries a top brushless motor that’s rated at 3200 SPM, which when paired with the 4 orbital cutting setting and a built-in LED ensures “pro” results whatever you’re cutting. 


Swapping up blades on the road is a pleasure, thanks to the tool-less mechanism. At just 4.2 pounds, it’s highly portable as well as easy to handle. We especially loved the variable speed trigger. It’s responsive, and with the dial, the precision is top-notch every time.

With a 20Vbattery size, the run time is obviously awesome. That said, be ready to spend extra as the charger & cells are sold separately. Lastly, the built-in shoe cover protects against scratches & the blower helps to keep the dust away.



  • Professional grade brushless motor with 3200 SPM with variable speed ensures precision cutting every time
  • 4 orbital cutting modes for straight, curved, beveled and free form cutting
  • Tool-less blade swapping system
  • Larger 20V battery for longer run time & great backup
  • Built-in dust blower


  • Battery and charger I sold separately (please stop doing this)
  • Very pricey

Best Cordless Jigsaws Buying Guide – Top Things To Consider Before Buying

Still unsure which one to pick? Here is a quick best cordless jigsaws buying guide to help you make the “right” choice;

1) Power & Performance

As always, More power = easier cutting action. Make sure to go for a unit with variable speed settings as this gives more versatility in the stretch. As for power (or Amps), 3-4 Amps is ok for casual cutting, with 5+ Amps for pro needs.

Either way, it depends on your needs & the type of materials you work with. As power increases, the prices too go up – buy accordingly

2) Build Quality & Ergonomics

For most DIYers, they can get by with a jigsaw made from lightweight steel or even plastic since they do not use it daily. However, for pros, pits better opt for units made from die-cast aluminum/steel to help handle the stress.

As for ergonomics, the lighter the tool, the better. Make sure the handle has a nice grip, and the tool can be moved with ease.

3) Battery Life

Since these power tools run cordless, make sure to get the best cordless jigsaws that offer good runtime and decent backup. 12V – 18V is the common normal with these tools, though it can go readily up to 20V for pricier models.

If possible, get models that allow fast charging. This can ensure far less downtime between cutting sessions & more convenience.

4) Safety Features & Extra Perks

Like anything with a blade, the best cordless jigsaws too are plenty dangerous. To keep accidents at bay, look for models with safety perks like blade buffer, chip guards, dust extractor & tool-less changing for blades, etc. – more is better.

Other optional, extra perks to look forward include LED lighting, dust blowers, baseplates &beveled shoes for precision cutting, etc.

5) Price Levels (How Much To Spend?)

With best cordless jigsaws, you get what you paid for. Pricier units bring the most features. However, unless you are pro-worker, it’s better to get a budget type that offers the best bang for the buck – like the ones listed above!

As for warranty, the longer, the better, that said, 2-years is the minimum, with anything more than 3 years considered exceptional.

Best Cordless Jigsaws Guide – Let’s Wrap It Up!

Whether you’re a carpenter, a metal artist, a DIYer, or just a weekend warrior, getting the ideal best cordless jigsaws will catapult the quality of your work by manifold. With them, faster precision cutting is just a click away.

With any of the best cordless jigsaws 2020 units above, you are guaranteed to get the cleanest, most precise cutting action possible. They are all tested for perfection and cover every price range, so there’s something for everyone. Anyway, whichever one you pick, make sure always to give safety your highest priority – always. Always get training before operating them, and wear ample protective gear like gloves, goggles, earplugs, etc.

So which jigsaw did you pick? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you have any opinions or queries, share them too.

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