The 7 Best Cordless Oscillating Multi Tool 2019 – {Our Top 7 Picks}

Do you love building and repairing things on your own? Do you take pride in not relying on repairpersons? Then you my friend is exactly like me. I love getting my hands dirty and I love the satisfaction that I get when something that has been repaired by me works like a charm. If there were one tool that can bring me that awesome happiness then that tool would be my best cordless oscillating Multi-Tool. The Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Reviews here can help you in choosing the best cordless oscillating tools the world has ever seen.

Unfortunately, before publishing this best oscillating multi-tool post with you, I already published best oscillating tool blades reviews. I have also reviewed here best Bosch oscillating toolDewalt DCD771C2.


When I was starting out I carried a lot of different tools with me and it was very hard to keep track of them when I get in to the heat of work. I also found them to be heavy and hard to lug around everywhere I go and please do not get me started on the wires that they were throwing out everywhere.

Then I went and got myself a best cordless oscillating multi tool and everything for me changed for the better. Suddenly I was not needed to carry everything around and the annoying cords that tried to trip me every time become a thing of my past.

My working habits also took a turn for the good after I got my hands on a best cordless oscillating tool. I was able to work twice as fast and everything that I did ended up being perfect and awesome. This is not the only cordless tool I use, I used to the best cordless hammer drill, cordless drill drivers and many more.

The reason that I wrote this great review on the best cordless oscillating multi tool is that I have seen many good people struggle around simply because they did not have something like this amazing tool with them. Therefore, in this review, I am going share with you a few best cordless oscillating Tool that I think are the best ones there is.

Before we go in to see them all, I want to share with you a few pointers that can help you choose the rightbest cordless oscillating multi toolto help you in those building projects that you so want to finish in time.

Best Cordless Oscillating Tools

While checking out best oscillating tools that are versatile, powerful, efficient and affordable, know how to get it. There are a few factors to consider before settling on a tool that can fulfill your needs. It includes how comfortable it is to use, flexibility to configure speed settings and blade changes, headlights, battery life and weight of the tool. All these aspects are imperative to choose your best oscillating tool to buy.

Here they are.

Things to consider when buying the best cordless oscillating multi tool

1) Run time

The best cordless oscillating multi tool just like its name suggests is cordless and depend on a battery to provide the power it needs to run. Nowadays most tools like this come with an 18-volt battery on them that depending on the usage can run the device for anywhere between 4 to 5 hours at the most. However, the best cordless oscillating multi tool needs to run for at least 5 hours after every recharge and that specific run time sweet spot is the one you need to look out for when you get such tool for yourself from the market.

2) Speed and power

Different tasks need different levels of power and speed. For example, cutting a piece of wood will not need much power and even in its lowest setting most oscillating tools can cut through it. Getting through a concrete piece is, however, is a whole other matter. The tool will need every bit of power and speed it can muster up to do it properly. Therefore, it makes sense to have a tool with varying power and speeds that can be alternated by the user with a simple click.

3) Sound level

It is common knowledge that being in the middle of a loud enough sound for too long can definitely affect your health in a negative way. Therefore, it would be a great idea to get a best cordless oscillating multi Tool that emits low sounds when they work. What you need to look for when getting a new oscillating tool is its sound level and how high pitched and low pitched it is. The lower the sound the better it is.

4) Design and feel

When it comes to oscillating tools, the design and the build quality it has on is as important as the performance it gives. It is very essential that the tool should have a frame and body that can absorb vibrations because the oscillating tool, as its name implies, oscillates or vibrates to do its job and if the after effect of that vibration gets to the user it can throw his aim off and mess up his work badly. Therefore when you are on the lookout for such a tool to get, always go for the one that you feel comfortable in holding in your hand.

5) Performance and suitability

Having the right tool for the right job must be your aim when you set out to buy yours and going this right way can save you a lot of time and money in the end. The performance of a tool mostly relies on how it is used. Using a tool the right way can greatly improve its performance and also increases its lifespan considerably.


7 Best Cordless Oscillating Multi Tool Reviews In 2019

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Product #1


Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with DWA4216 5-Piece Accessory Kit Bundle

The first one that we are going to review here is a dewalt brushless oscillating multi tool and this one packs a punch like a great hammer drill gone rogue.

Are you looking for a best cordless oscillating multi tool that offers great reliability, awesome battery life, and tough performance? Then this one from DEWALT is the right for you. The dewalt oscillating tool cordless with its power-efficient brushless motor offers a runtime unlike anything out there. It can run a whopping seven hours on a single charge.


The device comes with five different oscillating blades that can do everything from cutting to sanding. With the help of its bright onboard LED light, you can use those blades even at night and lowlight conditions safely.
The dewalt brushless oscillating multi tool we have here has a touch-sensitive grip that helps the user to control its speed and power with a looser or tighter grip.

Overall there is no doubt that the dewalt made tool that we have seen here is the best multi tool in our cordless oscillating multi tool reviewsthat is why it takes the first spot.


The brushless motor gives you a considerable increase in its runtime

The quick-change blade function is very good and can save you a lot of time

The onboard LED is bright and makes working in the dark very easy

The dual grip control is very responsive and works like a charm


The design could have been better

Only five blade pieces are included


Product #2


Oscillating Multi-Tool

The second best oscillating multi tool cordless in this review is also made by dewalt and since they are the best when it comes to power tools, it is no surprise that the top two spots were taken by them.

Much like the first one, this dewalt oscillating tool cordless too packs the same brushless motor in it. However, it misses out on the power saving feature that made the first one take the top spot.


The device, however, has an ace up its sleeve. Its head blade adapter is universally rated. That means it is compatible with nearly any head blade accessories there is irrespective of their brand.

We loved its ergonomic body and touch-sensitive power grip, however, what really attracted us to this dewalt cordless oscillating tool18v is its quick-change feature.

This feature allows the user to quickly alternate between blades just by using their hands. This is great considering that there are 28 different blade heads made specifically for this device.

This awesome best cordless oscillating multi tool is your ideal choice of weapon if you are a construction professional or a Home DIY enthusiast. We can assure that this one is your best bet if you are bound by a budget.


Awesome multi-blade compatibility that is convenient and cool

Universal blade adaptor feature for extreme hobbyists

The design and build of the body is strong and durable

Cool dewalt oscillating tool guide/manual that is greatly comprehensive


Does not come with a carrying case

Cannot cut through Durock


Product #3

#Rockwell 20V

MaxLithium Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-Tool with Variable Speed

Hyperlock Clamping, and Universal Fit System, 27-Piece Kit – RK2863K

This futuristic looking oscillating multi toolcordlessfrom ROCKWELL is a beast. The sleek frame discreetly carries a large number of features that made it earn the third place in our review. Have a look at this one. I am sure that you will love it.

The frame houses a monster 20-volt battery that can make it run for nearly 1.5 whole hours, perfect for any project that takes some time. When you combine this feature with its awesomely cool universal hyper lock function, you have a real champion in your hand.


The tool comes with a highly useful accessory adapter feature that makes the unit compatible with nearly every blade head accessories ever produced without regard to their brand name or make. This means no throwing away your old favorite head blades. Yay!

The LED light system it comes with is bright and is highly useful when the night comes and a faucet leaks. Not to mention its usability as a perfect standalone flashlight, if you can bear its weight of two kg that is.</p.

If you are looking for a tool that can run for hours on end in one charge then this ROCKWELL oscillating multi tool cordless is the right one for you. You cannot go wrong with it,


Ultra powerful super portable 20-volt MaxLithium battery – enough said

Sleek stylish body with ergonomic durable build

The universal fit system accepts any blade irrespective of brand and make

The LED is very bright and makes working in the dark a breeze


A bit too heavy

Vibrates too much when cutting through metal

Product #4

#Makita XMT03Z 18V LXT

Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool, Tool Only

This imported makita cordless oscillating tool is the epitome of brilliant Japanese engineering. This highly practical device packs a lot of features in a frame that only weighs a mere 4 pounds. A truly modern marvel indeed.

The makita cordless oscillating tool we have here with its rubber-coated grip has many cool functions like reduced vibration and lower sound emission that makes it the perfect tool for doing tasks like cutting, sanding and scraping.


There was a time when something like grout removal could only be done with a powerful cordless drill driver, however, that time has long gone. You can do such tedious tasks easily with the help of makita oscillating tool cordless and it’s path-breaking 3.2Degree oscillation angle that is an industry first.

Want to cut through metal? No problem. This best cordless oscillating multi tool with its variable speed, larger on/off button and lock function make the process as easy as a hot knife through butter. If that was not enough, the makita tool can also be used continuously for two whole hours. This feature makes the runtime we had seen on dewalt cordless oscillating tool review look like a petty child.

Overall looking, this tool from makita is the perfect alternative to DWELT made tools. With its insane number of features and ultra-practical looks who wouldn’t love this one?


Super strong build with plenty of rubber grip for added convenience

Efficient power control feature with IC managed anti overloading function

Tool-less clamp system for easy accessory installation

Fast charging Lithium-Ion battery for 50% more extra run time


Lacks an LED lighting feature

Can only run for 20 or so minutes despite power saving feature


Product #5


MAX Lithium Bare Oscillating Tool, 11-Piece

This contemporary looking oscillating tool is every bit as powerful as the dewalt oscillating tool cordless but the lack of universal adaptor feature made it fell to the seventh spot. Nonetheless, this one here from PORTER definitely packs enough punch to satisfy even the most insatiable builder there is.


The device features a three position overmold grip, which greatly improves the user’s comfort by absorbing the vibrations the device produces in its effort to cut through anything. We loved the design it has on. It is sleek, stylish and looks much more professional.

The tool comes with an impressive eleven-part accessories toolkit in tow. The fact that it also has a rechargeable 20v battery on it makes it all the more special. The LED light it has on near the blade is exceptionally bright and it makes working in the dark a much pleasurable experience.

This stylish tool from PORTER may not be as powerful and groundbreaking as the other ones on this review but it works and exceedingly well so. For the price, this tool comes in who can say no to it.


2 finger tool-free system makes changing accessories an easier process

Comes with eleven accessories and can be paired with nine more

Great and thoughtful LED feature that is bright and clear

Has an over-mold vibration resistant grip for comfort and convenience


Not that powerful

Battery not included

Product #6

#RIDGID R862004 JobMax 18-Volt

Console Multi-Tool Battery and Charger not Included

The Ridgid oscillating multi toolmayhave a severe lack of styling and build but it greatly makes up for that with its awesome set of features. This tool from RIDGID is your best friend in building something especially if you are on a budget.

The uninspiringly made RIDGID oscillating tool packs all the major features expected from a modern made oscillator and then it has some extra features on that they do not have. The main draw of this tool is its four way-directional head that can be easily adjusted to suit your specific needs.


The device has a compatible head profile that, according to them, can help you reach into hard and tight spaces. In my opinion, the only thing that they did well on design is its handle, which has a convenient micro hex design on it for better gripping. The overall feel of the device is very good but the vibration it produces when running may be a bit jarring for new users.

This one may not has the looks on its side but when it comes to features it is on par with the makita oscillating tool cordless and that alone is good enough for anyone looking to get a reliable oscillating tool experience, plus for the price it comes in I don’t see any reason not to buy it.


The compatible head profile and four directional head makes this one the most convenient and user-friendly one ever

The micro hex textured handle offers great gripping and secure holding

Comes with a bright LED light for use in low light and night conditions

Universal head blade adapter for better usability


The styling is plain and boring

The battery nor the charger is not pre-included

Product #7

#Black & Decker BD200MTB 2.5

Amp Variable-Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool

Finally, we have reached the last one in our review and this final tool is a doozy. This one may make you remember the makita oscillating tool review that we had earlier simply because this one here shares a lot of similarities in features and designs with it. However, I can assure you that this and the Makito are entirely two different beasts much like a lion and a puma.


This one here has enough features on it to make even the most serious builders blush with envy. The device comes with thirteen accessories with it and since this one has a universal adapter that number can be increased as per the wishes of the user. The tool has a maximum output speed of 20000 that is more than enough to cut through even the toughest metals.

The class leading 2.0 motor with six-speed transmission packs some serious power on it and when combined with it’s the excellent rubber grip, the whole thing takes off into a completely new dimension. We loved how the device handles the vibration it produces, we barely felt anything while we tested it.


Has a tool free blade release mechanism that makes changing between blades a more convenient process

Class-leading extremely powerful 2.5 motor running the show from behind.

The grip is extremely comfortable

Six-speed quick transmission for more precise performance


Battery not included

Lacks an LED light feature

The Final Verdict

There are plenty of best cordless oscillating multi tool on the market. However, in reality, only a few of them are any good. These seven tools that we have seen here are the best of the best. We checked out each one independently to make sure that they perform well in any tasks assigned to them. I hope that the cordless oscillating multi tool reviews we have here have helped you to get the one that suits your needs well enough.

Did we miss any good ones? Anything you want to share with us? Please post your opinions, comments, and ideas below and we will get back to you.
Until then, Build on.

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