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Best Cordless Ratchet 2020 + Review & Buyer Guide

Whether you are a car guy, a pro repairman or just a weekend warrior, a best cordless ratchet is the next best thing to invest in if you don’t want to spring for a bulky, overpriced and far too overpowered air or Pneumatic wrenching tool. Designed to help you tighten or loosen nuts and bolts with total ease, the best cordless ratchet models are lighter, portable, efficient, and of course, affordable to a fault. Honestly, if you are a serious DIYer or a mechanic and is not using these handy power tools, boy, you’re missing out!

A more portable alternative to cordless impact wrenches, the best cordless ratchet models, however, are a dime a dozen these days. Of course, some are far better than others. But hey, how to find them? As always, we are here to help. Find below a look at 5’ of the best cordless ratchet models to buy this season.

And oh, we have also included handy best cordless ratchet buying guide too below – don’t forget to read it too, please!

Come, let’s get right into it: 

Best Cordless Ratchet 2020 – Yup, The Smarter Choice!

Obviously, the best cordless ratchet models are not as powerful as their bigger best impact-wrenching cousins. However, where these lack in power, these cordless ratchets make up with their convenience. No bigger than a subway sandwich, thee tools are meant to be used on the go, allowing you to deal with nuts & bolts in even trickier angles & places. In fact, no serious workshop will ever be serious without them. 

No more cords, no more huge carry cases. Cut the cord with these handy power tools. Whether a car needs its wheel changed, a cabinet needs to be repaired, or get that AC fixed; the best cordless ratchet is the best way to go.

Here are some of the best models to get:

Best Cordless Ratchet Review – 5 Handheld Ratchets To Buy In 2020

Nuts, bolts, and ratchets – beware! Here are the top 5 best cordless ratchet solutions to help enhance your mechanical game:

#1 Prostromer 12V

3/8″ Cordless Ratchet Wrench Set

A solid, well-featured best cordless ratchet that doesn’t break the bank, the Prostormer electric ratchets feature a capable 12V motor that delivers up to 30 lbs of torque & 230 RPM – enough to support most, if not all light wrenching needs fully. 

Prostromer 12V

The built-in forwards and reverse buttons make both tightening & loosening bolts a breeze, and the anti-slip rubber grip and LED lights to ensure top control. For maximum versatility, the compact 3/8h inch driver is ideal for working in small areas & weird angles – overall, we’re impressed.

At just 1.85 lbs, it’s a pleasure to use. In all the time we tested, our arms never once got too fatigued. The long battery life really impressed us. On a full charge, which takes around 1 hour, you’ll get a day’s worth of use with ease.



  • Decently powerful motor with 30 lbs torque & 230 RPM – perfect for most casual users
  • One-click Forward/reverse setup
  • Highly ergonomic, lightweight design with anti-slip grip
  • Built-in LED array
  • Excellent battery backup 


  • Not exactly suitable for professional, demanding work
  • Feels cheap in hand

#2 Enertwist

Cordless Electric Ratchet Wrench Set

A powerful 12V motor kicking out 35 lbs of torque, the “Enertwist” best cordless ratchet is definitely not short on power – and it shows. Whether it’s dealing with rusty lugs or huge bolts, we were impressed by its performance. 


The 400-RPM rating ensures easy tightening/loosening, and the non-slip grip & ergonomic body delivers excellent control. In fact, with “EBC” (Electronic Brake Protection), over-tightening is never an issue. LED lighting is present – we always love it. 

The ratchet support, out of the box, bolts of 3/8, though you can use an included adapter to use the ratchet across ¼ inched nuts & bolts – handy, indeed.

For safety, there’s a kill switch to avoid accidental starts. And the insulated grip gives more protection against power leakage. Battery life has been good for us. With the fast charger, its takes only 50 minutes to juice up.



  • Lightweight, portable and easy to use
  • Highly capable 12V motor delivering 35 lbs of torque & 400 RPM rating for effective, versatile operation
  • Electronic brake protection for precise tightening action
  • Inbuilt, bright LED system
  • 1-year active warranty (2 for the battery pack)


  • Not exactly ideal for heavy-duty, professional work
  • Large charging dock

#3 ACDelco ARW1209P

G12 Series 12V Li-ion  cordless Ratchet Toolkit

Designed for the power users, the ACDelco best cordless ratchet boasts a whopping 45’ lbs torque & no load 170 RPM, paired with the built-in braking system & the 3/8’ inch alloy drive effortlessly makes it a killer deal for the sub $80 niche. 

ACDelco ARW1209P

Further sweetening the deal, the LED array is convenient as ever, the ergonomic grip and light design make one-handed use a breeze & for repeating tasks, a built-in “torque-lock” is provided. The battery life definitely warrants special mention. 

The included duel li-ion cells offer excellent run time (best, indeed). And when it does run out, there’s fast charging for the easy top-up.

Armed with a 1-year limited warranty, the tool looks and feels premium, which is somewhat surprising given the pricing. That said. They have saved some bills by not including extra sockets, batteries, or a carrying case.



  • Category leading, heavy-duty 12V motor with 45 lbs of torque and 170 solid RPM
  • Premium, ergonomic design
  • Built-in electronic brake protection for precise wrenching
  • Custom torque lock for repeating tasks
  • Handy LED array


  • Comes only with a very limited 1-year warranty
  • No accessory included


 3/8″ 12V Power Cordless Electric Ratchet Wrench Set

The penultimate entry in our best cordless ratchet review, this power tool from AOBEN, comes with a dual set of 12V batteries for best in class run time. The onboard motor is pretty capable too delivering 40 lbs of nut-busting torque & fastening speed of 280 RPM, which is enough for most pro and newbie needs. 


The ergonomic handle offers exceptional handling, and the built-in power indicator serves as a nice extra. The same goes for the LED lighting array too. Overall, we were pretty impressed by it – like very!

Designed always to run cool, the setup, for safety, features a kill switch to avoid accidental activations. Also, there is fast charging, which is nice always. A carrying case is included, and you get a few extra sockets too.



  • Highly capable motor with 40 lbs torque & 280 RPM – perfect for all professional needs
  • Highly ergonomic, portable design
  • Dual 12V battery with fast charging for excellent backup & runtime
  • Handy power indicator
  • High quality carrying case + 8 extra sockets


  • For the price, we expected a bit more fastening speed
  • A bit heavy


400 RPM 12V Power Cordless Electric Ratchet Wrench

Offered by KIMO, a power tool making juggernaut, this green-ish best cordless ratchet is an expensive proposition – and rightfully so! With a max 40 ft-lbs torque, 400 RPM and variable speeds, the tool is a powerhouse, indeed. 


The handling is exceptional, thanks to the super handy 2.2 lb weight & the ultra-slim head. The built-in LED helps to illuminate your workplace with ease, and the included extra sockets give you more versatility on the field. The inbuilt fuel gauge helps to keep informed of the remaining runtime.

Battery life has always been one of KIMO’s strongest suites – this best cordless ratchet is no exception either. On a full charge, which takes around 40 minutes with the fast charger, you can get a day’s worth of juice & then some.



  • Premium design with erosion-resistant frame and comfy rubber gripping
  • Reliable motor with 40 lbs torque & 400 fastening RPM
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Variable speed and lock switch for safety
  • 2-year warranty


  • Doesn’t work well with third-party accessories
  • Quite expensive

Best Cordless Ratchet Buying Guide – Read This Before Buying, Please!

Yup, these are the best cordless ratchet for 2020. Still, confused? Here’s a best cordless ratchet guide to help you find the “one” for you;

1) Torque And Speed

As always, More power = better performance. Make sure to go for a model with variable speed settings as this gives more headroom in the stretch. As for torque, the sweet spot is between 30-50 lbs and RPM’s between 250 and 300.

Overall, it depends on your needs; larger bolts will need more torque and vice versa. The prices, too, will increase with power – buy appropriately.

2) Grip, Weight & Comfort

To maximize comfort, we’d advice going for a model with a rubber gripping. Make sure it’s texturized & has room for airflow to avoid both slippage & sweaty palms. The tool itself should be light, portable& must be ergonomic.

Ideally, the tool also must be able to be used single-handed & shouldn’t make your hands ache even when used for longer.

3) The Capacity (Drive Size)

Another integral factor to consider, for most automotive jobs & home maintenance, a ½-inch drive is enough, though it can go as low as 3/8 or 1.4. For larger nuts, the drive sizes range between ¾, 1 inch, 1 ¼ to 3 ½…

Consider your needs and pick appropriately. Give more attention to ratchets that offer extra sockets with the kit itself.

4) Battery Size

Again, the larger the battery size, the better. 12V’ is the typical norm with most of the best cordless ratchet units out there, though you CAN go up to 20V’ if need be. Even with the biggest cells, cordless ratchets are big power eaters, so ensuring non-stop work goes for units that offer extra cells or allow universal swapping.

If budget allows, opt only for models that offer fast charging. Generally, Lithium-ion batteries tend to offer better longevity overall.

5) Quality & Warranty

Even with the motor & torque, you’d need to still apply a bit of “push” to get the top results possible. So make sure the tool is sturdy enough to handle the same. Look for reviews from real-life users before buying.

As for warranty, the longer, the better, that said, 2-years is the minimum, with anything more than 3 years considered exceptional.

Best Cordless Ratchet Guide – Come, Let’s Conclude!

Whether it’s for hobbyists, amateurs, or professionals, having a best cordless ratchet means that they can work their nut busting “magic” even when they’re on the road – No more rusty, stuck bolts driving you crazy, ever!

Trust us; it wasn’t easy putting together the best cordless ratchet models, as there are tons of stellar options to buy these days. Still, we did it. These 5 best cordless ratchet models awesomely represent the best the niche has to offer. To find the one for YOU, use the included best cordless ratchet buying guide to max effect.

So which best cordless ratchet did you pick? We’d like to know. Throw us a comment down below &let’s get talking.

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