Best Diamond Drill Bit For Granite: Deal with Stone, Metal, Tiles and Rocks Too

Have you ever had the pleasure of working with Granite? If so, the chances are that you would definitely know how nightmarish it could be to drill through that stuff in one piece. To chew through something that hard and tough, you would need something strong, something versatile, something that could really take a beating – you would need something like a custom-made best diamond drill bit for granite. In this article, I am going to introduce you to a bunch of diamond tip drill bit for stone models that are clearly going to answer the question “What is the best way to drill through granite?”

Granite can be a very tough thing to crack, especially if you aren’t using tools that are custom made for it like Dremel diamond bits for stone and the likes. Normal drill bits can somewhat get the job done – I assure you, however, that’s only viable if you don’t really mind chewing through all of them in a fortnight or less.

What I am trying to say is that, if you are going to drill in to granite using a concrete drilling machine, there is no real way to get around the fact that you would need to invest in a set of good diamond coated drill bit models or diamond drill bit set that are better suited for the job. In this review/buying guide on the best diamond drill bit for granite models, I am going to let slip my takes on the absolute best granite hole cutter and drill bits variants you can buy right now.

The Best Diamond Drill Bit for Granite vs. Tungsten Carbide for the Same

Let’s face it, a good set of the best diamond drill bit for granite can be a rather expensive thing to own. However, when compared with its less durable tungsten carbide or cobalt alternative, the diamond coated ones can easily seem like a better deal all around

For one: a diamond drill bit for granite can last a lot longer than any of its other alternatives like carbide or cobalt made ones. Coated with naturally occurring carbon crystal, the diamond core bits for granite drill tops are obviously much stronger and can withstand abrasion and heat much better than any other man-made hard bit models can.

Moreover, the overall aesthetics and finishing that you would get with a best diamond drill bit for granite will hugely be better than any other tool or bit you can think of. The lines would be crisper, the edges sturdier and the chances for chipping too would be on a bare minimum level.

Secondly, the best diamond drill bit for granite can be used to drill through a wider array of materials and surfaces than any other can. From steel to glass, wood to marble, and ceramic to tile, there isn’t really a place where these drill bits aren’t useful or effective.

Diamond Tip Drill Bit for Stone and Granite:

The Best Models to Buy in 2019

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1Best 7 Cheap Cordless Drill Drivers Under $150

#Neiko 00823A

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2Best 7 Cheap Cordless Drill Drivers Under $150

#Drillpro 10 PCS Glass Hole Saw

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3Best 7 Cheap Cordless Drill Drivers Under $150

#Dr.meter DB-01

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4Best 7 Cheap Cordless Drill Drivers Under $150

#Drilax ® 10 Pcs Diamond Drill Bit Set

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5Best 7 Cheap Cordless Drill Drivers Under $150

#BLENDX Diamond Drill Bits

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6Best 7 Cheap Cordless Drill Drivers Under $150

#Genround 15 PCS Hollow Core Drill Bit

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Diamond Drill Bits for Rock and Granite

Cutting a hole through a piece of granite or rock can often be a hard and dangerous thing to do. Chipping is always a concern, and jamming and overheating can also affect the performance and longevity of the drill bit in question. Here are a few best diamond drill bits for porcelain tile models that are perfectly suited for the said role sans any major complications.

Product #1

#1 Neiko 00823A

Diamond Grit Hole Saw Drill Bit Set, 5 Piece | 5/32” – ½”

Sporting a diamond topped tip that is ultra-durable and long-lasting, the best diamond grit hole saw drill bit set is an excellent option that is well worth considering for its awesome cheap prizing and uncharacteristically great set of merits.

It is punched with a side hole for easy slug removal. This industrial looking 5-piece drill set comes with rather convenient nickel plating on its body to better increase its longevity and durability. The cutting edge is pretty sharp, and the specialized diamond coating can make grinding a less cumbersome experience than it really is.

Neiko 00823A

A set of five, the drill bits are rather versatile in size, and since they are made using universal standards, the problem of not fitting will simply never be a factor with them. With a cutting depth of ¾” and ¼” shank, these drill bits are perfect for jobs where precision and speed shares the same equal importance as each other.


  •  Nickel-plated steel frame
  • Super tough diamond coated edge
  • A punched hole for easy slug removal
  • Convenient cutting depth of ¾” and ¼” shank
  • Comes in 5 different sizes


  • Slight heating problem
  • The diamond dust is temporary
Product #2

#2 Drillpro 10 PCS Glass Hole Saw

Tiles Glass Ceramic Marble Bottles DIY,6mm — 30mm

Unlike Granite where brute force and simple power matters, drilling holes in porcelain tile and glass can often be a very rather hard thing to do because most of the normal drill bits of today aren’t really custom made for it and they also usually lack the certain finesse needed for it.

This 10-pieces diamond drill bit for granite set from Drillpro comes with a diamond coated head that is super precise and ultra-durable. The fine diamond dust embedded in it act as an abrasion unit, and its perfect for cutting out clean lines from delicate materials such as glass and tiles.

Drillpro 10 PCS Glass Hole Saw

As a budget offering that sticks to the basics, the Drillpro diamond drill bit for granite comes with a side-punch-out for easier and quicker slug removal. As I mentioned before, this particular set relies more on abrasion than anything to get the job done.

Therefore, the drill bit can become quite hot when it is pressed for prolonged use.


  • Diamond dust integration
  • Nickel-plated frame
  • Rather big 10-piece set
  • Universally adaptable
  • Punched hole for easy slug removal


  • The diamond dust may not last long
  • Constant lubrication is a must

Diamond Tip Drill Bit for Tile, Glass, and Others

Drilling up a rock is one thing but trying to do the same on the glass will require a game that has to be played on a whole other level.

Spear Head bits and diamond tip drill bits are perfect to make holes in hard, non-wood, breakable surfaces. It includes tiles, glass, marble, porcelain, etc. The spear head bits are made of tungsten carbide. The diamond drill bits are much helpful to deal with it. These bits are embedded with pieces of diamond in it. Hence, it gets extra power for smoother cutting.

However, the diamond drill bit lifespan would be lesser as its coating wears away quickly.

Anything, while drilling glasses, lay it flat on a soft cloth for grip and support. Also, drill at low or minimum speed to avoid breaking.

Here are a few of my favorite diamond drill bits for granite that I think is rather ready to ace that said the game with top scores.

Product #3

#3 Dr.meter DB-01

Dr.Meter Diamond Drill Bits, Silver (Pack of 12)

Looking for a good diamond drill bit for ceramic tile? This particular set of the best diamond drill bit for granite from Dr. Meter might just exactly be what you were looking for.

Built more as a hacksaw than a proper drill bit for marble tile, the sharp cutting edge of these bits are made from high-quality natural diamond sand and is uniquely solidified by specially enhanced electroplating on its surface for better durability.Hole Saw Kit

The shank may look a bit thin and weak; however, it comes with a durable reinforced core, and there is a highly convenient anti-slick texture on it for better gripping and stability.

Aside from the usual two slug removal holes placed below, you can find an extra three special drain holes punched out on top/ sidewall of this best diamond tip drill bit for metal for better facilitating ample lubrication and toning down on its abrasion levels.


  • Durable and tough electroplated surface
  • Diamond dust infused blade edge
  • Perfect for cutting through delicate materials
  • Thin, adaptable solid core shank
  • Rather a voluminous set


  • The tip is temperamental
  • A bit hard to control
Product #4

#4 Drilax ® 10 Pcs Diamond Drill Bit Set

5/32″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″ , 5/8″ , 3/4″ , 7/8″ , 1″ In Inch

I know that fashion isn’t something that needs to be considered when looking for things like a set of the best diamond drill bit for granite. However, a glance at these beauties and I swear that you will be floored by their shiny mawkish charms and giddy finesse.

At 19.45$, this particularly handsome set of drill bits isn’t really the cheapest of the lot. However, for its slightly expensive stature and garish persona, it really brings a lot to the table like cored center shanks, slug holes, diamond dust coated edges and nickel-plated polished shell.

Diamond Drill Bit Set

Designed for the more delicate tasks and missions, this set of the 10-diamond drill bit for granite is perfect for drilling through weak materials such as glass, porcelain, marble, and tiles.


  •  Sleek, shiny nickel-plated shell
  • Tough diamond dust edge
  • Crossed edges for better gripping
  • Wide lubricating and slug removal points
  • Cored shank for better control and stability


  • Slightly expensive
  • The shine may fade over time
Product #5

#5 BLENDX Diamond Drill Bits

Glass and Tile Hollow Core Drill Bits Extractor Remover Tools

Electroplated to enhance its durability, the Blendx diamond drill bit for granite and glass comes with a sheen that may not really expand on how good its edge and performance is.

Designed specifically to suit low drilling speeds better, these doled up diamond core drill bit for glass is perfect for all those delicate tasks where precision and finesse matters the most than sheer power.BLENDX Diamond Drill Bit

The sealed shanks may add a bit of heft to its drill bits. However, the extra wide lubrication and slug removal holes really add a nice bit of convenience to this wholly steeled up thing.


  •  Well-forged Electroplated shell
  • High precision diamond tipped edge
  • Cored up drill bit for better stability
  • Extra wide slug removal holes
  • Anti-slick drill top


  • Slightly pricey
  • It’s a bit heavier than normal

Best Diamond Tip Drill Bit For Metal

Designed to breeze through metal like its nothing, these high precise best diamond drill bit for granite models are indeed a somewhat reliable tool that needs to be on every self-respecting man’s arsenal. Here is a great one that really captured my imagination and has been doing so for the last few years.

Product #6

#6 Genround 15 PCS Hollow Core Drill Bit

Set for Ceramic, Glass, Porcelain Tile Diamond Hole Saw

It is made from high strength carbon steel with a smooth nickel-plated surface. This rather handsome glass tile drill bit comes with a set lower resisting force that has been tuned to the minimum to make it easy to drill ultra-precise holes in a matter of Seconds.Diamind Drill Bits Genround Coated with high-quality diamond, the edged hole-saw efficiently creates a high precision, smooth cut that literally leaves no chipped edges or cracked ends.

The shanks are not hollow. Therefore, it brings with it a light level of heftiness that may or may not be your cup of tea depending on what your preference is. With a pack that comprises 15 different sizes, the  Best Diamond drill bit set is undoubted, the most value for money offering we have seen here today.


  • Sturdy and strong plated shell
  • Cored shank for better strength
  • Fine diamond dust based edge
  • Rather a voluminous set
  • Heat resistant end tip


  • The plating may lose its sheen over time
  • The tip needs constant lubrication

Final Thoughts

Drill bits – they are an interesting bunch, aren’t they? Regarding sheer quality, performance, durability and overall value, pretty much nothing that I have used over the years has really compared to the ones I have featured here. Offering a set of crisp, sharp teeth that can bite into even the hardest materials out there, these high precision drill bits will definitely last for years before they need or replaced.

In any way you look at it, these drill bits are an addition that needs to be on your tools collection, and it is literally an absolute must if you are planning on doing some hard granite or metal drilling.


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