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Best Dovetail Saws In 2022 For Precision Cut + Review & Buying Guide

Though they are primarily known for their use in making cleaner dovetail joints (hence the name) on furniture, the best dovetail saws are all useful for many tasks. The accuracy & precision it awesomely brings to the table is unmatched. The rip tooth design cleanly cuts with the grain and against it, ideal for making small cuts. 

Nowadays, the best dovetail saws are available in a ton of different shapes & sizes, with each having its own unique benefits. To avoid you the confusion, below, we have compiled five of the best dovetail saws worth buying today.

We have also included the best dovetail saw buying guide so you can find the perfect “one” for you – keep on reading!

Best Dovetail Saws 2022 – Precision Cuts, Every Time!

A dovetail saw a mini version of a tenson saw – a Japanese blade known for its thin profile & precision cuts for those who don’t know. However, the dovetail saw has even more teeth compared to the tenson saw for an even cleaner, smoother cut. They are also are designed for max maneuverability & balance, allowing you to construct cool furniture by hand that literally rivals machine-made ones.  

Obviously, the uses for dovetails in modern woodworking are pretty huge – from framing windows to creating artistic wooden jewelry, and more… It works on both hard and softwoods and are generally easy to use.

Best Dovetail Saws Review – 5 Dovetail Saws Worth Buying For Precision Cuts

Guaranteeing a tidy finish, even on hardwood, the best dovetail saws can help take all your woodworking games to the next level.

Just like the ones below;


Japanese Hand Saw 6 Inch

A straight-on Japanese dovetail saw with the wrapped wooden handle and all; the Suizan hand saws feature a 6-inch steel blade with a cool 15 TPI density that can rip through any wood with extraordinary precision & tidiness. While it does take some time to get used to, the pull stroke design works like a charm – the cutting experience is buttery smooth. The wrapped wooden handle offers excellent grip & is comfy to hold. The reinforced rib helps to keep the sturdy Japanese steel blade stiffer during extreme usage. 

SUIZAN Japanese Hand Saw 6 Inch

Fully made in Japan by master craftsman, the blades quality is unmatched for the price. The narrower “kerf” ensures no extra material loss, and the saw blades themselves are easily replaceable & can be interchanged per needs.


  • Traditional Japanese design
  • Razor-sharp blade with a capable 15 TPI count – cut woods far smoother with higher precision
  • High strength Japanese steel construction
  • Wrapped wooden handle for outstanding grip and comfort
  • Looks cool


  • The neck is prone to bending (only when extra force is applied)
  • The rib is too wide

#2 Zone 35-380

Thick Dovetail Saw

The Zona 35-380 best dovetail saws are true proof that you don’t need to shell out big bucks to get a decent cutting experience. With an 8’ inch long blade with a capable 18 TPI density, the tool managed to exceed our expectations. Every cut we made with it was clean, concise, and precise. And since it also had a thicker kerf (hence a sturdier frame), you can also use the forceful push stroke method to realize your cuts. The tempered steel blade doesn’t rust and also comes with a hole for far easier storage – just hang it on a nail. 

Zone 35-380 Thick Dovetail Saw

While it is comfy to hold, the handle is shorter than we’d like it to be. Still, the polished “grain” patina adds a fresh look to an otherwise boring design. It is made fully in the United States, so quality is understandably good.


  • Very affordable
  • 8-inch blade with a higher 18 TPI count guarantees smooth, accurate cuts every time!
  • Hanging hole for convenient storage
  • The thicker Kerf adds extra strength & stability to the tool
  • Supports push strokes


  • The blade is not designed to be replaceable
  • Short handle


Japanese Dozuki Dovetail Hand Saw 7 Inch

Yet another “Suizan” blade, this blade saw comes with an even sturdier design with a wider head to enhance your cutting experience. This 7’ inch blade comes with the same 15 TPI density we observed earlier; however, the Kerf is now even thinner, making it more ideal for making crosscuts, rip and slant cutting. The Japanese steel construction feels sturdy, and since it is a pull saw, a lesser effort is only required to make the cut.

SUIZAN Japanese Dozuki Dovetail Hand Saw 7 Inch

The rubberized, grooved handle is a big improvement over the wrapped one we saw earlier. This one is even grippier and offers an excellent hand feel. The blades are easier to replace, and the reinforced rib offers excellent stability.


  • Premium Japanese steel construction
  • 7-inch blade with 15 TPI density – more than ideal for making precise, clean cuts
  • Rubberized long grippy handle
  • Reinforced rib
  • Looks s million bucks


  • For the price, we would have loved to have gotten a higher TPI rating
  • Neck bending issue persists

#4 Gyokucho

Razorsaw Joinery Saw

With a 21 TPI density and a 9-inch blade, the next entry in our best dovetail saws review is guaranteed for perfection. The Gyokucho true Japanese blade, which is made from durable Japanese steel, is made for the power user; the rigid spine and the hardened teeth make quick work of hardwood and cuts like a hot knife on butter. The saw blade has been further tempered with wave impulses to reduce wear and tear. The Kerf is thin; however, you can also use the tougher push stroke to cut, thanks to the durable design. 

Gyokucho Razorsaw Joinery Saw

The saw has a traditional rattan-wrapped wooden handle, which is comfortable to hold and gives an excellent grip. It is also quite lengthy, so if you want, you can use two hands on it. This saw blade, however, is an expensive buy. 


  • The 9.5-inch 21TPI rated blade offers one of the best cutting experiences available today
  • Rigid spine delivers extra support
  • Comfortable and grippy rattan-wrapped wooden handle
  • True traditional look
  • The blade is easily swappable


  • The high price is definitely going to be a deal-breaker for many
  • The handle gets dirty easily


Dovetail Saw

Who said the best dovetail saws have to be big and bulky? The Irwin dovetail saw comes with a very thin, portable profile but still features a 7 ¼ inch blade with a cool 21 TPI rate to give you a very smooth, clean cut. Weighing only 3.84 ounces, the stainless steel made blade is resistant to rust and is flexible enough cut with minimal exertion. We also found them to an excellent tool for shim cutting on dowels. The pull stroke design allows for straighter cuts with less binding. You are sure to be satisfied with the results.

IRWIN Dovetail Saw

The induction-hardened teeth are stronger and resist wear and tear quite nicely. The polymer-based handle is well molded and is comfortable to use with excellent grip. A quick-release mode is available for easy blade swapping.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • 7-inch blade with 21 TPI guarantees perfect, clean cuts every time you use it
  • Polymer handle for a comfortable grip
  • Usable in small areas
  • Quick release for blades – swap or replace them easily


  • Not exactly suitable for larger projects
  • The tip is easy to blunt

Best Dovetail Saws Buying Guide!

To give you the most precise, cleanest cuts possible, the best dovetail saw has to have certain qualities that contribute to the same – Key qualities like; 

1) Blade Quality & Sharpness

The higher the TPI (teeth per inch), the clean and finer the cut will be. Hardwood requires at least 15 TPI or more for best results. Dovetail blades are usually thin (0.3, 0.5mm), so to avoid flexing, bending, make sure it’s made from a hard metal (steel, alloys, etc…). This will keep the teeth sharper & facilitate easier cutting.

Lengthwise, 8 to 10 inches is the standard. You can also get them in smaller sizes for projects that may require it.

2) The Handle And Control

The best dovetail saws handle should be durable and be comfortable to hold. Polymer or “wrapped” wooden handles are better in this regard. The latter has a ribbed surface that offers a good grip when using the blade.

Most models today are pull stroke designs. If you are not comfortable with them, consider getting a push stroke dovetail – the choice is yours…

3) Extra Things To Consider

Please make sure the saws are from a good brand, as cheaper models tend to last not long in our experience. Some newer saws have double edges, allowing you to make both rip and crosscuts with one single tool.

Best Dovetail Saw Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

This your first time buying the best dovetail saws? You may have a lot of queries! Here’s a brief Q&A to get you started;

1) Aside from dovetail joints, what else can I use these blades for?

Frankly, the best dovetail saws are useful for making any cuts where precision matters. You can use it for framing windows, make furniture, small wood joints, and thanks to the extra finesse, it’s perfect for also making wooden arts.
At the end of the day, no matter what your wood projects are, you can always find a good use for these dovetail saws!

2) Pushing or pulling – which saw type is best for me?

Honestly, it comes down to personal preference. Some have better control over pilling saws while all others may prefer a pushing model. We advise using them both personally & see what you are comfortable with.

3) How to keep them safe?

To avoid rusting and blunting, make sure to keep them in a safe, dry area where there is no oxidization risk. Using lubricants when required and never drop the saw as this can deform the tip of the blade quite easily.

Best Dovetail Saw Review – Our Final Thoughts

Indeed the Japanese know their blades. The best dovetail saws from them can really help you make ultra-precision cuts with ease – be it on harder or softer wood. They can give your project the “finesse” it needs to shine.

In conclusion, the best dovetail saws we’ve picked out above are literally the best ones you can now buy today. With each model bringing unique features & specifications, they’ll allow you to complete your cutting job with unmatched precision & finishing effortlessly. Whichever one you pick from the list above, make sure to keep them cleaner and safer. Use a scabbard or a hook to store them up when not in use

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Please leave your ideas, opinions & doubts in the comments below – let’s talk!

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