Best Drill Bit Sharpeners 2019 (Reviewed 3 Drill Doctor Sharpeners)

Last time I published a blog post about the best budget drill presses. If you want to consider a new drill press to replace the existing one, then read that post now. If you are in urgency to get new drill bits, then check my guide on finding the best drill bits. If no need urgently to get new drill bits, then you can try one of the best drill bit sharpeners listed here.

I will explain to you how to handle drill bits to improve its life term, how to sharpen the drill bits using grinder tool, and how some people sharpen the drill bits on their own. I will also cover on how these drill bit sharpeners improve your drill bit life, how to use these sharpeners to sharpen your drill bit, and I will guide you how to pick the right sharpener for any type of drill bit sharpener.

How to sharpen the drill bits?

There are standard ways to sharpen the drill bits using bench grinders and other hand sharpening tools. Let us see how to do these.

How to sharpen the drill bit using bench grinders?

See the below video on how to sharpen the drill bit using bench grinders. The person in the video tries to explain how to sharpen the drill bit well. This is the drill sharpening tool for many drill press users for years, or they would go purchasing new drill bit set and throw the older bits useless.

You very well know that circular grinder tool is not a drill sharpener definitely or at the least you know it is designed to do other tasks. Drill bit sharpening is entirely out of focus from bench grinders, but still, the drill press users use it to sharpen their drill bit tools.

Bench grinder’s circular wheel rotates too fast. Think what will happen if you touch the rotating wheel. Fire sparks will shed. That is it. No big tricks. No perfect sharpening you will get. Not much life later if you over sharpen it.

Each type of drill bit will have separate degree rotating curves in the tip of the drill bits. Can your bench grinder know it and sharpen the curved bends so nicely? Is there any artificial intelligence in the bench grinders? Not Certainly.

Then you have what other options? You have patented drill bit sharpeners today. They are advanced. I can call them the professional drill bit sharpeners. Before reviewing those drill bit professional services, I would like to say what other usual methods people would use to sharpen the drill bits.

NoProduct ImageProduct NameCheck Price
1Woodstock D4144

#Woodstock D4144

Check Price
2Drill Doctor 350X 

# Drill Doctor 350X 

Check Price
3Drill Doctor 750X

#Drill Doctor 750X

Check Price
4Drill Doctor DD500X

#Drill Doctor DD500X

Check Price
5Neiko 10170A

#Neiko 10170A

Check Price
6Tormek DBS-22

#Tormek DBS-22

Check Price

Best Way to Sharpen Drill Bits

I couldn’t recommend this grinding tool to sharpen your drill bits. When I tested this tool, the results were not encouraging. It doesn’t treat well my 118 degrees and 135-degree drill bits.

I do not recommend to you any drill sharpening tools mentioned above. The real problem with these drill bit sharpening machines is that they are not able to differentiate my different degree bits and give accurate sharpening. A sharpener must be able to differentiate these degrees; it is the best way to sharpen drill bits.

Best Drill Bit Sharpener Reviews:

Are there any genuine and accurate drill bit sharpeners available? Yes, they exist. I shall include six best drill bit sharpeners and review each one’s pros and cons. My reviews are not fake ones. I have experienced these tools through my hands and I know how to test them. As I have over 6 years of experience in this construction field, I really know where can a tool go wrong or right.

Trust me, though I have reviewed six sharpeners here, I really choose only one finally. If you are in rush and skip reading all the best drill bit sharpeners’ reviews, directly go to conclusion section where I mention the best one.

Product #1

#1. Woodstock D4144

Drill Sharpener

Sharpen drill bits from 1/8 inch to 3/4 inch with speed and accuracy. You can adjust the sharpener for various drill-point angles. This is not a separate tool for drill sharpening. You should use a bench grinder along with this tool to sharpen the drill bits.

Woodstock D4144

This Woodstock D4144 drill sharpener tool handles your drill bit and helps to get the friction in the wheel of the circular grinder.

I tested this tool and found the tool is not a stand-alone product for drill bit sharpening.


  • Sharpens 1/8th inch to 3/4th inch size drill bits
  • Low price
  • Any bench grinder can be used to sharpen
  • Available in Amazon to deliver worldwide


  • Not a standalone product. Need a bench grinder

Next is Drill Doctor and it has three versions.

Yes, the innovative & patented drill bit sharpening tool comes from Drill doctor gets the 3 top places on the list. I will review 3 Drill doctor models for now.

Drill Doctor Review: Professional Drill Bit Sharpening Machine

Drill Doctor 350xDrill Doctor 500Drill Doctor 750x

Product #2

#2. Drill Doctor 350X 

Best Drill Bit Sharpening Machine

Drill Doctor 350x drill bit sharpener is the innovative drill bit sharpener tool comes from Drill Doctor. I have tried every drill bit sharpening system available in the market. Finally, I was so frustrated that none of them could go not even near to my expectations.

Drill doctor was the first product I ever used and got satisfactory drill bit sharpening results. You can set the tool to your desired angle from 118* to 140* based on the drill bit angle.

Drill Doctor 350X 

The drill bit 350x sharpener comes with the instructions which you can use to use at your first time. With the drill bit 350x instructions, I got ready in just 20 minutes to sharpen my first drill bit. Later I had to sharpen almost 200 drill bits which I had used for years and kept dull in a wooden box so long. I never thought that I would have 200 drill bits at any time which I can use. Now I no need to buy any new bits for next few years. In fact, I can lend them to you in case if you need them. Just for fun!

Drill doctor 350x can sharpen almost any of the drill bits because the grinder wheel in the Drill doctor 350x is a diamond-studded grinder wheel. This can sharpen the high-speed steel, masonry bits, Titanium Nitride coated steel and carbide. So if you take your toolbox and see what kind of drill bits you have, you will know that Drill doctor 350x can capable of sharpening all your bits. No doubt on that.

DD350x comes with the diamond-studded wheel which can sharpen any drill bits you aware. I used it to sharpen the HSS bits, masonry bits, Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated bits and many other bits. Drill doctor 350x rocks! It sharpens so smooth, and the drill bits now look like new one. I am not overrating; sometimes the drill bits seem tremendous and so sharp than new drill bits.

The diamond-studded grinder wheel can be replaced easily with the new one just by removing a knob and taking the old one out. This diamond grinder wheel is sold as the spare tool in online.

3 Year Warranty: Do you know what can you expect regarding quality in a product that offers the 3-year warranty? I would pick the product with so much confidence because the product would run for three years or I can walk to the Darek support store and get a replacement one.I use this product for three years now, and I do not see it not working any time soon. Only one time, I had to correct once the damage on this product, which is the plastic in the side area. The plastic got cracks once and I manually adjusted.


  • Patent received product
  • Clear DD350x instructions manual
  • Diamond grinder wheel
  • 118* to 135* degree compatible
  • 3 year warranty


  • Outside plastic material is not durable
Product #3

#3. Drill Doctor 750X

Drill Bit Sharpener

Drill Doctor produces the revolutionary drill sharpeners. Drill doctor has the patent for this product. Check the review on Amazon for the Drill doctor 750x model. You will be amazed. When I checked last time, I saw 1700 + 4.5-star reviews. If you read the Amazon reviews, then you will know how much favorite the product is. People like it for one reason. Its simplicity and precision output.

The Drill Doctor 750X models is the most advanced product from Drill Doctor, and this can sharpen the bits, other tools left impossible. This 750x model can sharpen the drill bits we use in our everyday life for drilling the metal, masonry, carbide, Cobalt, and TiN-Coated drill bits with adjustable angles from 115^ to 140^.

Drill Doctor 750X

I have seen people buy this tool and sharpen theirs all drill bits, they gathered for years, in one go. I like the Drill Doctor 750x model.

The Drill doctor 750X model is immensely easier to load than the 350x model. If you have already used the 350x model and think that there can’t better version than that, you are wrong. It’s fantastic to see how easy the front-loading chuck gets tighten and you can adjust the cutting angles merely using the E-Z alignment control.

The durability of the previous model is little less than this one. This 750x drill bit sharpener has the durable cast aluminium point angle. As the instruction file says, it sharpens from 3/32-inch to 3/4 inch

One of my woodworking colleagues said that what he had to do away with the 100 plus drill bits he has in his toolbox. I said I would look on to that. He showed it to me, and they were dull, and I recommended him to use Drill doctor.

Luckily I had my drill doctor 750x in my tool bag and took it out and showed how to sharpen one of the drill bits he explained to me. In just less than 2 minutes, I handed him a new-like one. He thrilled to see that and ordered the dd750x from Amazon. When he enquired about the drill doctor 750x price, I said it costs very less than buying a few sets of new drill bits.


  • Sharpens 3/32-inch to ¾-inch
  • 115* to 140* degree drill bits compatible
  • E-Z alignment control for angle adjustment
  • Patent product by Darex
  • Sharpens all type of drill bits


  • Pricing is expensive than 350x model
Product #4

#4. Drill Doctor DD500X

Drill Bit Sharpener

Similar to the models mentioned in the drill doctor reviews, I tested this 500x drill bit sharpener. I can vouch for its quality. It handles any drill bits. I can also shape the drill bits correctly using the angle adjustment.

I tested the following bits – HSS, masonry bits, TiN-Coated steel, and cobalt. This sharpener worked like a charm. It does the excellent job. The drill bits looked like new one.

Drill Doctor DD500X

If you want me to make the drill doctor comparison between 500x and 750x models, then I can point only one. This 500x model sharpens up to 1/2″ size while 750x goes up to 3/4″ size.

The Drill doctor DD500x drill bit sharpener is the tool you can go with if you don’t want to get the expensive DD750 model.


  • Sharpens all type of drill bits
  • Sharpens HSS, masonry bits, TiN-Coated steel and Cobalt bits
  • Value for money Drill Doctor model
  • Built quality is better than 350x model
  • Support from Darex company is fantastic


  • Plastic built quality may be improved
Product #5

#5. Neiko 10170A

Electric Drill Bit Sharpener

Neiko doesn’t have a lot of reputation in the Amazon reviews. If you check their product image on Amazon at first, you will like the design of the product. However, the tool looks similar to a promising Drill doctor model. Still, the product doesn’t work the way Drill doctor works.

Neiko 10170A electric drill bit sharpener has thermal protection stops overheating while rubber feet provide stability, prevents slippage.

Neiko 10170A

I tested this product to sharpen my Masonry bits. It doesn’t have an angle adjustment, and it will sharpen at the standard angle for drills.

The unit I bought came with a grinding wheels spare set. So you don’t need to look for the spare so soon. I am not aware that this drill tool comes with an extra, while I order this product.

I was worried about the lifetime of grind wheel and cost of the replacement grind wheel in case it goes faulty. Later when I received the product, I felt good. So do not worry about the grinding wheel spare before purchase.


  • Thermal protection stops overheating
  • Rubber feet provide stability and prevents slippage
  • Electric Drill bit sharpener
  • Grinding wheels spare set


  • No angle adjustment
Product #6

#6.Tormek DBS-22

Drill Bit Sharpener

The reason I included this product in the best drill bit sharpeners list is that it has a unique design and it doesn’t look like a copycat product. The working concept is also a unique model which separates this product from all other drill bit sharpeners.

Tormek DBS-22

Now we will see the other features this drill bit sharpener Tormek DBS-22 has. First one is its four facet design which gives enhancement to the sharpening quality. Another feature is always sharpening the parallel two cutting edges symmetrically.

The next thing is it has an angle setup features to sharpen the different angle drill bits. There is four angle setup features 7, 9, 11 or 14 degrees. You will need little time first to learn how the standard angle sizes 118^ to 135^ interprets in this model 7, 9, 11 or 14 degrees.

Though this sharpening tool helps you to sharpen your drill, this nowhere comes near to the drill doctor sharpening tools. All the favorite drill sharpeners are (available from Drill doctor for sale) on Amazon.


  • Four angle setup features 7, 9, 11 or 14 degrees
  • Unique design
  • Four facet design


  • Not user-friendly
  • Sharpening quality is not up to the mark

Other Drill Bit Sharpener Tools

There are other drill bit sharpener tools available for us but they are not so much efficient to sharpen the drill bits. Do not go for such low-cost drill bit sharpener tools. For your awareness, I have listed them here below. Stay away from them.

There are other drill bit sharpener tools available for us but they are not so much efficient to sharpen the drill bits. Do not go for such low-cost drill bit sharpener tools. For your awareness, I have listed them here below. Stay away from them.

1. drill bit sharpeners

This is available from, they are best at producing various cutting tool sharpening machines. Their website showcases the drill bit sharpeners for sale. See them in action through the video in that tool sale page.

They claim that their drill sharpening system would drill the following drill bit types HSS, centre-point (brad-point) wood, flat wood, masonry incl. SDS-Plus 3-13mm diameter.

2. Clarke CBS16 Electric Drill Bit Sharpener

This is the next drill sharpening tool available in the market for the low price. This sharpener design is close to the drill doctor sharpener versions. This is one of the electric drill bit sharpeners.

This sharpener tool is cheap one; costs $27 alone.

Thought the company claims this Clarke CBS16 model provides razor sharp cutting edge drill bits, in my experience, I had many limitations in using the drill bit. Hence I can’t include this sharpener as the best drill bit sharpeners for 2019

3. Dremel 6700 Sharpening Station

I do not want to discuss more information on this product as this product discontinued by Dremel. Dremel has been popular in the rotary tools production. But this Dremel drill bit sharpener (6700 01 sharpening station) was a disappointment to the users and received a lot of negative feedbacks. So this is out of the competition for the best drill bit sharpeners available today.

4. Drill Grinding Machine BSG 20/2 new

It is nothing but a usual drill grinding machine which we can use to sharpen the drill bits. I have already explained about how to sharpen the drill bits using grinding machines. I repeat that these grinding machines are not definitely best drill bit sharpeners. It sharpens all the drill bits from 2mm to 20mm, step drill bits, sheet metal and wood drills. It sharpens two-edged milling bits, from HSS or tungsten carbide.

Types of Drill Bits

Before using one of the best drill bit sharpeners, I want to give some basics of drill bits so that you can understand the drill bit sharpeners better later. Let us see the two types of drill bits in twist angle concept. First one is, 118* and the next one is 135*. See the below videos to see the difference. The Best drill sharpener must have to treat them differently and provide unique sharpening for both angles. But usually, second quality sharpeners do not have the flexibility to change the sharpening operation based on the angles.

Apart from the types of drill bits mentioned above based on the twist angles, there are many drill bit types based on the material used to manufacture the drill bits.

1. Twist Drill bits

Twist drill bits also known as high-speed drill bits. These twist drill bits are the common drill bit type I regularly use in day to day operations. These high-speed drill bits help me drill the wood, metal and plastic materials.

2. W-Point Drill bits

These drill bits are also known as Brad point drill bits. These W-Point drill bits are producing the cuts only in the edges of the drills in circular shapes. Due to this, the drilling operation produces the clean-edged holes.

3. Masonry drill bits

The Masonry drill bits are manufactured using the tungsten-carbide material. These bits are used in hammer drill in the hammer mode. As the name suggests, these are apparently for the purpose construction jobs where you will drill into concrete, stone, and bricks.

4. Titanium Nitride HSS Bits

These are like the HSS bits; these are used on wood, metal and plastics. The Titanium Nitride coating increases four times the regular life of the drill bits. The Titanium nitride coating helps to avoid so much loss of the material in the friction when the drill operation happens in fast speed.

How to Improve the Life Term of Drill Bits?

Drill bits are often used in hammer drills, drill drivers, oscillating tools and mostly in drill presses. We can’t buy often as they are not so cheap. So the drill bit sharpeners are must to have the home essential power tool in my opinion.

Not only understanding the different type of drill bits enough but you need to learn how to improve the life term of drill bits. There are some ways you can get more juice out of your drill bits. I knew specific methods which can improve your drill bit life if you follow them always.

1. Use the right drill bit for the job

You should use the right drill bit based on the necessary jobs. If you are not using the correct drill bit for the job, then you are spoiling the life of your drill bits.

If you are a newbie to drilling works, then first you should search for a buying guide on drill bits. A wrong choice of drill bit not only breaks your drill bits but also damages your valuable work material.

2. Set the right Drill Speed

You should use the right drill speed for the work. A harder material like the steel would need fast drill speed, and at the same time, the wooden material will only need slow drill speed. If you use the wrong speed, then the chance of breaking your drill bit and work material is high.

3. Use lubricant for drill operations

You should use the water in some cases, and you should use the special lubricant you bought for the purpose. It saves your drill bit life.

So this is how you need to use your drill bits safely for improving the life term of your drill bits. Next, let us see what other options we have for sharpening the drill bits to enhance its life term are.

4. Proper Maintenance

Not only I, but every DIY expert would also recommend you to sharpen your drill bits often before using. Keeping the drill bits dull increases friction and claims more energy. Also, this might lead to imperfect cutting or drilling. You may also use chip clearer to remove paper chats will reduce friction and heat ensuring drill bits long life.

Conclusion: Best Drill Bit Sharpeners 2019

My Selection of Drill Bit Sharpeners 2019 is:

  1.  Drill doctor 750x
  2.  Drill doctor 350x
  3.  Drill doctor 500x

I have written the review for all the three models. DD750x drill bit sharpener is one of these three models; you can check the drill doctor 750x price at Amazon, I like this model very much. You can check above for the drill doctor DD500x review and also DD750x review. These two models may fit for you and budget-friendly.

If you want me to pick only one best drill bit sharpener, then Drill doctor 750x is my choice. DD750x becomes the best drill sharpener without any competition. Still if you want to choose any other brand, then use my full guidance on selecting the best drill bit sharpener.

There are some advanced industry-level best drill bit sharpeners but they are not sale for retail hence I prefer to not include them.

I have gone all the way to help you by writing about types of drill bits, factors to choose best drill bits and so on. Let me know if this is useful to you or inform me if I need to include any more information to choose best drill bit sharpeners for your profession. Please leave a comment on which drill bit sharpener do you like.

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