Best Drill Bits for Glass 2020 (2 Sea Glass Bits + 4 Diamond Bits Reviewed)

Last week I helped you to pick the affordable drill press, and this week I have reviewed the Drill doctor drill bit sharpeners. Today I am analyzing the best drill bits for glass. I am also examining best diamond drill bits used in cutting the glass works.

The novice question is how do we get a hole in any glass material? The simple answer is you can drill the glass like you drill the wall, wood, and metal.

Glass drilling claims talent and experience. Using wrong tools and accessories, you will be losing time, energy, drill bits often, and the material as well.

There are specific drills bits for glass materials. It includes the spear head and diamond tip drill bits. With its super power glass cutting becomes an easier task. Anyways, make sure you having the necessary accessories that you need while drilling2020 It’s like cardboard, plywood scrap, oil, and putty. Avoid last minute shopping.

You can use the drill machine and use the glass-cutting drill bits on that drilling machine. These glass drilling bits are made to drill the glasses, and the tiles kind of fragile materials. You can use the cordless hammer drills, corded hammer drills, drill presses and any other drill machines but the only thing to keep in mind is that you must use the drill-bits which are specially made to cut/drill the glass items.

Best Drill Bits for Glass

I do have the experience of using any drill bits – wood, metal, glass, tiles, ceramics, porcelain, jewelry and many more. But I am not going to pull them all here. I will only bring the best of best drill bits for Glass material here for you. I choose 8 best drill bits for Glass and review each one’s feature, pros, and cons.

Types of Drill bits for Glass

Based on the design, there are two types of drill bits. Both of these drill bits can cut the glass, tile glass, tiles, granites, marbles and slates. Though these are versatile drill bits, we will only focus on their glass drilling abilities. Choose the appropriate one based on what kind of glass you would drill.

  • Spear Head drill bits
  • Diamond coated drill bits

Best Spear Head Drill Bits for Glass

Spearhead drill bits named after their spear design. Spearhead drill bits are not perfect for large projects as the precision is little low compared to the diamond coated drilling bits. Spearhead drill bits are manufactured mostly using the tungsten carbide material.

These drill bits are less used than diamond coated drill bits. When you use the spearhead drill bits, you must use water around the cutting area or some other lubricant. This lubricant/water helps to cool off the excessive heat produced while drilling the glass material. Without the lubricant, the extreme heat can shatter your drill bit suddenly, and the glass may be damaged.

Though there are so many brands’ spearhead drill bits available in the market, the following two or the best drill bits for glass.

Product #1

#1. Bosch GT2000

Glass and Tile Set, 4-Piece

Bosch’s unique design concept on the precision tip helps you avoid any bit slippage while the drilling process goes. This Bosch GT2000 glass and tile set has carbide bit tip which is of high quality. The reinforced head helps you reduce stress and also prevents the bit from cracking.

Cutting edges are made of diamond-ground hence you can expect them for longer life. At the same time, this Bosch GT2000 drill bit is a versatile one, helped me to cut glasses to have holes and to fasten the mirrors on my walls.

Bosch GT2000 Glass and Tile Set, 4-Piece

The Bosch GT2000 bit has three flat shanks which helps me to get a better grip while using larger bits 5/16-inch. Better grip means me no slippages. Bosch’s creative structural design makes sure the drill bits to drill faster.

On the tool, the sizes of the drill bits will be marked. The sizes come with this package 1/8-inch, 3/16-inch, 1/4-inch and 5/16 inch.

I used this Bosch GT2000 drill bit to drill any materials. From experience, I recommend using this drill bit low thickness glass, tile or stone. Usually, most of the household glass materials are lighter one. Hence this drill bit does an excellent job on them. I have almost drilled all type of glass times bottles, window glass, mirror glass and aquarium glass. But if you use this bit on your tiles, make sure they are low thickness tiles. In case the tiles are harder materials, then go for diamond hole saws.


  •  Diamond-Ground Drill bit tips
  •  Precision design tip helps no slippages
  •  4 sizes in the set
  •  Long durable compared to diamond saw bits


  • Not perfect for harder glass materials
Product #2

#2. QWORK 5 Pcs

Multi-Material Drill Bit Set

First thing I want to say is, Qwork Multi-Material drill bit set, does perfect drill on the glass. I used this to drill and fasten the mirror in my bathroom and bedroom. I was able to set up both without any single slippages and scratches.

Secondly, this drill bit set drills tile, brick, concrete, and plastic correctly.

I didn’t test this tool on these materials. But was eager to see how this works. In my couple of free days between the project switch over, I went with my friend who works on the same profession like me but with a different company, to see how his Qwork works on such materials.

QWORK 5 Pcs Multi-Material Drill Bit Set

The first day I had the opportunity to see how this drill bit performs on the brick and concrete. It seemed to me that these drill bits are made for concrete and bricks drill more than anything. It drills fast because we don’t need to pay much attention to the speed or error as we do in glass drilling. Then I had a chance to see how it penetrated so fast through tiles and gave the much-needed hole so perfectly.

All the credit goes to tungsten carbide tip, and the spearheaded design. Both of these help the bit easily penetrate any hard material.

There are five pieces comes with this set in four formats two drill bits in 6mm sizes, one drill bit 8mm size, one drill bit 10mm size, one drill bit 12mm size.


  •  Tips are made with Tungsten Carbide
  •  Cuts glass, tiles, bricks and concretes
  •  Four size bits are in this set
  •  Low cost drill bit


  •  Low life term

Best Diamond Drill Bits for Glass

Diamond drill bits are the popular glass cutting drill bits. These diamond drill bits are used to drill door/window glasses, mirrors, glass tiles, and aquarium.

These diamond drill bits are diamond tipped or diamond coated in the tip of the bits. When you employ these diamond drill bits in the glass, it can drill until the diamond tip/coat vanishes. Once the diamond tipped bits become dull (means diamond coat vanishes), we can’t use them further for glass-drilling operations.

You can’t use the drill bit sharpener to sharpen the diamond drill bits. You can’t use the diamond drill bits forever as you do with other wood & metal drilling bits. Once the diamond spray gone from the drill bit tips, there is no use for the bit on the glass drilling projects. Unfortunately there are no glass-cutting drill bits which we can sharpen and reuse.

I have 4 recommendations for you. All these four diamond drill bits are used by hundreds of people and have best reviews & ratings. Now you will see my experiences with the four drill bits.

Product #1

#1. Tile Hole Saw, Drillpro 15 Pcs Diamond Hole Saw

Best drill bits for cutting glass

Drillpro produces lots of drill bits. Out of them, I like this one. It has been designed to give less resistance initially. The result of that, the starting speed is speedy. The more massive holes in the side areas help you to remove the slugs after drill easily.

Drillpro diamond drill bit set has strength from nickel-plated. With diamond dust coating this hole saw bit provides you best performance and drilling strength. Diamond coating improves the life term of your drill bits. When I tested this Drillpro drill bit on the glass, it gave me perfect drilling and clean holes.

Drillpro 15

The diamond coated core drill bit removes the full round area (hole) from glass and ceramic while I tested. I just wanted to make sure this Drillpro diamond core drill bit performs on the tiles, marble, and granite. I contacted my colleague who works on a big building contract and asked me to test this tool for a week. My request to him was to check how this Drillpro drill bit removes the targeted hole area in all these – tiles, marbles, and granites.

After a week while I was sharpening my dull drill bits using my Drill doctor 750x, I got a call from the same colleague. He said that he loves his work very much as the drill bit made perfect holes in tiles, marble, and granites. He asked me if I wanted to give a visit to the spot. I ran to the place and saw the perfect holes this Drillpro diamond drill bit made and ever since then I recommend the Drillpro drill bits to all.


  •  Less starting resistance
  •  High starting speed
  •  Clean holes with perfect edges
  •  Long durable
  •  Large set – 15 Pieces


  •  Lasts only one use in harder tiles but more on glass
Product #2

#2. Neiko 00823A Diamond Grit Hole Saw

Drill Bit Set, 5 Piece | 5/32” – ½.”

This glass drilling bit is made of Diamond coating. It is ‘Hole saw’ type drill bit. Hole Saw type drill bits are in small cylindrical shape having fixed diameter like a ¼ inch, ½ inch, etc. If you need ¼ inch hole in the glass, then you will use ¼ inch hole saw drill bit. The drill bit cutting edges have sharp teeth, and these teeth help us to cut the glass, get a beautiful hole.

The diamond coating helps us to get the sharpest cutting edge better than carbide tipped drill bits. The diamond coating provides the best performance and long durability. Use only on low thickness material to get longer life. The diamond tip teeth have gone so quick in case of harder materials.

Neiko 00823A Diamond Grit Hole Saw

Did you notice the hole in the side like the flute has? This hole helps you to remove the slug material after drilling. I used this Neiko 00823A diamond grit hole saw drill bit in drilling glass and ceramics. It gave me perfect cuts. It gave me scratch-free drilling finish in my glass. I liked the drill bit very much now.

I have a friend who used this Neiko drill bit set lately, and he said that he tried to drill the wine bottles in his home and broke around ten glasses and said this Neiko drill bit is useless for him and won’t recommend to anyone. I said that I should see it. He gave it to me, and I asked him to bring if he has one more wine bottle to spare.

I wore the safety glasses, hand gloves and took the wine bottle in one hand, covered the target area using paper, dipped inside the water and started drilling the target keeping the bottle inside the water during the whole task. I stopped for every few seconds to cool down the drill bit and continued until I get the perfect hole. The reaction on my friend’s face is priceless, and he was speechless. Thanks to the Neiko glass cutting drill bit set.


  •  Best drill bits for bottles
  •  Easy slug removal
  •  Sharp teeth to cut the glass
  •  Diamond coating is durable
  •  5 pieces available in large and small format
  •  ¾” & ¼” cutting depth


  •  Poor performance in harder materials
Product #3

#3. Drilax Electroplated

Diamond Drill Bits

These Precision diamond drill bits are another great product from Drilax and an excellent addition to my toolkits. The set has come to me in a cool PU zipper storage which is nice to carry. Inside the zipper storage, there is five diamond hole saw drill bits in the sizes 3/4”, 1”, 1-3/16”, 1-3/8”, and 1-5/8”.

Drilax Electroplated

In my experience, most of the times, these five sizes are enough for all the glass drilling applications. I have used them so far only to drill the glasses, but they seem Ok for other materials granite, marble, tiles, slate and stones.

Drilax claims these electroplated diamond drill bits are 30% longer than other brand drill bits. When I received the product, I can see it. I tested the drill bits to drill thicker glass, and the bits were able to drill deeper and remove the thicker glass. With these glass drilling bits, 1-3/8” counter-tops are also no problem.


  •  PU Zipper Storage is beautiful
  •  Longer drill bits means high cutting depth
  •  Even 1-3/8” counter-tops are no problem
  •  5 most needed sizes


  •  Harder glass bottles take bit’s life in one hole
Product #4

Diamond Drill Bits, Baban 10Pcs

Hole Saw Diamond Drill Bit Hollow Core

Weighing less than 2 lbs, the Bosch “GOP12V-28N” features a brushless motor design that promises 75% more run time than generic ones. In our testing, we found it to be almost true. Highly lightweight, the device features a wide 2.8° oscillating arc for better accessory utilization & increased productivity. With the right accessories, the tool can do flush-cutting, plunge-cutting, sanding, grinding, and more with ease.

Powering everything, this Bosch oscillating tool carries a very powerful 12V motor – hence the name – that is coupled with a variable speed dial that can adjust from 5000 to 20000 oscillations per minute in an instant. As for the ergonomics, the tool is portable enough to reach into tight corners. And since it has a soft rubbery grip too, it’s also pretty comfortable to use, even for far longer durations.

Diamond Drill Bits, Baban 10Pcs

As its highlight perk, the GOP12V-28N too features Bosch’s proprietary “star lock” 3-D tool accessory interface that opens doors for the tool to their impressive array of versatile oscillating accessories, increasing its versatility. Out of the box, the tool comes with a basic plunge blade that’s been preinstalled.

Battery operated, the Bosch, despite its small stature, offers excellent battery life. The Li-ion batteries are quick to charge enabled. You can go from 0 to 75 in just half an hour, ensuring seamless, hassle-free operation.


  • Extremely portable (can be used with one hand)
  • Powerful 12V motor that can produce up to a whopping 20000 oscillations per minute with wide 2.8-degree arc
  • Variable speed dial for faster adaptability to the task at hand
  • Long-lasting battery with quick charge support
  • Star lock compatible


  • No charger included. You have to purchase it separately
  • No extra blades in the box

Best Drill Bits for Sea Glass

Sea glass is nothing but the throw-away glass materials inside the sea and naturally-processed with the long duration (for many years), they become softened materials, and the edges are smoother to touch. Usually, 30 to 50-year-old sea glass items are finer and glitter. Beach glasses are also similar to the sea glass, but with less salty water in & around beaches, they don’t shine as much as sea glass does.

We get sea glasses in smaller sizes due to the erosion of salt water. To drill such little materials, we need sharper and tiny drill bits. I have picked the two best drill bits for sea glass for you.

Product #1

#1. Flyshop 3/4 Inch Diamond Coated Drill Bit

Best drill bit for glass bottles – Make Lighted Bottles & Glass Blocks

I bought only one size ¾”. FlyShop has other sizes too. While other brands offer some drill bits as a set, FlyShop sells each sized one at a separate cost. It might look expensive for you. But these are long durable and lasts for more job completion hence this is value for money product.

Flyshop 3/4 Inch Diamond Coated Drill Bit

I wanted to drill few wine bottles of my friend and some valuable sea glass which I bought at expensive rates. Wine bottles are not costly, but the sea glass and beach glass are expensive. So, I wouldn’t want to take a chance. I made sure I must have the best drill bit for sea glass, and I bought this FlyShop ¾ inch size diamond coated drill bit. I am much impressed with the precision cut out it made on the sea glass and beach glass.

Once I satisfied with this drill bit, I bought other size drill bits from FlyShop. Now whenever I would need to drill the sea glass, my first go-to choice is FlyShop drill bits only.

I used the drill bit to drill many wine bottles. I was drilling them to apply for decorative lights inside the wine bottles. The drill bit last long enough to drill a dozen wine bottles which is perfectly OK for me.


  •  Single drill bit lasts long enough to drill a dozen bottles
  •  Comes in all sizes and shanks sizes
  •  Perfect sea glass drill
  •  Long durable


  •  Not comes in set. Each size need separate purchase
Product #2

#2. Drilax 30 Pack 1mm Diamond Drill Bit

Best drill for sea glass

Drilax1mm diamond drill bit used by Jewelry designers to drill precision holes in beach glass, sea glass, sea shells, and gemstones. This Drilax diamond drill bit helps you drill 1mm (small) thickness holes in necklaces, earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

Drilax 30 Pack 1mm Diamond Drill Bit

These drill bits are smaller ones, can produce 1mm holes. Hence these are used in the jewelry business. That doesn’t mean the drill bits not help us to drill the glass. It can produce perfect small holes in glasses If you need that is what.

Those who want to create the wine bottle lights need bigger holes than this. They should use the previously mentioned Drillpro hole saw drill bits. Instead, I wanted to use the wine bottles to decorate the balcony area in my home (other than lighting purpose), through tying all of them one by one and hang them.

For this design, I made, using Drilax 1mm bits, small holes in bottles; insert a small wire through the hole and run the same wire through all the bottles’ holes and tie it in my wall above my head.

So these 1mm drill bits are not just for sea glass, beach glass and other jewelry stone materials. Instead, you can use in any size bottles, glasses, and stones.


  •  1mm thickness
  •  Tiny holes in glass, tiles, marbles
  •  Best for sea glass to drill small holes
  •  Most used in jewelry stones


  •  1/8 shank is low but Ok for tiny holes

How to drill the glass?

The glass is fragile. No doubt on that. But that truth shouldn’t stop you drilling with confidence. Your peculiar task is to choose the right drill bit for the cause – glass cutting drill bits. After selecting the best drill bit for glass drilling, you can typically drill as you would always. You can concentrate three things while the drilling operation ON.

#1. Drill Speed

What is the optimum speed to drill glass not to break it? There is nothing like standard speed for drilling glass. But it is recommended start drilling the glass with the lowest possible speed and keep on increasing the speed to the needed level later.
Use the best drill press (in case you drill the glass with a drill press, you can drill the glass with other hand drills, cordless drills too) which has options to set up different speeds. I have listed here the 5-Speed drill press machines priced under $200. Use the quality drill bits for glass along with these drill press machines at the low speed first. Once the drill bits started penetrating the glass, increase the speed slowly and finish the job correctly.

#2. Drill Pressure

The hand pressure you give on the glass while drilling is essential. It is essential to provide enough pressure to the drills so that the diamonds drill bits not slipping away from the target. That doesn’t mean you should give high pressure anyway. High pressure only will add up the heat in diamond drill bits; the added heat will affect your drill bits and in some cases the glasses too.

You should give the pressure firmly at first in a way not to slip the drill. Once the drill bits started drilling a hole increase the pressure very gently. Never put so much pressure on the glass. This work comes from the practice and experience. If you are drilling the glass first time, then try first drilling the waste glass materials initially.

#3. Lubricant

Do not forget it. Else your glass item is going to crack for sure. Use water or special lubricants in the drill bits and in near the target area on the glass. Use more lubricant if you feel the glass is harder to drill. While the drill operation goes on, stop for a minute, add some lubricant and continue drilling the glass. This gap reduces the heat on the diamond drill bits and avoids breaking the glass.

Always keep the drill bits wet. A dry drill bit spoils the whole process. Keep in mind that. You can buy special lubricants from Amazon which to use it for the drill operations.

Last but least, safety is first. Wear gloves in your hand, keep on using water or coolant near drill bit tips, and give low pressure on your hand drill. Once you feel the drill bit is dull, change to the new drill bit. Do not use the dull bit at any cost. The dull bit can break your glass material.

What kind of glasses can we drill?

Want a mirror attached to the wall in your living room? You can drill four corners and attach the fastener to the wall. Yes, you can drill mirror glass.

You have a lot of wine bottles and your wife want to use them to decorate your balcony. You can use the glass-drilling bits to make a hole and go on creative with the holes. Yes, you can drill your wine bottles.

Want to give a try for the glass tiles that extend the beauty of your home? You can drill the glass tiles and decorate the house.

Want to install an aquarium like a setup to beautify your living hall? You can construct it using the glasses on which you can drill holes and fix it to the wall.

So this means that you can drill almost any type of glasses. There are some exceptions as the tempered glass and safety glass.

Factors to choose the best drill bits for Glass

#1. Durability

Diamond coated drill bits are what we use to drill glass, ceramics and often tiles. Unfortunately, the life term of diamond coated drills bits is limited. We can’t sharpen these diamond drill bits and keep on using them repeatedly forever as we do in other drill bits. Once the diamond coating went away, we need to go for new ones. Hence the durability is what we need to look first. Some special diamond drill bits only lasts for five drill operations in jewelry/glass cutting. So knowing the life term of a glass cutting drill bits in upfront helps us to expect a real-life term.

#2. Manufacturing material

I have already mentioned that we use commonly two types of manufacturing material. The one is Diamond sprayed/coated drill bits and the second one is tungsten carbide tipped drill bits.

These are harder materials than glass. That is why these drill bits are best in drilling the glass items. These types of drill bits help us to drill not only the glass but also the sea glass, ceramics, tiles and other harder materials.

#3. Types of drill bits

There are numerous types of drill bits available. They all are not drilling the glass. I will pick for you only the types of drill bits used to drill the glass. Spearhead drill bits and diamond drill bits are the two glass drilling bits. I will explain them just after sometime. Go with your choice. I recommend using diamond drill bits for glasses. Spearheads are Ok too, but they work fine in tiles and ceramics better. For glass drilling, Diamond drill bits are safer and precise drilling.

#4. Pricing

Usually, the diamond drill bits and carbide coated spearhead drill bits are sellable in sets of around $10 per set. Spearheads are more durable, and they are worth the money. Diamond drill bits are for perfect finishing but less durable than spearhead so often you will have to buy new ones. I can’t give the durability of each drill press available in the Amazon because they are so much in the count.

Frequently Asked Questions-You might ask

Sure, the glass may be a tricky material to tackle. But with these glass cutting top drill bits, you can now chew through them sans much hassle – no shatter, no cracking! A great product, yes. But not without its own set of queries.

To help nail your drill bit purchase, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the glass drill bits & their answers

Read on;

1) Why can’t I drill glass with a normal drill bit?

Without a custom drill bit, cutting a glass piece can prove quite dangerous as there’s a higher chance of shattering, breaking & flyaway fragments.

In other words, never use a normal drill bit to cut through glass, especially if you want a neater, precise outcome.

2) Can these also work for Plexiglas?

Yes, they can. But do remember that your mileage may vary depending on the quality if the best drill bits for glass 2020 used, speed and pressure.

3) Arrowheads vs. Circular drill bits – what’s best for me?

On average, circular drill bits are perfect for drilling holes and large circles into glass-based materials. In contrast, the arrowhead drill bits are amazing for small, more precise cuts. In other words, it all comes down to the kind of hole you want.

Don’t expect an arrowhead to be over a centimeter in diameter. And yes, the same also goes for the circular ones.

4) What is the best drill bit material for cutting through glass?

In our experience, we had found Tungsten carbide to be a great choice to cut through glass without shattering or cracking. If it also has a diamond coating or titanium, that’s all the better, in our opinion.

If budget is an issue, you can also make do with a steel drill bit as glass really doesn’t take much effort to chew through.

5) How long do they last?

Depending on the material, you can expect a typical glass cutting drill bit to last for up 2000 holes or even more without issues.


If you have never drilled the glass before, then first give a few trials on waste wine bottles. Do not straight away drill the precious glass materials. You will need to learn first at what angle you must start drilling initially, having slow drill speed, giving moderate pressure, and remembering the coolant or water usage. There are video tutorials on the web and YouTube for your comfort. See the instructions provided in these tutorials. Equip yourself for the perfect cut-outs in the glass.

The above mentioned eight best drill bits for glass are easy to handle as the bits fit almost in all types of hand drills and drill press machines. There are no compatibility issues.

Spearhead glass-cutting drill bits are good enough to drill glasses. But the perfect finish you would expect comes with the diamond drill bit types. The hole saw model drill bits are great glass-cutters and in layman terms, they are ideal for glass hole extractors or removers. You can go with the hole saw diamond drill bits confidently on any glass items.

Sea glass and beach glass drilling works need special care because these are valuable materials. You can go with the best drill bits I mentioned for Sea glass or jewelry stones. Almost all the above-mentioned glass drill bits are Ok for drilling tiles, granites and marbles. So, these are versatile drill bits you can use for any work.

I hope I have guided to choose the best drill bits for glass work. Let me know which one bit you liked and how it performed on your glass item. Share your glass drilling experience with us.

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