Best Drill Press Tables In 2020 + Complete Review & Buyer Guide (Updated)

If you own a drill press & have uses for it regularly, investing in bigger, better best drill press tables is a no brainer. They not only help to avoid the risk of damaging your regular worktable but also increase your precision while drilling. They offer custom rails for max accuracy, have clamps for more stability & comes in many designs.

Of course, picking up the right drill press table for YOU might prove to be a hassle. There are too many choices and too little time. To save you the bother, here’s our review on 5 of the best drill press tables to buy today

As advised by experts, you can’t go wrong with these;

Best Drill Press Tables In 2020 – Have A Drill Press? Get These Tables!

As useful as a drill press is, most of the top ones, especially portable drill presses often get bottlenecked by their built-in small work tables. To get the best results out of them, you need to buy custom worktables built exclusively for the job. These bigger, better units offer the user more freedom of area, it has fence & clamps to keep the material in place while working, and they offer a stable home for your costly drill presses.

They come in every size, with “extra” features to better suit almost any drilling jobs. They even have more upgradability, meaning that you can customize the tables to meet the newer demands easier as the job changes.

Yup, if you’re into drilling, these best drill press tables are a clear no-brainer!

Best Drill Press Tables Review –5 Drilling Tables To Help Fast Track Your Projects

Whether you are a casual DIYer or a professional, here’re five best drill press tables that are ready to meet all your drilling needs;

#1. MLCS

9765 Drill Press Table

Sleek, capable, and relatively affordable, the best drill press tables from MLCs are nice for both new DIYers, and expert drillers – here’s why so. Made from a 7/8 inch thick, superbly durable MDF paneling, the board is rated in size at “12 X 24”, which is decent enough for most small to medium projects – not too small, not too big either. Across the board, you have 2T-tracks for better holding down attachments.

MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table

This is paired with 2 additional clamps for material holding and even an adjustable fence for max precision.

The table comes coated with a Melamine shield to avoid moisture spoilage. This also makes it super smooth & scratch resistant. The throat plate can handle most drill bit sizes, and finally, the installation too is super easy.



  • Sleek, sturdy, and wear-resistant MDF construction
  • Decently large 12 X 24 X 7/8 inch working area, which is perfect for home DIY and medium-duty tasks
  • Adjustable fence, dual T-slots, and precision clamps
  • Easy installation
  • 3-year long warranty


  • You may need to make additional adjustments for accuracy before using it
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks

#2. Multifunction Worktable

Milling Drilling Slide Table

The Swiss army knife of best drill press tables, this multipurpose drill press table is ideal for drilling, milling, facing & even grinding tasks. Built from an aluminum alloy that’s tough and has rust resistance built into it, this compact table measures 12 X 3.5 inches, which is small (we know) but has three T-slots running through it for maximum utility for the size. In fact, this table is understandably built for use in small areas; say a home Dyers garage, small workshop, and other similar areas & situations. 

Multifunction Worktable, Milling Drilling Slide Table

Spec-wise, X-axis travel is capped at 200mm, the Y-axis travel is at 50mm, and the Distance between grooves is 34mm. in our opinion, these are excellent for the price point. The three-year-long warranty is pretty good too,


  • Multipurpose drill press table – ideal for milling, drilling, and grinding
  • Sturdy aluminium alloy construction
  • 3 integrated T-slots for enhanced drilling performance
  • Pretty affordable
  • Decent 3-year long warranty


  • The compact size makes it less reliable for larger projects
  • Aluminium gets easily scratched

#3. Woodpeckers

WPDPPACK2 Drill Press Table

The priciest of the bunch, the Woodpeckers branded best drill press tables, feature an “MDFFormica Microdot Laminate” build, which proved to be highly durable in our testing. With moisture resistance built-in, this 16X23X1 table has a wide working area, and the Micro-dots help “grip” the material in place while drilling.

Woodpeckers WPDPPACK2 Drill Press Table

The T-tracks, which are removable BTW, comes with 2 measuring scales to help improve accuracy. Also, you can adjust the fence from any angle without requiring any tools whatsoever.

To prevent drilling through the board, the table has a board like an insert. You can swap it for a metallic part if you want. The table has a 36′ fence, 2 flip flops, and 2 clamps for good measure to hold down the work piece firmly.


  • The tough MDF board with MicroDots not only offer excellent board durability but also enhances grip
  • Compatible with 12-inch drill presses and higher
  • Highly adjustable fence + dual, double-wide (bolted) T-tracks for max drilling precision and versatility
  • Easy to clean thanks to the smooth textured surface
  • Laser engraved measurements


  • Not suitable for drill presses under 12 inches
  • Pretty expensive

#4. Fulton

Drill Press Table

Measuring 5″ x 24″ x 1-3/8″ Thick with Aluminum L Fence, this super durable, yet minimal best drill press tables from Fulton are very popular with the pros – and rightly so! The smooth laminated/coated surface makes it easy to position stocks and is also easy to clean – just wipe it with a wet rug and its clean.

Fulton Drill Press Table

The built-in Dual T-slots are very adjustable, and having plenty of room between them; the table is great for larger projects. The dual laminated design means that you don’t need to worry about warping.

A unique perk you won’t find on other best drill press tables is a neat circular center cut out, which is 1 inch deep to provide room for dropping drum sand below the table’s top surface. The aluminium tracks are a bit hard to install, though.


  • Well built, thick, and mighty durable 
  • Superior aluminium based T-tacks for maximum precision, stability and longevity
  • Dual lamination prevents warping
  • Has a unique circular cut out for dropping drum sands
  • Easy to clean


  • The aluminium tracks do not come pre-assembled
  • No assembly manual

#5. WEN DPA2412T

24 in. x 12 in. Drill Press Table

An Amazon best-seller, the WEN range of best drill press tables are built like a workhorse, offering up a whopping 275 square inches (23-7/8 X 11-7/8) of the working area so that you can handle those humongous projects sans a hitch. The table has on-board rulers to help with precision and has an adjustable fence to get things done faster. To prevent damage to the board, the table offers an insert for damage-free drilling 

WEN DPA2412T 24 in. x 12 in. Drill Press Table

Designed to fit any drill press between 5 – 16 inches in width, the table is compatible with the entire range WEN excellent drill press units. Overall, the assembly is quite easy, and finally, a 2-year warranty protects it all.



  • Larger surface area (275 inches) to work – ideal for large projects and bigger drill presses
  • Built-in rulers for maximum precision
  • Compatible with 5 to 16 inched drill presses + entire WEN drill press line-up
  • Adjustable fence
  • 2-year warranty for protection


  • Slightly restricted compatibility with other branded drill presses
  • No spindle lock is provided

Best Drill Press Tables Buying Guide – Top Things To Know Before Buying

Even though it’s essentially a glorified table, there are certain things you need to keep an eye on to get the best drilling results possible.

They usually include;

1) Table Size And Capacity

The whole point of best drill press tables is to offer the user more room to work with. Usually, these have a width in the range of 10 to 24 inches, with lengths capped at 20 to 30 inches. There are smaller tables if you need it.

Sizes of these ranges are apt for most of your pro & home projects. If you deal with large stocks, get a unit with high thickness. 

2) Fence, Clamps, T-tracks, T-slots.

As far as features go, a good fence is important, as it allows you to clamp workpieces at multi-angles for repetitive, accurate, and precise drilling. The clamps help to keep the materials all locked in, offering more precision.

The T-tracks and slots are great; you need to drill holes especailly several holes at a time. It’s also useful to fix clamps, feather boards, stops, etc.

3) Table Builds Quality And Warranty

MDF is the most common surface material used in best drill press tables. It’s far smoother and has a flatter, uniform working area, which enables precision drilling. If durability is a key, get steel or aluminium made tables.

To ensure long service, get a model with a good warranty, preferably three or more years. Opt only for branded models for better care.

Best Drill Press Tables Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

Being an accessory to an already expensive tool, it’s integral you get them right. Here’s a quick Q & A session to help with the same;

1) How Do I Know Which Best Drill Press Tabes Are Best For My Drill Presser?

It all depends on the dimensions. Most of all, the best drill press tables follow a standardized approach when it comes to fitting drill presses. Therefore, all you have to do is find a size that best fit your rquirements for drilling
Just make sure the fitting is snug, solid & meets your needs – that’s it.

2) Which Is Better – A Wooden, MDF, or a Cast Iron/steel Table?

It depends mostly on your requirements & budgets. Personally, we prefer cast iron or steel tables, as there is no risk of accidentally drilling into it. If portability is a key, go for a wooden or MDF press tables. These are cheaper too. 

3) Can I Use a Drill Press Table for Metal Milling?

Yes, some models (not all) can be used for milling metal. Generally, it will be mentioned explicitly in the instruction manual itself.

Best Drill Press Tables Review – What’s The Verdict Then? (Conclusion)

One of the most important tools in all handyman’s arsenal, The best drill press tables, not only helps you drill effortlessly but ensures utmost precision & also works to enhance your drilling tool’s reach and versatility your skills.

Of course, new models are coming out all the time. But today, we have featured the best drill press tables to buy. They offer high precision & freedom, has amazing features, and offer extraordinary value for money. To find the right one for YOU, use the included best drill press tables buying guide, consider YOUR needs & just pick away. Not everyone needs this table. But for all those who do, the above ones will surely suffice.

Whether you need a simple table for woodworking or a higher precision table for pro graded metal drilling, we got them all – make your choice appropriately.

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