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Best Drill Press Vises In 2022 + Reviews & Buyer Guide (Updated)

If you want to “squeeze” the best results out of your new drill press, it’s crucial you invest in the best drill press vises. This helps hold the workpieces firm & securely in place so that you can drill effortlessly through them. Having a drill press vise ensures precision and safety, as it leaves both your hands-free to do its work. In fact, depending per needs, a drill press vise might just be the most important accessory in your arsenal 

Nowadays, the best drill press vises are abundant in choice. However, not all have the same features and quality to meet your needs. To save you the hassle, we have reviewed 5 of the best drill press vises worth buying today.

Without any further ado, let’s get started;

Best Drill Press Vises In 2022 – A Key Drill Press Accessory!

Honestly, a drill press vise is an invaluable tool for a metal worker. With its ability to hold workpieces securely in place, the vise allows easier drilling, reaming, tapping, grinding & a lot of other operations with max precision; the best models will be lightweight, easy to operate, and have higher clamping power to offer the best grip possible. Some have miter gauge slots to stay in place, and some others clamp to the table. They will also have rubber paddings in the clamps to better protect the work material from damage.

They come in every size, with “extra” features to better suit almost any drill jobs. Their customizability is also high. Not only metal, but you can also use a vise for clamping down plastic, wood, and even glass!

Indeed, they are a no-brainer!

Best Drill Press Vises Review For Easy Drilling!

Granted, not all need the best drill press vises. But if you’ve reached the point where you DO need one, the below 5 are the ones to get;

#1 WEN 423DPV 3-Inch

Cast Iron Drill Press Vise

A pretty simple, straight to the point drill press vise, the WEN 423DPV comes with a very strong cast iron build offers a 3-inch jaw capacity, which opens up to 3-1/0 inches & has a 1’ deep throat, promising enough room to meet most needs. The four mounting slots, which are machined BTW, is plenty enough to suit almost all standard drill presses. The grooved pads insides ensure great gripping, even on shiny plastic or pipes. On the downside, however, you get no cross-sliding features for precise positioning. 

WEN 423DPV 3-Inch

Back to the ergonomics, another benefit of having a cast iron s is that it’s heavy, which provides greater stability while working. We’d love to have had that handle padded, but we’re not complaining about the cost.



The Pros

  • Simple, elegant, and reliable
  • Decently big 3-inch jaw – opens up to 3-1/0 inches with an okay 1-inch depth
  • Works with almost all standard drill presses
  • Cast iron build
  • For slots for easy, secure mounting

The Cons

  • Might be too small and restrictive for some
  • No cross-slide feature

#2 Irwin Tools Drill Press

Vise, 4”, 226340

Though made from tough, forged iron, the “Irwin 226340” best drill press vises are surprisingly lightweight & portable. The 4-inch jaw boasts a clamping pressure of 1000 lbs, which, when integrated with the textured grip pads, means that whatever you are working on will be kept secure and safely – big or small the workpiece. The base is wider than usual & features 4 slots for fast, stable installation. Again, and this holds true for most budget vises, there is no cross sliding for position accuracy nor a cradled design for angled drilling.

Irwin Tools Drill Press

Mounting this to your work table is quite easy. You can use bolts to fix them or use C-clamps – either way, it’s super easy. We did notice that the tool has some sharp edges and burrs. But other than that, it’s definitely a no-brainer.



The Pros

  • Tough, forged iron construction
  • Decently large 4-inch jaw with a 1-inch deep throat – perfect for most small to medium projects
  • 4 slot mounting design for easy installation
  • The textured jaw for better grip
  • Lightweight

The Cons

  • Still too small and bare for any large, professional-grade projects
  • No cross – sliding feature

#3 Wilton 11694 4-Inch

Cross Slide Drill Press Vise

The most expensive entry in our best drill press vises review is the popular “Wilton 11694” is all about having extra features. Designed as a higher precision cross-slide vise, the device impressively allows you to adjust your workpieces to the tune of 0.1mm increments – just turn the knobs on the side. You can slide the device upon two-axis – vertical and horizontal – for enhanced accuracy & ease of operation for further precision. The 4-inch jaws with V-grooves are mighty grippy & even hold rounded items! 

Wilton 11694 4-Inch

Ergonomic wise, we get a cast-iron build, with screws coated with black oxide for long life & better durability. Interestingly, it only weighs around 20 pounds – not too heavy. The 6 mount holes enable easy installation.



The Pros

  • Sturdy V-grooved jaw for a firm grip
  • Multi-axis, 4-inch clamping mechanism which is adjustable to the tune of 0.1 increments
  • Tough, long-lasting cast iron/black oxide coated construction
  • Easy installation
  • Precise cross-sliding system

The Cons

  • Needs constant lubrication for smooth operation
  • Pretty expensive

#4 Yost Model 465 Heavy-Duty

Industrial 6.5- Inch Vise Tool

Available in multiple jaw sizes, the Yost industrial best drill press vises come with a nicer interlocking base that helps it to attach to your drill presses securely – no slipping or scratching and engineered for safety. The rotating base with 2 pin locks offers maximum flexibility without sacrificing on precision. The huge 6.5-inch jaw with a 3.5-inch throat is geared for industrial use, and the grooved pads ensure excellent grip & stability to the workpiece. It works even on rounded, irregularly shaped objects.

Yost Model 465 Heavy-Duty

Made from high strength cast iron & steel components, the vise is built like a tank. The powder coat, grainy paint job helps to enhance its life. It does require a bit of extra lubrication though, being industrial and all.



The Pros

  • Tough, industrial-grade cast-iron build
  • Large 6.5-inch jaw capacity with 4950 clamping force, which is placed on a rotating base for max convenience
  • Interlocking mount for easy, damage-free installation
  • Serrated, “grippy” jaw
  • Easy twist handle with rubber bumpers

The Cons

  • Pretty heavy thanks to the bigger footprint
  • Slightly costly

#5 WEN 434TV 4.25-Inch

Industrial Drill Press Tilting Angle Vise

Last on our best drill press vises review; we see the Wen 434TV tilting drill press vise. Fully cast iron made, the padded 4.25 wide 1.75-inch deep jaw is great for most home DIY’er and certain commercial needs. The black, grainy powder-coated paint job, complete with the robust build, means that it can withstand the rigors of work & weather with ease. The jaw is non-grooved; however, gripping was still good on plain items.

WEN 434TV 4.25-Inch

Of course, the highlight is the integrated tilting mechanism, which allows you to adjust the vise in 7 different heights with 15-degree intervals. Finally, the five ½ inch brackets allow for easier installation on all standard sized drill presses. 



The Pros

  • Handy, height-adjustable vise mechanism – 7 stops on 15-degree intervals up to 90 degrees
  • 4.25-inch wide jaw with 1.75-inch throat – ideal for small to medium projects
  • five bracket combo for easy installation
  • Cast iron construction
  • A powder-coated, tough paint job

The Cons

  • The jaw is non-grooved and might pose issues with rounded, irregularly shaped workpieces
  • Not suitable for big projects

Best Drill Press Vises Buying Guide – Things To Consider

Now that we’ve revealed the top 5 best drill press vises, it’s your job to pick the one for you. Here are some things to consider;

1) Jaw capacity & clamping force

The best drill press vises come in many sizes & holding capacities. To get the best results, it’s crucial you pick the right sized one. Jaw width is 3-4 inches in most cases. That said, there are bigger/smaller models if you need them. The throat depth refers to the distance between the base to the top of the jaw – pick per YOUR needs.

For a better grip, invest in vises with grooves on the inside, as these offer better clamping on smooth items& irregularly shaped objects.

Build quality &compatibility

Avoid overly cheap drill press vises and invest in units with a low amount of plastic in its construction. Steel or cast iron made vises are generally better. Bigger, heavier vises tend to offer far less wobble & more stability.

Ultimately, make sure the vise is suited for the material you are trying to work with. You can find this info on product descriptions.

Extra Features

Those who work with delicate parts should consider vises with jaw pads. These are typically made of rubber & prevent dents & scratches. Cross sliding is another feature worth having as it let you position your workpieces in multi directions.

Finally, having a vise with a multiway base is great as it allows mounting the tool easily in 3 positions on the table: normal, upright & sideways.

Best Drill Press Vises Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

Assuming it’s your first time buying the best drill press vises, you may’ve a ton of doubts. Here’s a Q&A session to help with the same;

1) How to use a drill press vise?

Once the device has been secured to your worktable, using it is very easy. Just place your workpiece between the vise jaws, making sure to center it; once it’s been placed, tighten up the handle appropriately till it’s secured in place.
Make sure not to exert too much pressure, as it’ll lead to damage. Not too loose either, or you’ll run the risk of dropping it.

2) How do I attach a vise to my drill press?

Depending on the vise size, you can either install it via passing bolts through the mounting holes the tool has & secure it to the worktable. If the vise is “heavy” to handle the drilling impact, you can simply prop it up on the table & use it.
Some models also come with built-in clamps to achieve the same.

3) What is a cross slide drill press vise?

Featuring two mounts instead of one, this slide wise is adjustable & their jaws can be placed in very different positions.

Best Drill Press Vises Review – The Conclusion

The best drill press vises are simple tools – they help hold your workpieces in place to drill, ream, tap, and grind with ease & precision. Clearly, they are a must-have if you want to use your newest drill press to its max potential.

The type of drill press you choose for your work comes down to figuring out which one suits all your needs best. We feel that the above 5 best drill press vises fit the bill effortlessly to that sentiment. They are premium, has great adaptability, looks great, etc. To help find the one for you, use the included best drill press vices buying guide, keeping YOUR SPECIFIC needs in mind + the budget considerations.

Hopefully, our best drill press vises review has helped you become an informed buyer. If you’ve any doubts, let us know in the comments below

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