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Best Fertilizer Spreaders {2022} For Garden Care + Review & Buying Guide

We all know that fertilizing is key to making your garden or lawn luscious & healthy. But, as crucial as it is, doing so by hand can be a tedious, messy affair that may take hours. The best fertilizer spreaders can help you avoid this hassle altogether, as they can help you spread an even, consistent layer of fertilizer over a bigger area in a jiffy.

Nowadays, there are many best fertilizer spreaders available, including manual, handheld, push/pull along, etc. to help find the right one for you; below, we have reviewed 5 of the best fertilizer spreaders ruling the lawns today.

Recommended by gardening experts, these handy machines can surely help keep your lawns healthy and flourishing this season

Best Fertilizer Spreaders For Gardening Lovers!

Fertilizing a garden is all about balance – spread too much, and you’ll burn the lawn. Spread too little, and the plants wouldn’t get the right levels of nutrients to grow. The exclusive best fertilizer spreaders are designed to avoid both these issues. Be it insecticide, lime, seeds, fungicide &, of course, fertilizers, these handy machines can ensure that your garden receives the right amount of everything in a fast, consistent manner.

With these machines help, there is no need for you to be in contact with potentially dangerous and toxic chemicals. They also help reduce wasted fertilizers, along with saving you time & money – Awesome, indeed.

Best Fertilizer Spreaders Review For Easier Lawn Care

In this peak summer season, keep your garden fresh & vibrant with these 5 high rated best fertilizer spreaders to buy;


Hand Spreader Shaker

Let start small, shall we? Designed for small flower patches and window gardens, the TIPU fertilizer shaker comes with a super compact, handheld design. With three adjustable openings to suit different spreading needs, using this tool is super easy – just open the lid, load up the material to be spread, screw the lid back on, chose the opening type & spread away. The ergonomic handle makes using it a breeze.


TIPU Hand Spreader Shaker

Note that this spreader is best used with dry, fine, and coarse fertilizers, not water-based ones, as it has no dripper or sprayer inclusion.

Made from hard plastic (the good kind), the spreader has a grooved hopper edge, which helps reduce wasted product. For further convenience, there are two grip recesses on the sides besides the awesome handle.



  • Super affordable
  • An adjustable opening lid to spread fertilizer of different sizes and rates
  • No chance for overspreading
  • Ergonomic handle with finger grooves for extra grip
  • Lightweight


  • Naturally not useful for fertilizing larger areas
  • Plastic build 

#2 Brinly

P20-500BHDF Push Spreader

Jumping straight into the big leagues, the popular Brinly push spreader has a capacity of 50 lbs and is perfect for fertilizing a medium to a large garden. Very durably built, including a rust-resistant gearbox & stainless steel hardware, the hopper further comes with deflector shields that help a lot to prevent unwanted distribution. In our testing, we found this spreader to be a joy to use, effortlessly spreading manure in a fast, accurate manner. The consistency was even, and it wasted far less fertilizer than we expected.

Brinly P20-500BHDF Push Spreader

With a grippy handle and a gear supported pneumatic “turf-tread” tires, moving this spreader across the lawn is very easy. The controls are easy, so it is calibration. Finally, a standard 2-year warranty helps to protect the tool.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Comes with a decent 50 lbs fertilizing capacity – more than enough for medium to large gardens
  • Rust-resistant gearbox & pneumatic controls
  • Treaded all-terrain tires
  • Built-in deflector for accurate spreading


  • Unfortunately, it’s one of the most expensive fertilizer spreaders available today
  • No hopper cover included

#3 Agri-Fab 45-0463

Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

Armed with a 130-pound hopper, the Agri-fab 45-0463 best fertilizer spreaders are built to be fitted to the back of a vehicle so as to cover larger estates with ease (up to 25000 SqFt). The whole construction, from the almost fully steel build to the large, treaded all-terrain tires, the quality of the spreader is unmatched for the price. Coming to the performance, the rod linked on/off switch, coupled with the deflectors, gives fine control over the spreading. The results are consistent & are one of the best out there.

Further convenience can be added to the tool with an optional hopper cover & a grate to improve spreading quality. Some assembly is does required before the operation, which might be a bit of a hassle for some.


  • Large capacity at 130 pounds (enough to cover a large estate)
  • Efficient hopper with deflector and grate (optional) for consistent, fast, and accurate fertilizer spreading
  • Rod linked on/off switch for easy control and operation
  • Premium, tough build quality
  • Universal hitch attaches to any tractors easily


  • Though there is a clear manual with video, assembling this tool is still a nightmare
  • Can be hard to store away

#4 Scotts

Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader

Made by “Scotts”, one of the biggest names in the hardening tool business, this hand-powered tool for spreading fertilizer is perfect for keeping small gardens and lawns nourished. Small and effortlessly one hand usable, the hopper capacity is enough to fertilize a 1500 SqFt area with ease & accuracy. The handle is easy to turn, and the adjustable arm offers maximum comfort while operating the device.

Scotts Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader

Though made from mostly plastic, the spreader feels durable, and we have no doubt it will serve you for a long, long time. That said, they also do provide a 1-year warranty too – for extra safety & confidence in the long run.


  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Innovative hand-powered design – no battery or cords needed!
  • Spreads fertilizer fast, evenly, and consistently
  • Adjustable arm
  • Decent 1-year warranty


  • Limited for use in mostly small to medium-sized gardens 
  • Still plastic, after all

#5 Scotts

Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader

The last entry in our best fertilizer spreaders review, we again get a Scotts made tool – but this time for covering a larger expanse. With a 5000 Sqft capacity, this push-cart spreader comes with Edgeguard tech, which helps to keep the fertilizer away from driveways, sidewalks & any other such unwanted places while spreading. The clear controls and speed setting ensure that the manure coverage is consistent always.

Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader

However, the best part about this tool is that it comes pre-assembled and calibrated from out of the box itself. Unpack, and you can use it immediately. The 9 inch treaded wheels offer extreme maneuverability, even on rougher terrains.



  • Can cover up to 5000 sqft in one go
  • Even consistent fertilizer spreading power with variable speed control
  • Comes fully assembled out of the box
  • All-terrain 9-inch wheels
  • Very affordable


  • The almost all-plastic construction doesn’t inspire much confidence in the long run
  • Storing it can be hard (can’t be disassembled)

Best Fertilizer Spreaders Buying Guide – Things To Consider Before Buying

For a hassle-free experience with the best fertilizer spreaders, here’re some crucial qualities & points to watch out for;

1) Capacity And Fertilizing Method

The required capacity depends on the size of your lawn. While a small garden would need a 5 to 10-pound fertilizing capacity, large estates would need up to 40 pounds, whereas farms may need twice the fertilizer amount.

As for spreading type, there are two; dry & liquid. Either way, make sure to get a model that spreads precisely & at the right rates.

2) Ease Of Use And Portability

The best hand fertilizers come in all shapes & configs, including push/pull carts, chest/back-mounted, and handheld ones. Whichever fits your fancy, be sure it’s easy to use and is less fatiguing to you while operating.

Make sure it’s easy to clean and is designed for easy loading & unloading. Make sure to get a model that requires you to interact less with the fertilizing chemicals as possible. The size should allow easier storage as well.

3) Build Quality And Warranty

Since you’ll be using them outdoors, the best fertilizer spreaders must be nice enough to withstand wear & tear easily. The tank should be leak & puncture-proof, and if the device has wheels, make sure it’s rugged enough.

A long warranty often indicates a higher quality product. Aim for a warranty of more than 2 years with 3+ considered excellent.

Best Fertilizer Spreaders Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve seen the best fertilizer spreaders review, you may have a few questions. Below find answers to some of them;

1) How to use a fertilizer spreader?

Refer to the manual to find out the right amount of fertilizer required to meet your gardening needs. After that, just load the hopper, select the spreader mode & correct setting for the fertilizing material, and start spreading.
To get an even application, walk from one corner of your yard and continue in straight parallel lines until the area is covered.

2) What are the safety measures I should take when using them?

A good pair of gloves & an overall can help prevent getting the toxic fertilizers on your body and can also make cleaning up easy. If you are spraying, make sure to wear a good mask & goggles to prevent irritation.  

3) How to clean them?

Clean the hopper first and use compressed air or a rag to remove the tool parts’ granules & residue. Wash the spreader thoroughly, paying close attention to small crevices and moving parts where debris may lodge.
Finally, allow the spreader to dry thoroughly. To avoid rusting, store it in a dry area away from any direct sunlight.

Best Fertilizer Spreaders Review – It’s Time To Wrap Up!

Keeping your gardens fed isn’t a difficult process. You can make it even easier with the best fertilizer spreaders help! They help spread the manure evenly & at the right rate for easier root uptake & avoid burning – all fast & efficiently.

Whether you have a small flower patch or acres of land, the best fertilizer spreaders above can meet all your needs with ease – fertilizing, reseeding, insect control, you name it! They are ideal for keeping your garden green & vibrant all through the seasons. When picking, make sure to get a unit that best serves YOUR needs (though you can’t go wrong with any of these 5). Make sure the capacity is ample & it meets your budget.

Don’t we have the one for you? No worry! Use the best fertilizer spreaders buying guide above to help choose another.

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