Best Garden Sprayers In 2020 + Review & Buyer Guide

Water is the lifeblood of any garden. Whether you want to grow heirloom tomatoes or enjoy pruning your gorgeous rose bushes, the best garden sprayers are essential. Indeed for, watering, applying fertilizers, killing weeds & pest control, finding and using the right garden sprayer can help. Make your gardening & yard care easier and help you easily grow healthier, more attractive, and superbly vibrant plants & flowers.

Nowadays, there are so many different styles, shapes, and sizes of garden sprayers being available. It can get quite overwhelming. So we’ve done the legwork for you, reviewing 5 of the best garden sprayers to buy today.’

Why wait? Come; let’s step into the garden; 

Best Garden Sprayers 2020 – The Ultimate Gardening Essential!

Not just to water, the best garden sprayers aid amazingly to keep your garden pests & weed-free. Indeed, you can use them to spray insecticide and fertilizers with ease. They are meant to be shoulder carried, giving you more flexibility. They come in both hand-cranked and battery-powered models, with different spraying ranges & efficacy. You can use them to “mist” flowers as well as water more trees with equal results.

Honestly, the best garden sprayers are a necessity rather than a choice. While the sprinklers can help water a huge area with ease, the garden sprayers are ideal for watering areas where its going to matter the most.

Love gardening? Garden sprayers are a no-brainer!

Best Garden Sprayers Review – 5 Water Sprayers To Help Grow your Garden Fast

Watering gardens has never been this easier! Here are 5 of the best garden sprayers that offer the best bang for the buck;

#1. Field King

Professional 190328 Backpack Sprayer

Designed to be worn on your back, this 4-gallon best garden sprayer range has a superior leak-proof design that best for both watering & fertilizing. The extended 21-inch spraying wand offers maximum consistency while spraying, and thanks to the paddles inside, which keep the liquids well mixed & ready to flow, there is no chance of clogging either.

Field King Professional 190328 Backpack Sprayer

The trigger is comfy and comes with locking to avoid hand fatigue. As for performance, the tool offers a regular 25 PSI, which is ideal for spraying water & herbicides. That said, you CAN ramp it up to 150 PSI for spraying in those extremely hard to reach places.

The tank has a built-in carry handle, has room for wand storage, and with the strong shoulder straps, it is very easy to carry around. Multiple nozzle types are included – including one for streaming, foaming + ones for narrow & wide spraying.



  • Large 4-gallon capacity
  • Inbuilt paddles, filters and Viton seals for consistent spraying – perfect for water as well as fertilizers
  • 25 to 150 PSI range which offers excellent range versatility
  • Superior backpack inspired all-in design
  • Multi – nozzles included


  • This garden sprayer offers no way to know the remaining water level
  • On full capacity, it can get quite heavy

#2. ITISLL 68oz

Garden Pump Sprayer

Made for those with mini flowerbeds tabletop gardens, the ITISLL best garden sprayers have a very tiny design apt for everyday use. Made for 1-handed use, the tank is made from semi-transparent plastic, which helps to keep you alert of the water level. The plastic itself is pretty tough and has a sleek design that resists dust and dirt. 

ITISLL 68oz Garden Pump Sprayer

The brass nozzle provided is quite good. It’s adjustable, meaning that you can – with a turn – switch between direct injections to misting spray while on the go. Building pressure is easy – just push and pull on the gear above the tool. The makers also include a pressure reliever for extra safety.

The handle feels sturdy in hand, and thanks to the grooved design and locking trigger for top continuous spraying, the tool is easy to use – just point and spray actually. The sprayer further has wear-resistant seals & filters for longevity.


  • Lightweight, easy to use and portable
  • Transparent water tank & adjustable brass nozzle combo for reliable, consistent spraying action
  • Ergonomic handle with trigger lock spraying support
  • Built-in seals & filters
  • Decent 1-year replacement warranty


  • Not suitable for large scale gardening needs
  • Looks cheap


Pump Sprayer

A fairly priced multipurpose garden sprayer, this model has a backpack design that is ideal for spray and fertilize on the move. The red-tinted tank has a capacity of 1.3 gallons and coupled with a longer spraying wand, it’s perfect for use in hard to reach places. The translucent graduated bottle with scale gives accurate water level reading. 

GARTOL Pump Sprayer

The highlight, however, is the pump for pressure building, which is super comfy and easy to operate, the strong Viton valves not only prevents leakages but also helps to keep the pressure consistent. This, paired with the adjustable spray nozzle, means an excellent, reliable spraying action.

The trigger can obviously be locked. However, the brand has employed a bowl-shaped design to limit any extra water to lose. The base has an 8mm thick padding when it helps to use a standing garden sprayer.


  • Multipurpose design – can be used to spray water, spread fertilizers, clean cars, and driveways, etc.
  • Easy to carry, back-pack design
  • Fully adjustable nozzle (mist, narrow, wide-coverage, etc.) and lockable trigger for easier spraying action’
  • Water-efficient with the bowl design
  • Non-leak guaranteed 


  • The wand is fully made from plastic (longevity is questionable)
  • The straps are not padded

#4. Ukoke U04GS

Cordless Electric Power Garden Sprayer

The 4th entry in our best garden sprayers guide, the Ukoke U04GS, is designed to be carried on by the hand and has a very portable frame. The 1-gallon tank, made from translucent polycarbonate, is shaped so that it rests easily on the ground.

Ukoke U04GS Cordless Electric Power Garden Sprayer

The tank also has hose management so that the spray wand will not be a bother in close quarters. The trigger is lockable & since a battery powers it, there’s no need to crank any handle to build air pressure. The tool will create it by itself for longer, easier spraying.

The nozzle can be adjusted to spray as a stream or mist. Therefore it’s perfect for both watering and fertilizing. In fact, the steel wand with a curved tip is perfect for spot spraying. Finally, a 1-year warranty wraps it all together.


  • Battery-powered (no hand pumping required
  • Long, adjustable spraying wand with multiple nozzle modes for efficient & versatile spraying action
  • Translucent water tank – helps to keep an eye on the water level
  • Portable design
  • Decent 1 yearlong warranty


  • The water tank has no base padding which might lead to damage or leaks in the future
  • Pretty expensive for many

#5. Home Decision

HOMEDECISION 5L Pressure Sprayer

A great lightweight option that won’t break the bank, the Home decision best garden sprayers offer a very compact design that’s sure to appeal to the beginners. The yellow and blue color outstandingly looks fresh & premium. The tool comes with an adjustable nozzle, which can swap between a long, concentrated water stream and a diffused mist.

Home Decision HOMEDECISION 5L Pressure Sprayer

This allows you to use it as a water sprayer, fertilizer & weed killer with equal efficacy. It also weighs tad below 3 pounds, making it easy to carry.

It is not perfect, though. The pump handle also doubles as its carrying handle, which can be an issue when handheld. The nozzle also slightly drips. Other than these minor quibbles, it’s an excellent sprayer for the price.



  • Very lightweight, portable design
  • Adjustable spraying nozzle which supports both narrow streaming and diffused mists
  • Spill-proof design and trigger lock for effortless spraying
  • Built-in pressure safety valve
  • Very affordable


  • Cheap, “plasticky” non-durable construction
  • Badly designed handle 

Best Garden Sprayers Buying Guide – Things To Consider Before Buying

Believe it or not, finding the best garden sprayer can be a huge hassle. There are so many things to consider.

Important things like;

1) Capacity And Sprayer Design Type

The bigger the water tank, the larger the sprayer going to be. So you must pick the right sized model that best fit YOUR gardening needs. Typically, a four-gallon size is plenty enough for a standard backyard garden. 

As capacity increases, the sprayer design also changes, from handheld ones to backpack types & the larger stand-based sprayers.

Consider your needs & comfort, and pick a model that best suits it.

2) Spraying Power, Nozzle Types And Extra Features

You can either go for manual, hand-cranking models or battery-powered ones. Either way, choose a sprayer that has adjustable spraying forces. This is must-have as you may require a lot more pressure to spray thick fertilizers.

More nozzles = more versatility. Get a unit with 3+ nozzle types, each for misting, narrow spraying, dripping, wide-coverage, etc.

3) Maintenance And Warranty

A garden sprayer that’s easy to clean can save you a vast load of time. It should be resistant to chemicals as you’d be working a lot with them. The tank should be durable, and the filters require being easy to replace or clean

As for warranty, 1 to 2 years is great, with 3+ being excellent. Buy from a popular brand, as this will ensure good after service.

Best garden sprayers guide – Frequently asked questions

Being informed is a key to get the best out of a garden sprayer. Here is a quick Q&A session to help get you up to speed on these tools;

1) How Long Can A Sprayer Last Before Losing Pressure?

It depends mostly on the kind of models you choose. Typically, manual models can fire up to a useful 10 seconds before pressure drops. On the other hand, the electric ones can last longer, 5 – 10 minutes or more.

2) How Do I Choose The Right Nozzle Type To Use?

Flat nozzles are best for spraying paths and garden beds or anywhere you need wide coverage. The cone nozzle is ideal for use as a spot sprayer for bushes and small trees. The mist nozzles are perfect for watering buds & flowers.
Some manufacturers even offer multiple pressure style nozzles of varying ranges, as they can help cover hard to reach areas.

3) How Do I Clean My Best Garden Sprayers?

Make sure to release the pressure before emptying the contents of a garden sprayer for cleaning. To clean, pour in some water, preferably with a soaping solution, screw in the cap & shake it for cleaning. 
To clean the nozzle, spray clean water out a couple of times.

Best Garden Sprayers 2020 – The Conclusion

If you’re gardener whether, by hobby or trade, the best garden sprayers are almost a no brainer, be it for a newbie or an expert. Perfect for more than just watering, they’re great for lawn fertilizing, killing weeds & even cleaning the driveways!

Finding the best garden for YOU and your garden needs needn’t have to be a nightmare. While there are countless versions available, we feel that the above 5 best garden sprayers offer the outstanding value, perks, & reliability that will best serve any garden. To pick the right one for YOU from them, use the included buying guide – keeping your spraying routines, budgets, and other needs at the forefront. Whichever you pick up, make sure to keep safe while using them. The mask, gloves& other PPE’s are must-haves.

Hope you enjoyed our best garden sprayer’s review, if you’ve any queries or opinions to share, let us know in the comments below.


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