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Best Garden Tiller In 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

As an avid gardener, you already may know that “good soil equals healthier plants.” But alas, building high quality, looser, nutrient-rich soil takes time and efforts – or at least, it used to be. With the best garden tiller tools, you can now easily upgrade your lawn soil to its max potential – removing weeds, adding nutrients, boosting soil airflow, water absorption rates, and breaking up spots that have gotten compacted.

Yup, there’s no better tool than the best garden tiller to help grow your Garden to its full green beauty.

That said, the best garden tiller is still not a standard gardening tool, and many people, especially new bloods, may not even have seen one of these machines in action. Well, that’s okay, in today’s gardening 101, we’ll unpack all you need to know about these tools, including a best garden tiller guide + the top 5 models to pick this summer.

Well then, let’s get started –

Best Garden Tiller – Designed For A Healthy Garden

You’ll probably know this. But one of the most common reasons for a lackluster garden is the lack of proper aeration & soil nutrients. Over the seasons, the soil in your Garden may get hard & compacted. And thanks to weeds & pests, the soil quality too will often go for a toss. Thankfully, it’s easily fixable with a bit of love, care, and soil tilling, which can help replenish your garden/lawn to its former glory in a jiffy.

Indeed, if you have a lawn, the best garden tiller is a real no-brainer. But with hundreds of models flooding the niche right now, it can get confusing fast.

After all, a tiller is a big investment; you can’t afford to get it wrong.

To help save you from such risks, we’ve put together a list of our favorite best tiller tools 2020 has to offer + the best garden tiller guide.

Find ’em both below;

Best Garden Tiller Review – Top 5 Tools For That Perfect Garden Makeover (2020)

Personally tested & reviewed, here is a quick look at 5 of the best garden tillers 2020 that should be in every lawn-scapers arsenal;

#1 Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch

8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator

Designed for small to medium lawns, the Earthwise TC70001 can cut through weeds and dig up the soil, even clay with absolute use. With the top 8.5 amp motor coupled with a deep 8’ range, these cultivators’ sharp tines are adjustable, providing a tilling depth of 11-16 inches. Finally, they’ve paired it with a corded design for max runtime.

Needless to say, the performance is truly spectacular here. On light soil, the tilling experience was excellent. It was speedy, the torque was good & controlling it was a breeze.

Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch

Featuring a push-button startup, ergonomic grip, and a lightweight body is clearly the best garden tiller for anyone who is just starting and requires something less intimidating than gas or a battery-powered unit.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this one period!



  • Powerful 8.5 amp motor for easy and effortless ground tiling action – it digs, cuts, and just works!
  • Lightweight, and easy to control
  • Adjustable tines for custom, effective tilling action
  • Electric, corded design
  • Easy push start for max convenience


  • Not suitable for harder, brittle soil surfaces
  • No side shielding

#2 Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch

13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator, Black

With a powerful 13.5 amp motor with 370 RPM’s, the best garden tiller doesn’t just till the ground; it pulverizes it! Equipped with a digging range of 8’ deep and 16’ wide, the tool works great to cultivate almost all soil types, from soft to super brittle.

In fact, it’s also quite capable as a good weed cutter & a soil aerator – thanks to the six tough, razor-sharp tines. The handles are quite grippy & overall, handles like a dream.

Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch

Easy to control, the 3-level, height-adjustable rear wheels make it highly easy to maneuver wherever it’s needed – and its collapsible handle makes it a cinch to store when it’s not. You get a 2- year warranty too with it.



  • Sleek, modern, lightweight
  • Extremely powerful 13.5 amp, high torque motor (370RPM) for seamless tilling and cultivating action
  • 6 Durable, long-lasting steel tines for maximum reliability
  • Triple adjustable wheels for easy handling
  • 2-year warranty


  • At times, it can be quite jumpy
  • Single-speed

#3 AZZ 35351 33CC

Viper Mini Cultivator, Green

Armed with a whopping 35cc engine, this gas-powered mini cultivator is for that harder, tougher soil gardens – period! With a wider tilling arc & 8’ depth, the Tazz is perfect for weeding, mulch, fertilizing, or even aerating.

Personally, we loved it. The biker-like handle with built-in controls is a treat to use, couple that with the hard rear tires, and it’s perfect for use in any terrains. The side shielding is quite appreciable too.

TAZZ 35351 33CC

The tough gear lines and metallic frames will last for years. On top of that, you get a 3-year warranty from the makers. Overall, quite possibly, this is the best gas tiller available today – surely for the weight, size & price.



  • Superior 35cc motor for class-leading tilling/cultivating experience – perfect for harder, more weeded gardens
  • On-board wheels & overhead controls for easy manoeuvrability
  • Excellent run time
  • Side shielding for clean tilling
  • 3-year warranty


  • Can be quite tedious to assemble
  • Noisy

#4 TACKLIFE Electric Tiller

18-Inch Max 13.5 Amp Tiller Cultivator

Up next, we have Tacklife electric tiller – a tilling beast with a 13.5 electric motor with 400 RPMs for uncompromising tilling action. The larger 16-inch width & 8-inch depth is perfect for making supremely quick work of your garden soil.

And yes, the sizing IS adjustable. The manganese tines are super durable, and the shielding on sides makes it a breeze to use. We did notice a bit of light jumping at top speed but nothing deal-breaking.

TACKLIFE Electric Tiller

Lightweight design (22 lbs) facilitates your daily work with more mobility. Its ergonomic folding handlebar with an anti-vibration system effectively reduces arm fatigue – ideal for that large garden/lawn of yours!


  • Lightweight, sleek design
  • Adjustable manganese tines + high torque 13.5 amp engine combo for effective tilling across any terrains and conditions
  • Anti-vibration system for easy handling & turning
  • Fully electric
  • Foldable handles for easy storage


  • Too much plastic is present in its frame
  • Can get loud (93db)


20V MAX Tiller (LGC120AM)

Designed for smaller lawns and lighter workloads, the Black Decker tillers strike the perfect balance between portability & performance – Observe: the top 12V Motor combined with the longer/tougher tines makes tilling duper easy.

It’s ideal for refining soil between plant patches. And the longer, adjustable shaft means that it’s highly versatile and can be used without any back bending or extra effort.


With a 20V li-ion battery, you can use this tool for cultivating up to 325 square feet, which is ideal for most casual users. Full charging takes about 8 hours, and you get a 2-year warranty wrapping everything up.


  • Lightweight, portable & easy to handle – can be used by a single hand
  • 12V motor & dual tines for easy tilling
  • Adjustable shaft with overhead controls for easy use
  • Exceptionally reliable battery life
  • 2-year warranty


  • Not meant for larger gardens or virgin soils
  • Long charging time

Best Garden Tiller Buying Guide – Things You Need To Look Out For

Now that you know about the 5 best garden tiller models, here’s a best garden tiller buying guide to help you zero in on the right one for YOU;

1) The size of the lawn

Obviously, size matters. To ensure the right buy, make sure to measure the area you plan on using it. Usually, a small yard or a lawn often only require a mini tiller or even a manual one, whereas a bigger garden calls for a 5-6 HP unit.

Try & strike a balance between the size of your plot & the power of the tiller. It’ll be a lot economical that way.

2) Tiller type – front tine vs rear tine

As far as tillers go, you get two types: the front tine tillers are mostly designed for lighter cultivating jobs. They are more maneuverable and are quite cheaper too. But hey, they don’t do well with thicker soil & denser weeds. On the other hand, the rear tine units are designed for tough gardening and have a size and price to match.

So yeah, pick appropriately PER your needs (and budget!).

3) Fuel type – gas, battery, or electric?

Again, this depends on the kind & size of your lawn. If your lawn requires a heavy-handed treatment, always go for the Gas fuel ones. They’re plenty powerful and can dig through even the toughest soil conditions.

The battery ones obviously lack power and are mainly ideal for everyday light tilling work. That said, they are VERY economical. Lastly, the electrically powered ones are great for smaller yards. The corded design offers limitless runtime.

Again, pick a type that best suits your convenience.

4) Budget

With prices ranging from $100 to $3000, it can be tricky to find a solid tiller under a price range that doesn’t compromise on quality or efficiency. Going for a cheaper tiller that’s too small or not powerful enough can be just as bad as getting a 3k huge, beast of a tiller for your small flowerbed or a kitchen side yard

Obviously, the trick is to find the balance in-between. You can find plenty of best garden tillers that fit the bill (literally!) above.

5) Warranty

It’s a big investment. Obviously, the longer the warranty, the better (then again, anything above 3 years is a win in our book)

Best Garden Tiller 2020 - The Conclusion

With the summer at its peak, to till or not to till is no longer a question if your beloved backyard is all piled up with weeds, dirt patches & more, making your home look bad. If you have space for a garden, it deserves to be beautiful – period!

As you can see from the best garden tiller review above, there is a model for every price to get your gardening done. Once you consider your specific needs, it shouldn’t be hard to pick a gardening tiller that best fits your wants & lawns. Whichever catch your fancy, note that your safety should come first. Don’t wear loose clothing & prepare your lawn by removing debris & rocks before using these machines – it’s important.

Till the next time, happy tilling!

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