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Best Lawn Aerators {2022} For Any Sized Yard + Review & Buying Guide

If you want your garden to be thick, green, and healthy, it’s essential to use the best lawn aerators to, well… aerate the ground. Designed to help introduce more water, air, and nutrients into the grounds, this gardening tool can stimulate your plant roots, resulting in faster and stronger growth of your gardens flora.

There are plenty of tools available for aerating gardens, like dethatchers, scarifiers, etc. but aerators are the best choice for American soil. Below, we have listed and reviewed 5 of the best lawn aerators worth buying today.

In hopes of better garden experience, let’s get into it;

Best Lawn Aerators In 2022 – Gardening Essential Indeed

The best lawn aerators relieve your gardens from compacted soils & thatch layers, allowing air, water, and fertilizers to reach the roots, realizing greener pastures easily. They are exceptionally useful to cure lawns with stunted growth. In fact, many gardening experts recommend nowadays – after steady research – that lawns be aerated at least once annually for reliable maintenance.

Using aerators helps boost soil fertility and helps to kill weeds before they take roots along with small pests. They come in many shapes & sizes, suiting both bigger and smaller gardening needs.

Best Lawn Aerators Review – 5 Great Tools To Upgrade Your Garden Soil Health

While you can always rent them at 50$ – 60$ per day, we’d advise buying your own lawn aerator as it will save you both time & money in the long run.

Here are some of our favorites;

#1 Yard Butler

Lawn Coring Aerator

Starting with the simplest, the Yard Butler Manual aerator comes with two 3 ½ inch plug spikes that can dig deep into the soil & aerate it to perfection. The wide spikes churn more soil with exceptional force & can also be used on the hard, compacted ground, thanks to the foot bar for extra leverage. The device is made from hard-anodized steel, so it’s sure to last you for years if not decades, with absolute ease.

Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator

The 39-inch long shaft & comfortable handle reduces back strain and makes it easy to cover a wide area without much effort. This aerator, while simple, is perfect for revitalizing all your gardens in a jiffy.


  • Simple and straightforward
  • The deep plug like spikes are great for handling both compact or loose grounds and thatched soils
  • Foot bar for extra digging leverage
  • Made from rust-resistant anodized steel – can last you for decades
  • Padded handles


  • Not exactly ideal for aerating bigger, more vast gardens
  • High physical exertion required

#2 Agri-Fab 45-0365

16-Inch Push Spike Aerator

Agri-fab has a number of top lawn aerators in the market. However, we feel this one offers the most value for your bucks. A full16 inch wide with 5 aerating wheels having 7-inch spikes on each; effortlessly chew through wide swaths of grounds in a jiffy. The 2 ½ inch aeration depth is perfect for exposing roots to nutrients, air & water without ruining the floor too much. The steel weight tray holds concrete blocks, which helps the spikes dig in to even the hardest, more compacted floor with absolute ease,

Agri-Fab 45-0365 16-Inch Push Spike Aerator

Made from heavy-gauge steel, the device easily attaches to the back of garden carts and, therefore, can easily aerate more ground in less time. You can adjust the drawbar in 2 different lengths to facilitate easier control.


  • Wide 16-inch aerator with 5 wheels and 7-inch spikes – can thoroughly cover more area in the least amount of time 
  • 35 lbs weight tray ensures deeper penetration and thus better aeration
  • Adjustable drawbar length for easier control
  • Durable steel build
  • Can easily be disassembled for storage


  • With razor-sharp parts all around, it’s easy to cut yourself while assembling
  • Concrete block is not included

#3 Green works

14-Inch 10 Amp Corded Dethatched

Armed with a capable 10 amp motor and 14-inch blades that can be adjusted to 3 different digging depths, the Green Works range of electric best lawn aerators are designed for the serious landscapers out there. Fully emission-free, the machine can make quick work of thatched grounds & improve air & nutrient flow to the roots. The stainless steel tines are razor-sharp and are durable enough even to shred small rocks to bits.

Green works 14-Inch 10 Amp Corded Dethatched

The comfortable, padded handles & easy controls make using this device a breeze. The power cord, though restrictive, is long enough to meet most suburban garden/lawn sizes. Finally, a 3-year warranty wraps it all together.


  • An electric operation for strain-free aerating
  • Powerful 10 amp motor + 14-inch wide spike rail for fast and effective aeration of thatched ground
  • 3 stage adjustable digging depths
  • Super sturdy, rust-resistant stainless steel tines
  • Emission-free


  • The cable length somewhat restricts the machines aeration field range
  • So many plastic parts

#4 Briny PA-40BH

Tow-Behind Plug Aerator

The most expensive of the lot, the Briny PA-40BH best lawn aerators are all about brute, heavy-duty aerating action – observe! 16-inch wider with 24 heat-treated plugging spoons, these mean machines can dig & remove 3-inch plugs of soil, allowing water and nutrients to reach the roots & jumpstart the plant’s growth. To penetrate harder, more compacted soils, the weight tray can carry up to 150 kg in weights, giving enough pressure to easily drive the plugs into the ground for unmatched aeration results.


Briny PA-40BH

With never-flat tires & a universal hitch, which attaches easily to a lawn cart, controlling the machine is super easy & it is very precise – just connect & pull! The single transport lever makes moving between driveways & walkways easy.


  • High performance, 24 plug system for effective aeration, even on heavily thatched or compacted garden grounds
  • 150 kg weight tray for effortless and deeper ground penetration
  • Universal hitch for easy tractor fitting
  • Heat-treated, tough 16 gauge steel core spoons
  • All-terrain, never flat tires


  • The bigger, wider design might make storage an issue
  • Pretty expensive

#5 Alco Tech

Lawn Aerator Shoes

A fun, cheap alternative to the traditional best lawn aerators, the Alco Tech lawn shoes with 48 mm spikes are perfect for aerating small flower patches and smaller gardens with ease. Extremely affordable, just attach these aerators to your boots with the built-in three heavy-duty straps & walk across the garden to aerate it – it’s that simple. The straps are adjustable, so the shoes better fit anybody literally without issue.

Alco Tech Lawn Aerator Shoes

Coming to the ergonomics, the plastic design is very lightweight with excellent heel support for painless usage. For easy installation and adjustments, a small wrench is provided along with the packaging.


  • Fun, affordable, and reliable
  • 13 heavy-duty, steel made 48 mm spikes for deep penetration & effective aeration without ruining the terrain
  • 3 adjustable straps & heel support for precise, comfortable fitting
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Anti-corrosive and long-lasting


  • Obviously, not suitable for aerating larger gardens
  • High fall risk

Best Lawn Aerators Buying Guide – Things To Keep In Mind When Buying

Now that all the best lawn aerators been revealed, here is a quick look at the key qualities you need to consider before buying them;

1) Spike Vs. Plug Aerators – Make Your Choice Wisely

The best lawn aerators come in both types: spike & plug aerators, and they both have their own key benefits. The plugs (hollow tines) are great for dealing with harder, compacted soils, ripping the ground thoroughly for cultivation.

The spikes make punctures on the ground sans any soil loss, so it’s best for looser soil and can increase the exposure of the roots to water & nutrients or create space for grass seeds without ruining much of the soil surface.

2) Design & Build Quality

Aerating lawns take time, so make sure to get a model that you can easily push/pull around without much physical fatigue. Besides being as light as possible, the handle grippy and must be comfortable to hold.

Ensure the spikes are sharp & strong enough to hit a rock & not get blunt or break. It also must be rust-resistant & easy to clean.

3) Price and Warranty

Typically, the manual best lawn aerators may cost you in the region on $40 to $90, with electric ones costing upwards of $150 to $200. The aerator shoes, which cost around $20, is inexpensive but delivers good results nonetheless.

Since aerating can be hard on the tools, make sure to get a unit with at least 3 to 5 years of warranty for a hassle-free experience.

Best  Lawn Aerators Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a new tool to your gardening arsenal can be daunting, especially if you have any queries & worries about them.

We hope this quick Q&A session help changes that:

1) How do I use the best lawn aerators?

Electric or manual, just push or pull the machine across your garden in a straight line making sure that the spikes are digging into the ground, at least by two inches. Make sure to press slightly harder on the handle for proper application.

2) When and how often should I aerate?

According to professionals, you should try & aerate your gardens during the growing season as it is when your plants will reap the most benefit from it. As for frequency, twice a year is advised; however, once will do too.
Season wise, both in fall & spring – when the air is cool – are a great time to aerate.

3) Will I hit the utility lines while using these?

No, not really. Usually, most utility lines are buried deep underground, and there is no chance of you damaging them.

Best Lawn Aerators Review – The Conclusion

A patchy, thatched soil does your garden no favors. Aeration – thus, the best lawn aerators – are very crucial to breathe life into your garden’s soil, introducing more air, water, and nutrients, so your beloved plants grow faster & healthier.

As you saw above, the best lawn aerators come in many shapes & sizes, and there is an aerator for all budgets & needs. As for which model you got to pick, well, that’s fully up to your needs and preferences. First, identify your gardening needs, soil type, lawn size, budget, and pick a lawn aerator that YOU think is the best fit. You can also wear aerator shoes (yeah, they are a thing) to get a uniform result.

Did we miss something? Have any questions? Feel free to share your opinions & ideas with us in the comments below.

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