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Best Leaf Vacuums 2022 For Easy Yard Cleanup {Review & Buying Guide}

It’s autumn, and it’s time to clean up the dead leaves from your yard. It’s a tiresome chore, we know! However, with the best leaf vacuums, you can do this job without much effort as they’re. Exceptionally handy for tidying up small yards and banishing leafy build up beneath your hedges and flowerbeds with ease. They come in both gas & electric variants, and some can also function as a blower to keep the dead leaves in check.

Indeed, they are an indispensable tool for a serious gardener. No wonder why there are now so many models available today. To help get past all the malarkey, we have reviewed 5 of the best leaf vacuums to buy today – as experts recommended.

Yup, it’s finally time to clean that messy garden of yours – Let’s get started’

Best Leaf Vacuums In 2020 – Dead Leaves? No Problem!

The modern leaf vacuums can do more than just collect leaves. They can deal with conifer needles & cons, along with plastic bits, paper litter, twigs, acorns, etc. The compact, precise vacuum effortlessly allows you to clean patios, sidewalks, or the area where the lawn meets the house or the wall – places where lawnmowers typically fail. Heck, they can even vacuum leaves out of delicate flower beds & between shrubs and precious plants – again, more places where a lawnmower can’t simply hope to reach. 

You can even take these best leaf vacuums (electric ones) into your home and use them to clean up cobwebs and dusty corners. To sum up, investing in the best leaf vacuums can help keep your property clean, both inside & out!

5 Best Leaf Vacuums Review For A Cleaner, Healthier Autumn Garden

Nowadays, the best leaf vacuums are so good; they can make fighting leaves your next new favorite chore this season, 

Here are some of our favorites;

#1 Toro 51619

Ultra Electric Leaf Vacuum

One of the top-selling best leaf vacuums ever on Amazon, the popular Toro 51619, is the ideal combo of power & portability. The 250 MPH suction makes quick work of leaves, even wet ones. Interestingly, a variable speed option is also given. This makes it ideal for work on both loose & hard terrains with ease. In fact, the large metal impeller mulches leaves to a pulp, and with the large capacity bag, you can use the Toro 51619 for a good long while before needing to empty it (which is also fast & easy thanks to the bottom zipper).

Toro 51619

A corded model, this vacuum also has a blower mode, so if you would rather blow the leaves away than suck them up, you have the option to do so. It also comes with all the key vacuuming accessories pre-included in the box.


  • Variable speed controls
  • Can reach up to a whopping 250 mph airflow for heavy-duty leaf vacuuming, even on wet leaves
  • Can work as both a leaf vacuum & a blower
  • Tons of accessories
  • 3-year long warranty protection


  • Need to swap accessories to go between leaf blowing & vacuuming
  • Restricting corded design

#2 WORX WG512 Trivac 2.0

Electric 12-Amp 3-in-1 Vacuum

A leaf vacuum, blower, and a mulcher – the WorX is your one-stop solution for all your leaf cleaning needs, period! With a wide 600 CFM nozzle & dual speeds, the tool is ideal for cleaning heavier/wider leaves. The built-in metal impeller then mulches them down to a third (we calculated that it could mulch 16 bags of leaves into one) and stores them in its much larger, one-click detachable bag for easy cleaning.

WORX WG512 Trivac 2.0

Have to say, they nailed the ergonomics here. The compact design with a comfy handle & controls makes it perfectly one-handed. In fact, moving between the blower & vacuum modes itself requires only a single click. 


  • Accessories -free, one-click conversion between vacuum & blower
  • 1-click detaching 10-gallon reusable bag
  • Powerful metal impellor for mulching (reduces 16 bags of leaves into one)
  • Dual speed option for more custom vacuum solutions
  • Premium design & build


  • The compact design makes it awkward to use for taller individuals
  • No extra accessories here

#3 Greenworks 40V 185 MPH

Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Vacuum

Running fully on battery power for extreme portability, the Greenworks 40V best leaf vacuums have a quiet yet powerful 185 + 340 CFM brushless motor for stress-free cleaning. With six-speed selections, the tool is ready for both small and heavy leaves – with 2 separate tubes for performance enhancement. We loved the over-molding handle. It helps to reduce arm fatigue, and we also enjoyed the portability here. The mulching performance is great – on par with the best of the best out there today. 

Greenworks 40V 185 MPH

Typical of Greenworks power tools, the battery life is pretty good here as well. On a full charge, you can use the device up to 21 minutes on the max speed. There is also a fast charger present to replenish the device super quickly.


  • No cords – enjoy extreme portability!
  • Variable speed option – 6-speed selection for far more efficient leaf cleaning results
  • Brushless motor for longer run time, tool longevity, and power
  • 4-year warranty
  • Tool-less blower to vacuum conversion


  • The almost all plastic build doesn’t inspire much confidence for long term use
  • Very expensive!


Power Boost Vacuum

The 4th entry in our best leaf vacuums guide, the Black + Decker BEBL7000, is notable for its backpack-like collection bag design. The bag itself is quite huge for far longer usage and has a zipper-free opening for quick disposal. The powerful motor inside revs up to 250 MPH with 400 CFM, which is far more than enough to meet almost all leaf clearing needs, both wet & dry.


In fact, there is also a PowerBoost mode for more heavy-duty suction or blowing when required. This is superbly impressive, considering how light & portable the device is.

With the tool, you get several nozzle options to make use of all its awesome power better. That said, the cord is a bit on the shorter side, so expect slightly poorer portability. Finally, the 3-year long warranty keeps your investment safe.


  • A convenient backpack like designed collection bag
  • High powered 250 Mph motor with PowerBoost tech – 1-click extra power when required
  • Multiple nozzle options
  • Lightweight, easy to use & comfortable
  • 3-year warranty


  • Not ideal for larger yards (the cord is not that super long)
  • Works only with the included bag

#5 Poulan Pro PPBV25

Gas Handheld Leaf Vacuum

If you want extreme portability and a ton of power, the gas-powered Poulan PPBV2 is undoubtedly a worthwhile option. Equipped with a nice 25 cc two-cycle engine, the Poulan Pro PPBV25 gas-powered blower is ready for heavy-duty leaf cleaning. The 230 MPH airspeed and 450 CFM delivers unmatched blowing/vacuuming results, which, when paired with the soft, comfy grip and the lightweight design, makes this device a pleasure to use, even for longer sessions. The anti vibrating & sturdier frame further adds to the charm.

Poulan Pro PPBV25

It only takes one-click to move between the vacuum & blower modes. The powder-coated paint dark paint job looks classy, and the copper tinted steel mulching propeller gives this device an outstanding leaf shredding capacity.


  • Powerful gas-powered motor – goes up to a whopping 230 MPH speed & 450 CFM for fast, hassle-free leaf cleaning
  • One-click conversion between vacuum and blower
  • Reduced vibration with soft-touch handle offers superior comfort while operating
  • Relatively quiet & low emissions
  • Comes with a pretty decent 2-year warranty


  • The nozzle often got clogged when dealing with wet, larger leaves
  • Poor fuel efficiency 

Best Leaf Vacuums Buying Guide – Things To Keep In Mind When Buying

With so many choices, it can be hard picking the best leaf vacuum for you. To help, here’re a few key things to look out for before settling for one;

1) Electric or Gas (Fuel Type & Performance)

Most modern best leaf vacuums come in two vastly different types. They are;

  • Gas-powered – offers exceptional, heavy-duty vacuuming performance; however can be noise & emits fumes
  • Electric powered – corded or cordless, these have less power but are quieter, less expensive, and eco-friendly.

If you have a large garden & lots of leaves to clean, opt for the gas-powered ones. For everyone else, the Electric ones will make better sense. Spec-wise. Pick a model that offers 110-180+ mph (with CFM of 150-600).

2) Load capacity

Check the devices shredding ratio (a ratio of 10:1 can help fit 100 gallons of leaves in a 10-gallon bag) & the inbuilt waste bags (if it doesn’t support disposable ones) before settling for a unit to help clean up your garden. 

The bigger the overall capacity, the longer you can vacuum before needing to stop and empty the leaves and start again.

3) Ergonomics & other features

Since leaf vacuuming takes time, make sure to go for a lightweight, easy to use the model to help lessen the whole task’s fatigue. It must be portable & easy to store. Prefer units that support disposable bags for easier cleanup.

Nowadays, almost all leaf vacuums can pull double duty as leaf blowers as well – consider that too & buy appropriately.

Best Leaf Vacuums Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

First time buying the best leaf vacuums? Here’s a brief FAQ session to help you spring for them without any worries;

1) How to use the best leaf vacuums?

Using the best leaf blowers is pretty straightforward. Just turn on the device, point the nozzle to the leaves, and go back & forth your lawn as you suck up the leaves & mulch them into the waste collection bag – simple!
Pro tip: clean leaves per small batches, because if you do it on a big pile, you will risk clogging the pipes and the mulcher. 

2) Can I use them to clean leaves from the pool water surface? 

While it can be done with a powerful leaf vacuum unit, we would advise against doing so, as the water could cause your vacuum to break, and may even put you at risk of shock if you are using an e – powered leaf vacuum.
You can always rake the leaves out to dry & then vacuum them up,

3) Okay, but how about on gravel grounds?

Here, it’s less of a problem, as the leaves – as long as they are not wet – will be lighter than gravel is and can therefore be easily vacuumed. 

Best Leaf Vacuums Review 2020 – The Conclusion

 A good, clean lawn is always a treat to the eyes. However, raking leaves up manually can be laborious to a super annoyance. Well, no more! With the best leaf vacuums, keeping lawns clean this autumn is easier than ever before!

Adored by experts, these leaf vacuums are personally tested by us and are guaranteed to make your leaf cleaning chores fun, easy, and fast. From lightweight casual models to professional-grade machines, we have them all. To find the perfect one for YOU, use the included best leaf vacuums buying guide. Finally, as safe as they are, do make sure to wear PPE like goggles, gloves, and earplugs when using them – it’s crucial.

With that, we bid adieu. If you have any opinions or queries, feel free to let us know below in the comment section.

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