Best Metal Drill Bits in 2020 Review: Perfect for Drilling up Wood, Steel, and Stone

Don’t get me wrong here, drilling through metal – as annoying as it can be at times – is actually a fairly simple process to do if you have the correct set of tools like the best steel cutting drill bits or diamond heads. In fact, it is more or less like cutting through wood or stone – It is just that easy. Having the best metal drill bits is the key to making a perfect cut, and that is exactly where things get a bit more complicated.

Mind you – Pretty much any best bits for drilling steel can somewhat get the job done well; however, having the “perfect” best metal drill bits at your disposal can literally make all the difference in the world. Aside from just making your projects turn out awesome, having the best metal drill bits would also mean that the efforts you put into them would also be minimized to the degree that’s not excessive or overt.

The fact of the matter is, if you want to drill into metal, there is no real getting around the fact that you are going to have to invest in a few good metal drill bits that are better apt for the job. In this review, I am going to point out a few of my favorite best metal drill bits for the year 2020 that I think is the best of what the industry has now in its offing.

Best Metal Drill Bits: The War between HSS, Carbide, and Cobalt

Best metal drill bits are known to come in a lot of shapes and sizes, and they are available in a slightly wide variety of base materials and coatings. From standard to unique, most tooling and machining operations out there would have a best metal drill bit set that’s been specifically made for it, and that is pretty much the case with any other. Here is an instant overview of the three different types of best metal drill bits models that are now available on the market.

Best Drill Bits for Wood and Metal

Here are my top picks for the year 2020

NoProduct ImageProduct NameCheck Price


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#Bosch 9-Piece Impact

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#Neiko 10193A

Check Price

#CO-Z 5pcs Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole

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#Titanium Drill Bit Set for Metal

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#High-speed steel (HSS)

A rather stock option when it comes to best metal bits, the HSS or High-speed steel is perfect for drilling through soft materials such as generic steel, plastic, and wood. An affordable option well-liked by many, this particular set of drill bits is perfect for household chores and minimal work options.

#Cobalt (HSCO)

An improvement over the normal run-of-the-mill HSS drill bits, these rather tough and durable best drill bits for steel plate comes with a certain make that is blended with at least 5-8% of Cobalt mixed into them. Extra resistant to heat and abrasion, these durable drill bits are perfect for tackling tougher materials such as iron, stainless steel, and hardened alloys.

#Carbide (Carb)

Perhaps the strongest of the bunch, the Carbide infused best metal drill bit set are perfect for use in high-end stationary drilling modules where powering through the material is the general norm of the hour. Not to be used with hand drills and even drill presses, these particularly strong best metal drill bits are custom designed to tackle the hardest and demanding materials you can think of.

Almost all the general purpose drill bits are great to deal with metals. At the same, the drill bits manufactured for metals are multi-purpose to drill wood, plastic, etc. Still, if you are more specific, the twist bits made of high-speed steel are less expensive and fine for drilling any metals.

If you want to drill a lot of holes or drill through hard metals like stainless steel, then you have to invest a little in some specific tools. Like the drill bits that are made of black oxide or cobalt steel, exclusively for metals.

Best drill bits for wood and metal – Here are my top picks for the year 2020

Best Metal Cutting Drill Bits

For the sake of durability and toughness, hardened metal is pretty much the norm when it comes to DIYs and other metallurgical projects, nowadays. More robust than normal, these can only be drilled through using drill bit set for metal that is custom designed for it. Here are 2 of my favorites that I think are the strongest and best metal drill bits you can buy right now.

Product #1

#1 DEWALT DW1354

14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

Dipped in titanium to better increase its durability and drilling prowess, the Dewalt DW1354 best titanium drill bit set is rather notable in the sense that it is clearly one of the largest of such now available on the market.

DEWALT DW1354 14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

To prevent against breakage and being tempered, these gold tinted drill bits are made resistant to heat and brings with it a tapered web texture that literally spreads the excess energy to the end bits for better stability and strength.

Featuring heavy-duty titanium pilot points that start on contact and helps to prevent walking, these drill bits feature a unique set of no-spin shanks that allows it to prevent walking and to slip when putting over a hard surface. Finally, a durable carrying case keeps the bits organized and ready to go.


  •  Titanium dipped high strength body
  • Heavy-duty pilot tip for better precision
  • Tapered web points for fast action
  • Comes in a gorgeous carry case


  • Un-coated strip steel shanks
  • Not suitable for drilling through hard steel
Product #2

#2 Bosch 9-Piece Impact

Tough Titanium Drill Bit Set, TI9IM

Designed specifically to suit drill modules that feature a high-end hammer mode action, the Bosch 9-piece titanium drill bit set comes built-in with a tough-tip that provides 2X longer bit life than standard impact drill bits. Moreover, this particular set of best drill bits for hard metal also comes dipped in titanium to better resist against the perils of breakage, bending, and heat.

Bosch 9-Piece Impact Tough Titanium Drill Bit Set, TI9IM

The long flute design of the impact bits comes with a no-skate dipping end-bit that prevents the tip from slipping or sliding when in use, this particular design also facilitates better slug removal that can greatly come in handy when the going gets really heated and tough.

Versatile in nature, these dipped best metal drill bits can tackle both weak materials and high carbon ones with equal finesse.


  •  Impact rated tough bit design
  • Supports both heavy and light gauge applications
  • Titanium coated shield for better protection
  • Friction and abrasion resistant ridges


  • The shanks are hollow
  • The tip design is a bit awkward

Best Drill Bit for Sheet Metal

You may think drilling through a piece of a steel sheet is going to be an easy thing to do, however, since they hold no real weight and comes with next to no malleability, it can also indeed turn out into a nightmare unlike any if you are not really careful.
For undertaking such a daunting task, you will surely need a set of drill bits that are ideally suited for it.

Product #3

#3 Neiko 10193A

Titanium Step Drill Bit Set High-Speed Steel | 3-Piece Set | Total 28 Sizes

Perfect for doing tasks where precision and finesse are the real calls of the hour, the Neiko 10193A comes with a titanium-dipped nib-tip that can precisely chew through anything that it touches.

Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

It is designed with a 135° split point tip; the best metal drill bit comes with an ability to resist walking and slipping. This unique curved tip not only helps to improve the RPM rate but also aids majorly in keeping everything on point and precise.

The marked two-flute engraving is rather excellent, and aside from just giving it some aesthetic qualities, it also helps out rather well in keeping the heat down and promoting better expulsion of slugs and debris. The universal tri-flat design featured on the shank is pretty well made, and it really gives this drill bit an air of convenience and ease of use unlike any.


  • Titanium plated high-grade nib-tip
  • Unique 135° split point tip
  • Two-flute design better convenience
  • Universal Tri-Flatted shank


  • The markings may not last long
  • The debris expulsion range is big
Product #4

#4 CO-Z 5pcs, Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole

50 Sizes Hss Step Drill Bit Set with Aluminum Case

Made for projects where even a millimeter in difference could spell disaster, the CO-Z titanium dipped little best metal drill bits comes with a certain level of quality that can really be a surprise considering its dirt cheap pricing.CO-Z 5pcs  HssUnlike the usual HSS tipped blades, the CO-Z comes with a cobalt infused core that’s been then coated in titanium to increase on its durability and tip- integrity. The specialized non-walking drill tip provides fast and smooth drilling experience on steel sheets, aluminum sheets, wood board, plastic board, etc. however, that is only applicable when specific criteria’s are really met.

The best metal drill bits come packed in a case that is custom made for it, the non-ferrous padding comes with dedicated indents, and even the top cap is moisture resistant to better protect it in all weather and conditions.


  • Fine tipped titanium point
  • Cobalt infused HSS core
  • Comes in an array of different sizes
  • Comes in a very sturdy case


  • The shank is not really universal
  • Not suitable for low-speed application

Best Drill Bits for Wood and Metal

Versatile in every aspect, these two different materials really have nothing in common about them, however, if there is one thing that somewhat resembles a connection between them, and then it would probably be about how hard it can be to drill through them.

If you are struggling with the sheer perils of drilling through them, I recommend trying out the following best metal drill bit set. The best option for the more un-initiated, this particular drill bit set is perfect for projects were trial and error is the real norm of the hour.

Product #5

#5 Titanium Drill Bit Set for Metal

230pc Kit Coated HSS – From 1/16″ up to 1/2 Inch

For the guys who like to chew through best metal drill bits like they are nothing, this particular drill bit set with a massive 230 piece content volume might just precisely be what they were looking for.Titanium Drill Bit Set for Metal - 230pc

Covering all drill bit sizes from 1/16″ up to 1/2″ bits, there is plenty to go around in this huge bundle even if you are a hard-edged user. Every single one of them is titanium dipped and features an HSS core that’s been claimed by them to last six times longer than conventional run of the mill variants.

The shanks are un-coated however since they are not hollowed like the others in its class, the best metal drill bits are rather stiff and perfectly expresses its durability via its sturdy frame and shape.

Neatly packed and well organized, the drill bits come stored within a heavy-duty case that is dust and weather resistant.


  • Best value for money drill bit set
  • Multiple options in different sizes
  • Titanium coated HSS core for better durability
  • Wide range of different sizing options


  • The shanks are not plated
  • Not suitable for hard materials

Frequently Asked Questions-You might ask

Offering a cheaper way to cut & drill through your life, the metallic drill bits are amazing in the sense that they bring a lot of versatility for too little cost. But hey, with anything cheap, questions also come just behind.

To help you, the customer make an informed choice, here are a quick FAQ to help you break down these awesome drill bits

Read on;

1) Is titanium coated bits better than regular ones?

Yes, of course, they are. With a titanium-coated metal bit, you can enjoy fast performance, heat reduction, and yes, cleaner cuts. Besides, they can also help enhance the longevity of the bits as well – doubling, even tripling their lifespan.

2) Can they handle hammer action?

Of course, they can – at least the costlier ones, that is. For a bit to be hammer supported, it needs to have extra edge reinforcement, which thankfully is the case with almost all the bits we have featured above.

3) Can they be used on rocks too?

Yes. But your mileage may vary depending on the quality of the drill bits. That said, you won’t have any trouble with most materials like Granite, marble, tiles, etc… In fact, some metal drill bits are even ready to chew through ceramic!

Again, it all depends on the drill bit. Therefore, always refer to the manual first before putting the metal to the ground.

4) What lubricant is best for them?

MQL or Caster oils are best if you are cutting through metal. For other materials, especially geological, you can find custom cutting fluids that are best for them. In any case, lubricants are a must for metal bits.

5) Are the best metal drill bits in 2020 review models cheap?

Considering other options like a diamond, carbide drill bits, etc… metallic drill bits are fairly affordable. Heck, even the T-coated ones too are super cheap.


As brief as it was, I hope that this review has given you a better sense of what best metal drill bits are all about and which are the various models you can buy right now.

Designed to drill through anything, these high-end best steel drill bits are perfect for both personal and professional uses. Most of these are universally adaptable and therefore, not getting a perfect fit is a never a problem you need to worry about.

Regarding an all-around combination of performance, durability, cost and overall value, I don’t really think you can do better than the ones I have listed out here.

Offering a delicate balance between strength and adaptability, these best all-purpose drill bits can withstand years’ worth of abuse before they need to be replaced or re-sharpened. Overall, these quality metal drill bits are an investment that must be added to your tool collection no matter what, especially more so, if you are into metallurgy as a profession or hobby.

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