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Best Pin Nailers In 2022 + Review & Buyer Guide

Tired of hammering nails to join wood pieces? Well, with the bet pin nailers, now you don’t have to anymore! Pneumatically powered, these nail guns are faster & accurate than manual pinning/hammering, resulting in reliable, aesthetically pleasing wooden craft & construction results. Indeed, ideal for both DIY & pro work.

A regular in every woodworker’s arsenal, they are obviously a dime a dozen. However, not all best pin nailers are built alike. In today’s PHTS special, let’s take a look at 5 of the best pin nailers in 2022 offering the best.

So without any further delay, let’s get cracking;

Best Pin Nailers – Designed For The No-Compromise Woodworker

Out of all the nail gun verities, the pin nailers are the smallest of the lot. This, in itself, makes it a must-have for the traveling woodworker. The main highlight, however, is the sheer nailing result it delivers. Since this tool fire nails that are super thin (23 gauge), and headless, they join the wooden pieces in such a discreet manner.

The result? Furniture & craft goods that are truly seamless, sleek, and stylish, no nail heads or marks for the eyes to see!

Perfect for joining thin wood pieces & applicable for detailed works, the best pin nailers are amazing for modern kitchen assembly, cabinetry, DIY woodworks, wall decorations, and even quality, pro-grade art pieces, and more…

Best Pin Nailers Review – Top 5 Nail Guns For Easy, Effortless Nailing Action

Without further ado, here is our best pin nailers guide and reviews. We hope you can find your ideal nail gun below;

#1. NuMax SP123

Pneumatic 23 Gauge 1″ Micro Pin Nailer

Let’s start with the cheapest of the bunch, the NuMax range of best pin nailers feature a lightweight design that’s perfect for work on the go. Built for firing 23 gauge nails, the tool boasts an auto-locking trigger that prevents misfires.

NuMax SP123 Pneumatic 23 Gauge 1 Micro Pin Nailer

This is important as the tool can fire pin nails from ½ inches to 2 inches at high impact & precision. The rubberized grip feels good in the hand. And since it’s been textured, slippage is a non-issue as well. The built-in pin size selector is very handy, so is the anti-dust cap, which enhances the user experience. 

When (and if) the nail gets stick, the Hex key port makes it easy to un-jam the device – a feature you are sure to appreciate. The magazine is quite large, and it can be loaded from the bottom, guaranteeing easy swaps on the field.



  • Lightweight, portable and sleek
  • 23 gauge, ½ inch to 1-inch pin length support with built-in pin size selector
  • Decently durable all-aluminum construction
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Pretty good 1-year warranty


  • Looks and feels kind of cheap in hand
  • Jams frequently


Pin Nailer 23 Gauge

Boasting a whopping 7-year warranty, the Bostitch new range of best pin nailers strikes the perfect balance between price & function – observe; very lightweight, thanks to the very durable, construction-ready aluminium build, the device can fire 23 gauge nails, all between ½ inch to 1-3/16 inches for joining thin wood with precision.

BOSTITCH Pin Nailer 23 Gauge

You can even adjust the nails’ depth to ensure a seamless fit & finish. The tool operates between 70 to 120 PSI and comes with a ¼-inch NPT fitting for easy coupling to hose & air compressor.

At 200 units, the large magazine capacity means that you can keep on nailing for a longer time without fail, as it doesn’t often jam as much. You’ll also get a lubricant with the kit itself, along with a carrying case to boot.


  • ½ inches to 1 – 3/16 inch pin length support – plenty enough for both newbies & pro woodworkers 
  • Lightweight and highly durable aluminum construction
  • Adjustable depth control
  • Comes with a carry case, oil, and extra pins
  • 7-year warranty


  • Not suitable for working with mismatched corners
  • Not exactly portable per se

#3. Freeman

PP123 Pneumatic Nail Gun

Yet another affordable offering, the Freeman PP123 pin nailer features a portable structure that still packs in all the essentials. The micro pinner design means that it can fire 23 gauge nails rated between ½ to I inches, which is enough for most casual needs. The handle feels quite good, and they have nailed the weight distribution. 

Freeman PP123 Pneumatic Nail Gun

Even with long hours of firing, we never felt tired or encountered any slippage. Even if it falls, the self-lock for trigger means that you are always going to be safe from any misfires.

The air outlet comes with a dust guard, and the exhaust port itself can be rotated to avoid any dust repulsion & recoil better. The larger magazine is impressive. Finally, the whole thing comes with a warranty for 7 whopping years.


  • Very portable & lightweight
  • Fires 23 gauge pin nails rated from ½ to 212 inches, making it great for small, more precision needed jobs
  • Built-in dust guard and rotatable exhaust for easy operation
  • The self-locking trigger for misfire prevention
  • 7-year warranty


  • Not suitable serious, larger scaled nailing needs
  • No depth settings


AF353 23 Gauge, 1-3/8″ Pin Nailer

A titan in the power hand tool arena, Makita makes the penultimate pin nailer in our best pin nailer buying guide review. With a wide range of supported nail length options, you can use this outstanding nailer to fire pins sized 5/8″, 11/16″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-3/16″ and even 1-3/8″. 

Makita AF353 23 Gauge, 1-3/8" Pin Nailer

Coupled with the lightweight aluminum frame & larger magazine, this tool is great for all sorts of nailing requirements, both little & pro-grade needs. The convenient air duster further helps to clear up the work surface with ease.

Geared for maximum performance, the tool has an ergonomic handle that will let you fire for hours on end without tiring. The no marr top offers tip offers damage-free firing. And finally, the lock triggerwards of any dry fires.


  • Vast, highly versatile nail length support – fires ½ inch to an impressive 3/8 inch long nails
  • Large magazine capacity (holds up to 130 nails)
  • Weighs only two pounds
  • Inbuilt air duster for easy cleaning
  • 3-year warranty


  • Quite expensive for what it is
  • No depth control


HPT Pin Nailer

Unlike the other pin nailers in this best pin nailers review, the Metabo nailer is unique since it’s a full-fledged nailing kit – in the pack, you get a nailer, an air compressor, hose, extra pin nails, and a carrying case. So how does it fair? 

Metabo HPT Pin Nailer

Well, the tool supports firing 23 gauge nails in almost all standard sizes. The rubberized handle offers excellent control, and we loved the overall build, which is lightweight & portable. The built-in reload indicator is quite handy. The same also goes for the depth control system – pros will love it. 

What really surprised us about this pin nailer was how quiet it was. Add to that far reduced recoil, and it’s a pleasant nailing experience. The dual trigger ensures no misfires. Finally, the tool is protected by a 3-year warranty.



  • Full-fledged nailing kit
  • Supports all 23 gauge nailing lengths available – perfect for pro-grade work
  • Compact, very lightweight design
  • 3-year warranty
  • Adjustable depth setup


  • The magazine feels pretty flimsy and weak
  • Very expensive

Best Pin Nailers Buying Guide – Top Things To Know Before Buying Them

Assuming you are new to the world of woodworking & pin nailers, here are a few things to consider first before getting them;

1) Pin Nail Size And Gauge

Different jobs need different nail and gauge sizes. When buying, make sure to get a unit that can fire pins that best suits your needs. 23 gauge is the typical norm. However, there’re thinner nails available if required. 

Ideally, the tool should support varied pin lengths, preferably between ½ to 1 inch. If it can do 3/8 – 2 inches, you’re golden.

2) Size And Portability

Pin nailers are generally quite small. However, their downside is that they need an air compressor to work, which may add bulk. Make sure to get a size that’s apt for your need but doesn’t really compromise on perks for it.

Ideally, you want it to be as light as possible. The weight distribution should be good, and it needs to be well padded to avoid exhaustion.

3) Safety And Warranty

Nail guns are dangerous tools – no doubt. To avoid injuries, make sure to get a pin nailer tool that offers safety perks like full pressure trigger, auto-locking to prevent misfire, and perks like Laser guidance.

As for warranty, anything above 1 year is good, with 3+ years being considered excellent. Buy from a branded source only.

Best Pin Nailers Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Pin nailers are common tools. Yet many still have doubts about them and their perks. Let’s answer a few below;

1) Pin Nailer Vs Brad Nailer – What’s The Difference?

In many ways, they’re almost the same, even the way they fire. That said, the brad nailers use brad. They are similar to pins. But, the latter is slender and are thinner, not to mention they also don’t have the “head” part.
Pin nailers need an external air compressor to work. They also have bigger nail magazines than brad nailers, often rated at 100+ pins.

2) What Are The Safety Precautions I Need To Take When Using Pin Nailers?

While working with a pin nailer, you should wear protective earmuffs, eyewear, and cut-proof glove and steel-plated boots. Make sure to work in a well-lit area, far away from others, to guard them against injuries better. 
Above all, make sure to keep it away from the reach of kids & pets…

3) Do They Require Oil Maintenance?

Yes, to operate the machine smoothly, it is recommended to pour a few drops of oil into the interior to lubricate its operation better. 

Best Pin Nailers Guide 2022 – Wrapping Up

Granted, a 23 gauge pin nailer might not be one of the first things you need to get when woodworking. However, as your skills improve & projects get more complex, it WILL become one of the most important tools ever!

We do understand it’s not easy to shop for a pin nailer. There’re too many models with so many top features at all prices. The best pin nailers we’ve shown above offer the best value and the solid goodness that your woodworking craft deserves. They are durable, tough, and are mighty accurate – perfect for any & all woodworking tasks. As a final tip, make sure to get a unit with tons of accessories, as this gives more headroom in the field. 

As always, our comment section is still open for your valuable comments and opinions. Have any doubts? Let us know!

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