Best Roofing Nailers In 2020 + Review & Buyer Guide

It is not every day you put in a new roof. In fact, it might take even decades before you get your shot again. Yup, to get the best results the first time itself, you need the best roofing nailers – an exclusively made power tool that helps to nail & fix tiles and shingles to your roof with top security & stability sans any sacrifice on looks. Truly, it’s a must-have tool – whether you’re a roofing contractor or just a guy trying to self-roof their home.

Due to all demand, there’re numerous roofing nailers from different makers available now, however, to get the best results, you need, well… the best. Below, find details about 5 of the best roofing nailers to buy today

Without any further ado, let’s jump in;

Best Roofing Nailers –The Right Tool For The Right Job!

When it comes to roofing, manual work takes a long time, is physically very demanding, and is prone to screw up. Thankfully, the best roofing nailers are meant to remove all these annoying shortcomings & give you a tough, reliable roof no matter what. These tools can fire the shorter, flat-headed nails with power & precision. They are specially built to fix tiles & shingles deep into the roof, keeping YOU safe under for years to come.

Roofing is hard. But you must get it perfect, as it’s your first line of defense against hurricanes to the summer heat wave, snow, and hail. To that end, the best roofing nailers can ensure a “job well done” always!

Find below the best roofing nailers to buy today (2020);

Best Roofing Nailers Review – Top 5 Tools To Help Roof Your Home Perfectly!

Looking for the best roofing nailers? Find below 5 excellent nailers that we think offer the best bang for the buck this season;

#1. WEN 61783

Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer

As a major power toolmaker, WEN is popular for offering feature-packed power tools at an affordable price tag – the WEN 61783 roofing nailer is no exception. Made from tough plastic & steel combo, the tool feels great in hand. It’s lightweight and can be used easily with a hand. Interestingly, it comes with a ton of accessories.

WEN 61783 Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer

In the box, you get the tool, a tough carry case, a pair of safety goggles, oil, and hex wrenches. The performance is equally good. The tool can fire nails up to 1-3/4 inches (11 gauge) with top precision.

The depth is adjustable, so is the shingle guide. The cartridge holds up to 120 nails, and if it ever gets jammed, there is a quick-release setup for easy fixing. It runs between 70 to 120 PSI, which is standard at this price point.



  • Supports firing 11 gauge nails rated from ¾ inches to 1-3/4 inches, which is enough for most roofing needs 
  • Great value for money – tons of included accessories
  • Up to 120 nail capacity
  • Adjustable shingle & depth control
  • Portable


  • Short warranty period (only offers up to 1 year)
  • Works with certain nails only


Coil Roofing Nailer

Sure, 3Plus might be a fairly new brand in comparison, however, with their brand HCN45SP best roofing nailers, they have shown to be a force to be reckoned with. Allowing you to fire 11 gauged nails from ¾ to 1-3/4 inches in length, the device is perfect for almost all typical roofing requirements.

3PLUS HCN45SP Coil Roofing Nailer

You can fire up to 15 degrees in angle, and the adjustable shingle guide ensures top-notch spacing. The tool-free depth adjusting option is included as well, which is a rarity in these price points – all with a 1-year warranty.

The side-mounted skid pads prevent the tool from sliding on a table or roof. A 360-degree tool-free adjustable exhaust makes it a sheer “breeze” to use. The cartridge has a 120-nail capacity, and finally, it operates between 80 to 110 PSI.


  • Portable, lightweight, feature-packed
  • Supports firing 11 gauge nails up to 1-3/4 inches – perfect for standard roofing works
  • 360 adjustable exhaust
  • Adjustable shingle guide, and depth rating
  • Anti-skid pad


  • The overall build quality is average at best
  • High basic pressure


CN445R3 Coil Roofing Nailer

Built for the professionals, the MAX USA best roofing nailers boast a swivel fitting system that helps to keep the air hose away when in use. The trigger is very responsive & features a lock for exceptional safety. The depth is adjustable and has a tougher anti-skid tip for accurate firing. For just under 250 bucks, you’re getting a lot here. In our testing, the tool was a pleasure to use, even in longer, heavier nailing sessions.

MAX USA CORP. CN445R3 Coil Roofing Nailer

At just 5.2 pounds, the handling is super easy, and the ribbed rubber grip only adds to the convenience. The magnetic tip is a nice touch and can keep the nail from falling out; the magazine holds up to 120 nails (coiled)


  • Tangle-free, swiveling design
  • Supports firing standard 11 gauge nails from ¾ to 1-3/4 inches with superior precision
  • Tar resistant, anti-skid tip
  • Easy to adjust, tool-free depth control
  • Magnetic tip


  • Extremely pricey for what it is
  • Quite loud

#4. Metabo

HPT Roofing Nailer

The fourth entry in our best roofing nailers review. The Metabo roofing nailer has arguably the best build quality in this list. The steel and “rubberized” plastic looks very durable and feels extraordinarily premium in hand. And yes, the performance matches the same


Metabo HPT Roofing Nailer

With 70 to 120 PSI rated, the tool can fire nails rated from as low as 7/8 inch to 1-3/4, giving it ample versatility & convenience to the user. The side-mounting cartridge carries up to 120 nails and is noticeably easy to reload on the go. 

The carbide tip resists wear and tear. You can adjust the depth with the built-in controls. The kicker, however, has to be its mighty low weight, which is just 5.2 pounds. That and the 5-year long warranty as well.


  • Class-leading, ultra-durable build quality
  • Can fire almost all standard nails between 7/8 to 1-3/4 inches, which gives max versatility to the user
  • Wear-resistant, long-lasting carbide tip
  • Built-in nail depth control
  • 5-year warranty


  • Expected a bigger magazine at this price point
  • Slightly high recoil


Coil Roofing Nailer

Made from durable aluminium and carbide tip, the Bostitch roofing nailer, is mainly geared for roofing contractors with large requirements. Designed top ergonomically, the device can fire roofing nails upto ¾ to 1-3/4 inches. The depth is adjustable – no need for extra tools. The shingle is an adjustable tool.

BOSTITCH Coil Roofing Nailer

The magazine can be side loading, and it almost plug-and-play. To ensure you can nail with the right force, the tool has a PSI force between 70 and 120; this is handy as this gives maximum versatility on the roof

At just 4.8 pounds, this is the lightest nailer we have in our best roofing nailer guide – period. What’s more, the tool also comes with a whopping 7-year long warranty. The small and compact form makes it easy to carry around.


  • Extremely lightweight yet solid build quality
  • Supports nail lengths from ¾ to 1-3/4 inches – perfect for both casual and pro roofing needs
  • Adjustable depth system
  • Side mounting, dual-door nail magazine
  • 7-year warranty


  • The trigger is very responsive and might need some getting used to
  • Slightly overpriced

Best Roofing Nailers Buying Guide – Things To Consider Before Buying Them

The best roofing nailers are a dime a dozen. But to find the right one, you need to focus on certain perks & details

Yup, important things like;

1) Supported Nail Sizes & Magazine Capacity

While most nailers offer firing nails rated ¾ to 1-3/4 inches. There are smaller nailings that are rated 7/8 to 1-3/4 inches. Clearly, it depends on your needs. But try & get one that supports the most amounts of nail sizes possible.

As for capacity, most nailers can carry up to 120 nails. For ease of use, get a unit that’s easy to reload or has an extendable cartridge. 

2) Comfort & Necessary Features

Roofing a home can take hours, if not days. To reduce fatigue, make sure to get a nailer that’s very light, portable, and easy to use. The trigger should be fast & responsive, preferably with a safety mechanism against misfires.

The nailing depth should be adjustable. The nose should be flat and large and should have anti-skid grips for max accuracy. A magnetic tip is also perfect as this can help with nail placement and accuracy + safety on the roof.

3) Price And Warranty

The best roofing nailers are specialized tools. They can also be pretty expensive. While we wouldn’t want you to skimp on quality, it’s better to go for (unless you are a pro) bargain models as you wouldn’t be using them too often.

(Hint: the above models are plenty perfect in this regard)

Set a budget; find a model with the most features that come under it. As for warranty, 1 – 3 years is good, with 4+ being excellent.

Best Roofing Nailers Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

Being tools that seldom many buy, you may have a ton of doubts about them. Here are some of your top queries answered;

1) Pneumatic or Cordless – Which Is Best?

If you are somebody who moves a lot, the cordless roofing nailers are better. However, they typically lack power and have to be recharged often. The pneumatic ones are very powerful & offer more features and perks.

Frankly, it depends on your needs – buy them appropriately.

2) Why Can’t I Use Regular Nailers For Roofing?

Honestly, they simply lack the power & expertise for it. Roofing requires larger nails, and it needs to be driven into steel shingles & tough woods. Typical nail guns, which are for light interior and cabinetry jobs, s can’t “cut” it.

On the other hand, the best roofing nailers are exclusively built to get this job done and do it faster, easier, and precisely.

3) How To Keep Safe When Using Them?

The roofing nailers are relatively safer when compared with all other nail gun cousins. Still, to ensure total protection, make sure to wear proper PPE’s when using them, like eye goggles, earmuffs, gloves, overalls, boots, etc.

Best Roofing Nailers Review – Time To Wrap Up Everything 

Granted, roofing is a job that you’ll only do every few years. But that’s all the more reason why it is worth investing in the best roofing nailers. Made “exclusively” for this job, these nail guns can effortlessly help build the roof of your dreams in a jiffy. Yup, use these & your roofs will stay tough, reliable & stylish for decades to come.

Choosing the best roofing nailer can be tough, simply because there are so many excellent ones out there with top claims. To that end, we surely feel the five best palm nailers we have painstakingly reviewed above are the best deals you can get right now. They are very lightweight, fairly priced & have all the roof nailing perks you’d need. They are seriously good – like crazy. Whichever one you pick up, make sure to maintain it properly. Oil them as required, and keep them in a carry case till its needed again. 

Yup, seeing how good & powerful they are at roof nailing, it could take a fair bit while before you need them again.

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