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Best Router Tables In 2022 + Review & Buying Guide {Woodworker’s Choice}

Whether you’re a woodworking master or a beginner trying to learn the ropes, the best router tables are definitely a smart investment to make. An accessory to your router, these tables offer a performance boost, allowing you to create curves easily & unique shapes in wood, as well as dig grooves & indents effortlessly. They also offer more freedom to the user, bringing additional features & safety measures.

The only problem? There are simply too many to choose from.

With the online market teeming with best router tables, all with different features, styles, and prices, its hard to find the one for you – till now. To save you the hassle, we’ve reviewed 5 of the best router tables to buy today.

Come, let’s talk about them in detail;

Best Router Tables – Woodworkers Essential Accessory!

Suppose it’s your first time buying a router table. Here’s a recap; a router table is a very specialized accessory that helps you to guide the router spindle easily to mould a profile into a piece of wood quickly & easily. The best router tables allow you to be far more accurate with shaping/moulding, as it will let both of your hands to be free. This also enhances the tool’s safety levels quite drastically.

Available in different sizes, including both industrial & portable options, the best router tables make it easier to perform certain advanced woodworking tasks with ease, such as creating edges or installing grooves.

As you can see, for a woodworker, the best router tables can literally be a game-changer – on that shouldn’t be missed out on!

Best Router Tables In 2022 Worth Investing Today!

With a keen eye on quality & performance, we tested over 50 of the best router tables now available. 

Here’s the top 5 that stood the most out;

#1 Bosch Cabinet Style

Router Table RA1171

Armed with the ever-dependable German quality, the Bosch RA1171 best router tables features an MDF structure that’s lightweight yet tough enough. The router plate is aluminium though, guaranteeing a staze surface that can tackle even the stress of a heavy gauge router. The two built-in feather boards offer additional guidance, safety, and resistance against kickbacks. They are adjustable as well. The built-in T-track is very smooth, and you can also use it to add extra feather boards or ¾ accessories.

Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171

Bosch really has cut no corners here. The inbuilt dual dust ports – with support for 2½-inch standard vacuum hoses – do an amazing job at keeping your workspace clean. The inbuilt cabinet is a wonderful touch as well.


The Pros

  • Lightweight yet durable MDF construction
  • Tall aluminium fence rated 4 7/8 inch X 25 1/8 inch – plenty ideal for both casual DIY and pro-grade woodworking.
  • Dual feather boards for easy control and safety
  • Dual dust ports
  • Reliable accessory support

The Cons

  • The MDF board seems very easy to get scratched
  • Slightly bulky 

#2 KregPRS2100 Bench Top

Router Table

With a decently spacious 24-inch X 16-inch workspace, the KregPRS2100is crafted mainly for industrial purposes – and it shows. Built to last, the table comes crafted from tough MDF board, and the rest is all high-grade steel. The micro-adjust fence is pretty good. It ensures that every cut you make is the right one. You even get a full-size router insert with precision levellers for very accurate cutting which is further enhanced with level loc reducing rings. The dust collection ports offer a cleaner surface to work with.

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

The stand is height-adjustable, which in itself is very awesome, comfort-wise. The table is also super easy to assemble out of the box. The wider stance ensures absolute stability & finally, a 1-year warranty guards it all.


The Pros

  • Industrial grade build quality
  • Decently large workspace with micro-adjustable fence for maximum versatility and ease of use
  • Convenient Inbuilt dust collection ports
  • Height adjustable
  • Easy assembly & installation

The Cons

  • Some of the inserts come warped or damaged (easily replaceable, still…)
  • Quite expensive

#3 SkilRAS900

Router Table

Right out of the box, the Skill RAS900 best router tables are very easy to install. The onboard feather boards and clamps (you get clamps too) make most “routing” jobs a lot effortless. Ensuring exceptional utility, the table even has two containers built in that helps to safely store accessories, including a starter pin and guard for making high-quality circular cuts. Installing the routers is effortless, and so is changing the bits on the go, thanks to the table’s unique design. This comes very handily when moving between projects.

Skil RAS900 Router Table

Do note that some router models can be a bit difficult to install. Its easily fixable, yes, but seeing the price, it’s a bit of a downer. Anyways, the rest is all good. The bit height gauge especially is an amazing touch that improves precision.


The Pros

  • Dual feather boards, clamps, and a pretty large working area ensures a seamless routing experience
  • Included bit height gauge makes setting up easier and the results accurate
  • Built-in handy accessory container
  • Starter in & guard
  • Insanely easy to assemble

The Cons

  • Some router models (lesser popular ones) are harder to install
  • The clamps feel a bit flimsy

#4 Goplus Electric Aluminum

Router Table

As a brand, GoPlus might not be as “popular” as some of the other top dogs in our best router table review. Their latest router table, however, is sure to change that. Made mostly from tough aluminium, the table – despite a smaller form factor – has an 18-inch X 8-inch-working area, which is made possible with the extending table panels on either side. Built for routers with up to 6 inches in diameter, the fence is multipurpose (can also be used as a vertical jointer), and coupled with the miter gauge, precise results are ensured. 

Goplus Electric Aluminum Router Table Wood

The installation is plenty easy. We loved the wider stance table, which is adding to the stability of the table sans adding bulk. The grooved surface keeps dust and wood chips away, and since they also act as collection ports, cleaning is easy.


The Pros

  • Large 18-inch X 8-inch smooth working area (with extendable side panels)
  • Tough aluminium construction
  • Multifunctional fence with miter gauge for accuracy
  • Quick installation
  • Grooved panels for easy cleaning

The Cons

  • The bit opening area could’ve been made a tad bigger
  • Height is non-adjustable 

#5 Bosch Benchtop RA1181

Router Table

Yet another router table from Bosch, the RA1181 is an Amazon bestseller, and for a good reason! For starters, the table is aluminium-clad, with an extra-tall fence with adjustable feather boards & faceplates for max precision and versatility. The table itself is quite large at 27 – inches X 12 – inches, which makes it ideal for even the biggest projects. In fact, you also get a large 3 1/5 inch throat opening, adding to the charm. To ensure proper stability under heavy stress, Bosch has gone with a wider, curvier base.

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

It also comes with a 2 ½ inch dust port, which means that cleaning the table after work is very easy – just attach a vacuum cleaner. The only quibble? The fence is a bit hard to adjust, which is too bad given how good everything else is.


The Pros

  • Extra-large working table at 27 – inches X 12 – inches 
  • Tough all-aluminium build
  • Highly adjustable feather boards and fence
  • Big throat opening
  • Built-in 2 ½ inch dust port

The Cons

  • The fence sometimes is a bit too hard to adjust
  • Not exactly portable

Best Router Tables Buying Guide – Do Read This Before Buying Them!

Hey, is this your first time buying a router table? Don’t worry. Here are some things to ensure quality with your choice;

1) Table size and capacity

The bigger the size, the more working area you’ll get. Typically, you can find sizes like all the standard 26- inch X 12-inch units or 24-inch X 14-inch. There are also both bigger and smaller models available if required.

Pick a size depending on your needs; your projects size &long-term usability. If you work with larger stocks, go for a thicker table.

2) Fence, T-slots, (+ extra features)

Naturally, the fence should be adjustable, as it determines the length and width of wood boards you can use on it. A built-in scale is good, so is having integrated T-slots and mitres. This helps boost safety & efficiency while working. 

Also, having an inbuilt dust port can come in very handy. The same also goes for clamps, lights, and all other value-adding perks – the more, the better.

3) Build quality and warranty

MDF is the most common surface material used in best router tables. It’s mighty smooth and has a flatter, uniform working area, which enables precision drilling. If durability is key, get steel or aluminum made tables. 

Either way, you’d want to get a table with metal legs that support the top and are strong enough to hold the router & the work materials. To avoid future issues, a good warranty is key. 1 year is standard, with 5+ being excellent.

Best router tables guide – frequently asked questions

Being an extra to an already costly tool, it’s crucial you know ALL about them. Here’s a Q&A session to help you out with it;

1) Are router tables better than spindle moulder?

Yes, of course. The best router tables are usually smaller and are more versatile than spindle moulders, which were, until recently, an industrial choice. The R-tables are also lighter, easy to be used by average joe, and allows finer cuts,
And hey, the router tables are also far more affordable, like very!

2) Why are feather boards important?

While moulding, feather boards helps to hold your board/stock tight against the fence with consistent pressure. Thus, there’s no need to use your hand to hold or move the board while cutting, improving safety drastically.

3) Can I use them for metal milling?

Yes, some models (not all) can be used for milling metal. Typically, it will be mentioned on the user manual/package itself.

Best Router Tables Review – Time For Wrapping It Up!

With woodworking, the quality of your tools often matters as much as your experiences themselves. As you keep on improving, the best router tables will become a no-brainer, as they help a lot to improve the quality of your work.

From beginners to professionals, the above reviewed best router tables are definitely ready to meet all your needs to a ‘t”. They are well built, have great perks& we’ve made sure that there’s something for every price point. To find the right one for YOU, use the included best router tables buying guide, focusing on YOUR needs. Sure. You can always build your own R-table. However, these options offer more value for money, and are very easy to assemble so you can get back to woodworking ASAP!

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Did you find the router table for you? Is there a better option out there? Please share!

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