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Top Best RV Generators In 2020 – {Review + Buying Guide Included}

Make no mistake: having an RV can be super fun and awesome. Whether you use your recreational vehicle for camping, a weekend trip with the family, or just want to get away from all the city madness, one thing that’s for certain – your road life can be much improved if you have the best RV generators. Why? Because as much tempting a “digital detox” can be or any DIY things you do at home with power tools, there’re some things we simply can’t do without – power!

Of course, with the summer finally here, there’re tons of best RV generators now flooding our markets, all claiming to make your RV your home away from home. And yes, it can get too confusing too fast, especially for newbies.

To help you narrow down the search, we have prepared a quick best RV generators review & a great buying guide on the top best RV generators in 2020 – revealing their top pros, cons, features & highlights, and more

Well then, let’s get started;

Best RV Generators – Perfect For The Life On The Go

You are hitting the road, not the trails. RV-ing around the world can be one of the most fulfilling life experiences you can ever hope to have. But alas, life on the roads is not without its own little caveats – the lack of consistent, reliable power is one of the major bothers. While we can’t help with the latter (no one can!), the best RV generators can be the perfect solution for all your power needs on the go – from firing up the dishwasher, lighting up the porch and keeping the fridge running, and more

Obviously, picking the RIGHT, reliable RV generator for you matters. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of losing power when it matters the most, not to mention the money lost – and yes, they can be expensive, like very!

To help avoid all that hassle, here’re our top 5 picks for the best RV generators title, all chosen per our personal experiences.

Best RV Generators Review – Top Best 5 RV Generators To Buy In 2020

When it comes to RV generators, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Instead, its more about finding a power solution that best fits your specific needs. Here are the best 5 RV generators that’s – in our opinion – ready for all RV-ing needs;

1) Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt

120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Small, stylish & power-packed, the Honda EU2000i is one of the most popular best RV generators on the markets today – and understandably so. Weighing only around 40 pounds, this generator/inverter can churn out up to 2200 Watts of clean power without breaking a sweat – all in a lighter, portable package.

 Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt

Designed for small RV users, the machine runs ion diesel and can be used for up to 9 hours, depending on the load. In our tests, we found it to be quite capable. The power delivery was pretty consistent & since it’s clean, you can easily use it to charge electronic devices.

We do note especially how quiet it was – nice! The inverter feature works amazingly. Then again, its Honda, what else can you expect?


  • Super low 57dBA for a very quiet, minimal operation
  • Clean 2200 watts output – perfect for both casual and power needs
  • Amazing fuel efficiency (up to 9 hours!)
  • Built-in smart inverter for seamless power delivery
  • Sleek, portable design


  • Not meant for heavy tasks
  • Pricey

2) DuroMaxXP4400E 4400 watt

7-Hp RV Grade Gas Generator with Electric Start

This rugged-looking range of best RV generators from “Duromax” is built keeping the needs of power users in mind, thanks to its whopping 4400 watts of output. They’ve further paired it with a generous 4-gallon4-gallon tank for continuous, tough usage. It’s pretty quiet at 69 dBA, and the surge assist ensures safer, cleaner power every time.

DuroMaxXP4400E 4400 watt

Boasting an all-metal build the machine, in our tests, aced everything we threw at it. Heck, even an AC at full load was a breeze for it! At 120 pounds, it’s not exactly light. However, the big, all-terrain wheels do a good job of keeping it moving.

Harkening back to performance, we get a cool MX2 power boost system, which can give you a quick E – jump when you need it. And the copper windings means that it’s meant to last.


  • Offers up to an insane 4400 peak watts of clean power (3500 watts baseline)
  • All metal, durable build
  • Built-in surge assist in helping prevent power fluctuations
  • Built-in muffler for quieter operation
  • Decent 8 hour runtime


  • Still relatively noisy compared to the rest of the lineup
  • Quite heavy

3) Champion 3400-Watt

Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Electric Start

At 3400 watt, these champion ranges of best RV generators are built for life on the road. The metal build gives confidence, whereas the 3.8-gallon gas tank rated at 12 hours helps to bolster its goodness to the next level. For safety, the built-in “Volt guard” helps protect your connected devices from power fluctuations. 

So how does it all fair? Quite amazing, actually. It is good enough even to run a 15k BTU air conditioner without trouble. At 59 dBA, its plenty quiet & adding to that a portable, light design and touch controls, the generator is a breeze to use – period.

Wrapping up, you get a 3-year limited warranty & active care support.


  • Duel fuel support (works on both gas & propane)
  • Powerful peak output set at 3400 (3100 baseloads) watts with run time set at 7.5 hours 
  • Quiet operation at just 59dBM
  • Convenient electric cold start support & touch controls
  • 3-year warranty


  • Not the highest peak power output rating
  • Low ground clearance

4) Briggs & Stratton P3000

Power Smart Series Inverter Generator 

With a design that makes your heart skip a beat, the Briggs and Stratton P3000is designed to deliver 3000 watts of clean, brute power. The built-in 171 cc engine is reliable, and with a 1.5-gallon gas tanker, it has a run time of over 10 hours. Not too shabby considering how compact and lightweight the sleek, metallic build is. 

Briggs & Stratton P3000

With a popup handle & dual wheels, this machine is surprisingly very quiet at just 58 dBm (the quietest one yet!), thanks to the “smart engine” control, which also helps to save fuel & run it longer easier.

Furthermore, the built-in LCD can help you keep track of everything from the power rates, run times, and even maintenance reminders and more – smart indeed. Warranty is capped at 2 years, which is ok.


  • Fuel efficient with auto-idle control – ensures quiet, longer run time
  • Decent 3000 watts peak power
  • Luggage style handle & tough wheels for easy portability
  • Easy controls with built-in active LCD
  • 2-year warranty


  • Draining the oil can be hard, especially without spilling
  • Quite pricey

5) WEN 56200i 2000-Watt

Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

Designed for the more casual RV owners, the WEN 56200I is unapologetically simple. It delivers just 2000 watts of clean power at a super silent 51 dBm with a max run time of six hours with the efficient 1-gallon gas tank. For outlets, you get two 3-prong receptacles, a 120-volt receptacle, and a 5 volt USB for easy charging.

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt

Ergonomically, it is super portable. The sleek design, classic handle & the light 48-pound design makes it ideal for quick camping & trips. The low THD means that it is apt for dealing with sensitive electronics, and if that’s not impressive enough, it even has an Eco-mode that auto-adjusts fuel burn rate for maximum output & economy.

Finally, this is a WEN product, and you’ll also get a two-year warranty to boot. 


  • Lightweight, portable, versatile
  • Decently powerful 2000 peak watt output with a solid runtime of 6 hours
  • Custom eco-mode for quiet, economical operation
  • Parallel capability with electric start
  • 2-year “WEN” warranty


  • Not meant for power, heavy-duty users
  • Low run time

Best RV Generators Buying Guide – Top Things To Consider When Buying Them

Now that you read our best RV generators review, it’s time to take an in-depth look at how to select the best model for you;

1) Power levels

As you might imagine, the power need of an RV depends on its size and the appliances used within it as a whole, be it an AC, dishwasher, radios, etc. calculate the average wattage of all your appliances, and opt for a generator that goes beyond it – Yup, making sure that you have enough wattage for everything

2) Noise level

Generators can be noisy – like seriously! So make sure to go for a generator that’s as quiet as it can possibly be. Most national parks have a decibel limit (usually 60dB at 50 feet), so try getting a generator that falls within the same.

3) Portability

For convenience, look out for s compact & easy to maneuver, preferably with a wheel set up – all the while staying within your RV’s power requirements. We have some great choices listed above

4) Fuel efficiency 

Gas, diesel/petrol, or Solar – make sure that your new EV generator has the proper fuel efficiency to meet your daily needs & budgets better. Personally, we’re a fan of hybrid models. They’re economical to a fault.

5) Durability

Rain, hail, sun, and snow, the best RV generators should be ready to handle anything that the mother – nature can throw at it. Opt always for a branded, eco-certified model, and has a proper warranty, at least for 3+ years…

Best RV Generators Guide – Come, Let’s Conclude

As an avid camper and an RV owner myself, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the above best RV Generators as we feel they are the best the niche has to offer. They are sleek, light, and convenient& can offer enough juice to run your RV, fuel your camping trips, and leave some left for your next big adventure. 

At the end of the day, however, all the above best RV generators above are catered for the needs of an average user, of which yours may be different. So, we encourage you to make the perfect decision based on your specific needs so that you can enjoy your RV rides and your lives to its full pleasure like it’s intended to be.

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