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Best Scroll Saws {2022} + Review & Buying Guide

If you are into creative/artistic woodworking, the best scroll saws are one of those power tools that YOU NEED to add to your toolkit – period. Designed exclusively to help you make intricate/decorative cuts, like the ones on jewelry boxes, wood signs, or birdhouses, these tools are known for their precision. No matter how complex the project is, scroll saws guarantees cleaner, finer results – Every. Single. Time!

Of course, like all power tools, the best scroll saws too come in a wide range of shapes, sizes all claiming to be the best. Below, we have listed five of the best scroll saws we think to offer the best value today to help avoid confusion.

For a better sawing experience, keep on reading;

Best Scroll Saws In 2020 – Precision Cuts Ensured!

With a reciprocating blade, the scroll saws are almost like a jigsaw. However, unlike the latter, these can be used to make curved, irregular cuts, not to mention being more heavy-duty too. The outstanding vertical blade allows for finer adjustments compared to a regular saw, with the added bonus of being super fast. They are also very easy to use, as they work easily with “prefab” templates & are easily customizable.

And hey, the real kicker? These top best scroll saws also support cutting, aside from woods, plastics, fiber, glass, bone, acrylic, tiles and even metal. Yup, no wonder why craftsmen & artists highly prefer these saws over all others.

Best scroll saws review – top 5 scroll saws worth buying for that perfect cut!

Love woodworking? Crazy about artistic DIY’s? Fuel all your creative chops with the best scroll saws we’ve reviewed below;

#1 WEN 3922

16-inch Scroll Saw 

Starting with the cheapest of the lot, the popular Wen 3922 range of best scroll saws comes with an adequate SPM of 550 to 1600, which, when paired with the spacious 16×10 work table, allows effortless, precision cutting. The table can also be tilted up to 45 degrees, making the device easier to create beveled cuts.

WEN 3922 16-inch Scroll Saw

Ergonomically, the build feels sturdy. The cast iron crafted base offers stability and resists vibration to a good degree. The 16-inch throat depth feels… adequate. It can cut wood up to 2 inches in thickness with ease.

The tool-less blade swapping setup is as handy as ever, and since they also have included a dust port and an air pump, wood dust & debris is never an issue while working. The built-in foot clamp is a nice addition, as well.



  • Variable speed enabled (550 to 1600 SPM) decently powerful motor
  • Spacious, tilting worktable for extra-easy cutting
  • 16-inch throat depth + tool-less blade swapping setup – perfect for smaller projects
  • Built-in air pump and dust port
  • 2-year warranty


  • Some users have complained that the included blades are quite weak
  • Not suitable for larger projects

#2 ShopSeries

RK7315 16” Scroll Saw 

Aimed more at beginners, the RK7315 scroll saw come with a die-cast aluminium working table (that can be leveled up to 45 degrees) and a decent 1.2 amp motor that can help you cut intricate/complex patterns with ease.

ShopSeries RK7315 16” Scroll Saw

The integrated two durable 5” tungsten carbide blades with a throat depth of 16” and the cutting depth of 2-1/2” should be enough to cover most casual/DIY cutting needs. You also get a stroke of 4/5 inches that adds to its cutting versatility. The dual variable speeds don’t hurt either. 

The scroll saw has a built-in blower and a dust port to keep the debris away and improve the visibility while you’re working. The cast iron base helps with stability, and finally, a 2-year warranty protects it all.’


  • Powerful dual-speed 1.2 amp motor for superior, sustained cutting experience
  • Die-cast, tilting (up to 45 degrees) aluminium table
  • 16-inch throat depth, 2 ½ inch cut depth, and a stroke of 4/5 inches
  • Air pump & dust port
  • Tough razor-sharp Tungsten carbide blade


  • The work table only bevels in one direction
  • Swapping blades is hard

#3 Shop Fox W1713

16-Inch Scroll Saw

With a design that’s almost all metal, the Shop Fox W1713 is a surprisingly great range of best scroll saws despite the affordable tags. The integrated 1.2 amp motor with variable speeds ranging between 550 to 1650 SPM is good enough for most DIY cutting needs (and even a few professional ones too), especially with the 16-inch throat depth it offers.

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Scroll Saw

The onboard air pump & dust ports help to keep the debris away while working. The integrated gooseneck work light also helps a lot to improve cutting visibility.

Made from cast iron to offer stability, the worktable bevels up to 45 degrees for easy angled cutting requirements. Changing blades is also easy thanks to the open design. A clear plastic guard helps keep away injuries while working.


  • Tough all-metal construction
  • Very capable variable speed motor with no-load 550 to 1700 SPM range – perfect for all sorts of cutting needs
  • Integrated Two-way dust reduction/collection system
  • Built-in work light
  • Bevelling work table (up to 45 degrees)


  • After a while, the motor may get overheated
  • Weak table fixtures 

#4 Delta Power Tools

40-694 20 Scroll Saw

The penultimate entry in our best scroll saws review, we have the Delta 40-694 scroll saw – a unique tool featuring a dual parallel-arm design that lessens the vibration and maximizes the cutting accuracy while working. Highly versatile, the electronic variable speed setup allows you to easily go between 400 to 1750 SPM to suit various cutting applications. The top arm can be lifted and positioned per your needs (with locking). This makes it easy to swap blades and gives you more room to adjust your needs’ blades.

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 Scroll Saw

The worktable can be beveled, as expected, and comes with a work light and dust blower to improve visibility while working. Finally, the tool also has a built-in storage area for keeping the blades and other accessories.


  • Less vibration, noise, and wobble
  • Electronically controlled variable speed enabled motor (400 to 1750 SPM) for easier, faster, and smoother cutting. 
  • Built-in dust blower and work light are pretty nice add-ons
  • Swapping blades is very easy
  • Comes with a 4-year protective warranty


  • Assembly is a little bit more complicated than what’s shown on the user manual
  • No vacuum port 

#5 Delta Power Tools

40-694 20 Scroll Saw

Smooth, quiet, and accurate, the highly popular Dewalt DW788 best scroll saws feature a capable 1.3 amp motor with E-variable speed, which is enough to complete virtually any cutting jobs. The advanced dual-arm design helps to reduce vibrations and wobbles while working. The worktable can be beveled, and since you can also swap the blades without any tools, working with is tool is effortless, to say the least. 

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 Scroll Saw

The controls are easy and are well placed on the device. The integrated dust blower helps to keep it clean and tidy. Along with a 90 day MBG, a three-year limited warranty helps to protect everything better.



  • The all-metal dual-arm design offers better stability, precision, and less vibration
  • E-variable speed 1.3 amp motor
  • Bevel enabled table (can be tilted up to 45 degrees)
  • Easy to saw blade mechanism
  • Extensive warranty


  • Comes with a pretty hefty price tag
  • Quite heavy

Best Scroll Saw Sprayers Buying Guide – Things To Consider Before Buying

To get the best results possible, you must find the best scroll saws with the performance that matches your exact needs.

Consider these to ensure the same;

1) Speed and Power

Speed is calculated in strokes per minute (SPM). They usually run from 400to 800, with a few faster ones capped at 2500 SPM’s. A goods model will allow you to move between variable speeds depending on your needs. 

A scroll saw with 1-2 amp power is sufficient for almost all cutting needs. Get beefier ones only if you are cutting stones/metal, etc…

2) Blade Type, Cutting Depth and Throat

With scroll saw blades, you get two choices: pinned or pinless. The former is recommended as they’ll allow swapping blades easily per your needs. The more teeth it has, the faster, neater the cutting results will be.

Throat lengthwise, 16+ inches are apt for small jobs and beginners, with 30+ inches being ideal for professionals. Throat depth determines the thickness of the material the saw can handle, with the standard being 2 to 3 ½ inches. 

Consider your exact needs and buy appropriately.

3) Additional Features

For better results, a tilting work table is advised. The blade tension should be adjustable, and have a few clamps to hold the material is also needed. Having an adjustable light array can also help improve your precision & comfort.

Sawing creates a lot of dust & debris, so having a scroll saw with a dust collecting setup can massively boost your working experience.

Best Scroll Saw Sprayers Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

With power tools, knowing the whole story is crucial to get the best results. Here’s a brief Q&A help unravel the scroll saw saga;

1) What is the difference between scroll saws and band saws?

With scroll saws, a reciprocating blade is what that cuts, whereas a band saw uses a looped blade to do the same. The band saws being bigger are ideal for increased productivity but at the cost of accuracy. 
On the other hand, the scroll saws are best suited for intricate and delicate cutting projects where finesse matters.

2) What are the materials a scroll saw cut or work on?

Depending on the power and capacity (often sized below 3 ½ inches), a scroll saw can chop plastics, glass, acrylic, fiber, ceramics, bone, leather, and some can even cut through metal, as long as its thickness is low.

3) How to set the right tension for the blades?

Tensioning the blades needs a ton of time and practice to get it right. That said, it is always better to have what you feel too much tension than having not enough, as the latter will result in pushing blades too hard, making them easier to break…
It might take a few tries, but try and get the blades tension balanced – nor too tight or loose – to get the best results & lesser breakage.

Best Scroll Saw Review – The Conclusion 

No matter how skilled, an artisan’s creation is only as nice as the tool they utilize to make them. The best scroll saws guarantee the perfect “cut” to make your projects shine. Indeed, they’re a must-have for all DIY creators.

At the end of the day, picking a good scroll saw shouldn’t have to be hard work. Once you know the perks to look out for & nice varieties of saws to choose from (like all the best scroll saws we reviewed above), it should be easy to find the “one” for you. Whichever one you pick, make sure to also invest in the right safety gear to wear when using them, like a good pair of gloves, clear goggles, masks, etc… – Safety first, after all. 

So, which scroll saw did you pick? We’d love to know. Please share with us your ideas, thoughts, and doubts below in the comments. Let’s talk!

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