Best TIG Welders In 2020 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Whether you call them the best TIG welders, Heli-Arc, or TMAW, no welding process handles heat better than a TIG machine does. Designed for dual handed use, these welding tools deliver superior finishing, enhanced strength & sheer versatility – as you can use it to weld up steel, iron, titanium to even thin aluminum & copper sheets.

That said, the best TIG welders can be an expensive proposition if you are unsure of what you need – With so many choices, it is easy to get lost. Don’t worry. To help, we’ve reviewed 5 of the TIG welders to buy today.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started;

Best TIG welders 2020 – A Metallic Delight

Tungsten Inert Gas welding or “TIG” welding is getting rather popular these days over the traditional metal joining methods – and for a good reason! Unlike older welding ways, TIG welding literally guarantees cleaner; high quality welds no matter the metals. There is no need to use flux (thanks to the use of argon), and there is no chance of slag, sparks, or fumes to impede your vision & performance either. 

A no brainer for body shops, metal artists & home DIY warriors, the best TIG welders are some of the most worthwhile investments you can make. They’re simply perfect for taking your metal craft enjoyably to the next level!

Can’t wait? Here’s a best TIG welders review to get started;

Best TIG welders review – Top 5 Welding Tools Worth The Bucks In 2020

Looking for the best TIG welders to buy? We’ve done the hard work for you. Here’re 5 of the best TIG welding tools to get in 2020;


 205 Amp HF TIG/Stick/Arc TIG Welder

Perfect for anyone with a low budget, the popular YesWelder 205 range of best TIG welders are very capable, offering borderline premium specs at a lower cost. With dual voltage 1110V-220V enhancing this TIG welder, its perfect for casual welding thinner gauge aluminum and even a bit of soft steel with ease. It’s super easy to control. The startup is blazing fast, and the LCD coupled with 60% duty Cycle means its perfect for light to medium projects. The best part? All of these features weigh only around 23 pounds!

YESWELDER 205 Amp HF TIG Stick Arc TIG Welder

Ergonomically, it’s a very pleasant deal. The bright, portable design with all generator support means that it’s perfect for welding on the go. Heck, they haven’t skimped on safety features either with automatic voltage compensation, overload guard, kill switches, and a whole lot more. The auto-temp control is eh… decent.

The Pros

  • Portable, solid aluminum construction
  • Impressive dual voltage support (110 to 220 volts) &easy to use controls for superior welding results 
  • Handy LCD for effective, more precise control
  • Tons of safety systems
  • Advanced IGBT tech for max reliability

The cons

  • Not ideal for dealing with thicker gauge materials
  • Tacky, cheap design


TIG Torch/Stick/Arc Welder

Designed for hobbyists looking for reliable backup best TIG welders, the AMICO welders can operate between 115V up to 230v, which is perfect for casual, lighter thin welding works. The higher amperage, coupled with IGBT tech, ensures reliable performance. It’s not meant for heavy gauge materials, though. Also, keep in mind that this tool only works with DC current, which can be a serious deal-breaker for many. The 30% duty cycle is decent enough, given the sizing. There is also high-frequency start for better tungsten life. 


At just 19 pounds, it’s built for the road. The metal structure looks solid, and we loved the extra-long cables & durable pins. What we didn’t love was the limited 1-year warranty, which is short considering the price tag. Other high lights include auto temp control, fan dormancy, under/over voltage guard, kill switch, etc.

The pros

  • Extremely portable
  • Dual voltage (115 to 230 volts) + IGBT tech for reliable Stick &TIG welding action
  • Active fan cooling with overheating “shutoff” guard 
  • Robust accessory kit
  • Built-in auto-voltage compensator

The cons

  • No foot pedal or finger switch control
  • Runs only on DC current

2020 PowerArc 140ST

40 Amp Arc Stick Lift Start TIG Welder

The third entry in our best TIG welders review, we have the PowerArc welder from EverLast – a handy dual volt (110 – 220 V) welder that’s perfect for both DIY & performance grade projects. IGBT powered, the tool has easy controls and paired with the 40 amp arc and adaptive hot start tech. It’s a breeze to use. We tested it on both aluminum sheets and cast iron plating. And we were impressed – clean, consistent & very tough. The 35% duty cycle is decent, considering the price. And yes, it’s fairly power efficient. 

2020 PowerArc 140ST 40 Amp Arc Stick

Design-wise, it’s very portable. The whole thing weighs only around 23 pounds & the aluminum case is built to handle stress with ease. The tool comes with a neat carrying case, a wire brush, an electrode holder & am extra TIG torch.

The pros

  • Highly versatile dual volt (110-220V) TIG and stick welder with adaptive arc tech – perfect for casual & pro-grade work
  • Adaptive hot start & IGBT-ready for fast, reliable welding
  • Portable, light, and durable case
  • Finger switch included
  • Decent 35% duty cycle for the price

The cons

  • The customer service is quite bad here (being a new entrant and all)
  • Only work in DC current

Lotos LTPDC2000D

Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter TIG Welder

A Semi-premium range of best TIG welders from Lotos, these high-grade, dual volt (110 – 220V) tools are perfect for welding both thin and heavy gauge metals with equal ease. Thanks to the extraordinary non-touch pilot tip, the welds are clean, concise and we found the controls to be very easy to use especially the foot pedal trigger (not included). However, the major highlight is the sheer fact that this is a 3 in 1 device – it’s a TIG welder, a plasma cutter, and a capable Stick welder all rolled into a light, sturdy metal case.

Lotos LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

In our testing, we were able to cut & weld through metal as thick as ½-inch, which makes this welder ideal for ALL sorts of projects. We missed the lack of a finger switch. But the higher frequency startup does help ease the pain.

The pros

  • 3 in 1 welding tool – can be used as a plasma cutter, a stick welder, and as a TIG welder with just a flip of a button
  • Non-touch pilot tip for cleaner, more consistent welding results
  • Foot pedal-based heat control
  • Adjustable hot striking arc for improved start-up
  • 1-year warranty

The cons

  • A bit too pricey for a budget spec’d welder
  • No pulse arc support


225 Amp IGBT AC DC TIG/Stick Welder

Built for those who don’t compromise, the PrimeWeldTIG225Xis a superb 225 Max TIG/Stick welder that’s geared for pro users – let us elaborate. Protected by cool looking steel casing that’s construction site ready, the tool is IGBT enabled for superior reliability. The pulse enabled welding tip is perfect for dealing with aluminum, steel & even cast-iron. HF starts hand torch control, and a precise foot pedal trigger further enhances the quality of the welds. In fact, the head torch setup is made and tested here in the USA – so yeah, it’s good! The torch feels comfy & flexible in hand, and since it is also air-cooled, it’s great for short, high ampere welding.  


At 90 pounds, this isn’t exactly portable. However, that’s forgivable considering the build quality and sheer versatility it offers. The digital readout is super handy, so is the obscene amount of safety features it carries.

The pros

  • Premium quality, durable casing
  • Superior 110 – 225-volt TIG welder with pulse enabled tip for clean, concise welding results
  • Highly flexible, comfy and responsive torch head
  • Neat digital readout
  • Supreme customer service

The cons

  • The manual is a tad bit hard to understand
  • Quite expensive

Best TIG Welders Buying Guide – Things To Know Before Buying

With their signature high prices, the best TIG welders are literally an investment. Here’re a few things to help make that a worthwhile one;

Power & performance

On average, most light-duty best TIG welders offer a minimum 110 – 150 volts of power. For serious, heavier needs, it can go up to 250 volts. The choice depends on what your needs are, the kind of materials you work with, etc. if the price isn’t an issue, get a model that can alternate between volts as they’re more versatile on the table.

Also, check out the ampere rate of a TIG welder before buying as this can tell you how much power it will consume when working.

Duty cycle

For those who don’t know: a “Duty Cycle” refers to the length of time, a TIG welder can be used non-stop before it needs to cool down. A longer DC rating is great for larger, time-limited projects, whereas a low DC model is the best simple project. 

If your TIG welder has a DC rating of 30%, it means that it can work non-stop for minutes & then will need to cool for 10 minutes.

Controls & safety features

Changing with the times, go for a model that has a digital readout & control as this can give you a lot more precise control over how the weld will turn out. This is especially true if you are a beginner learning the ropes.

Aside from the regular PPE, thermal overload guard is a key for safety, as this will save you (& the tool) from dangerous overheating and some common tig welding problems

Best TIG Welders Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

1) TIG Vs. MIG welding – what’s the difference?

Metal inert gas welding is designed for welding thicker gauge materials, whereas TIG welding is ideal for softer metals & thin sheets. MIG is notably used for welding works where strength & speed matters most. 

On the other hand, the TIG swaps speed for a cleaner, detailed weld finishing that’s visually pleasing and just as strong.

2) Can I use TIG welders on aluminum?

Yes, of course! In fact, a TIG welder with power control is better for dealing with aluminum, preventing it from burning.

3) Will I need training before using TIG welders?

Yes, you do. Since you’re going to be using both your hands together, you’d definitely need a fair bit of practice to get the best results.

Best TIG Welders To Buy – Wrapping Up

A massive step up from regular welding machines, the best TIG welders, with their versatility and a big focus on the aesthetic finish, is ideal for all metal/DIY masters striving for perfection. It really is the future of welding – period!

As you can see, there are the best TIG welders for every price point & project needs. However, you must pick the right one for YOU. Consider your needs closely, both present and the upcoming ones. Think about portability, warranties, etc., and base your choice on it. Whichever one you pick, make sure to exercise proper safety measures. Wear gloves and masks when you are utilizing them – it’s important.

So yeah, that’s it. If you have any questions, ideas or opinions to share, please do so by throwing us a comment below

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