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Top Best Tile Saw 2020 + Review & Buyer Guide (Updated)

When it comes to cutting up a tile, there is literally no other power tool out there that can replicate the cutting power and precision of a proper, best tile saw. In fact, this is the only tool that successfully can get this job done – period! So yeah, whether you are a professional remodeler or a weekend warrior, the best tile saw should always be in your arsenal. Only they can ensure that your tiling jobs will always come out perfectly.

Picking the right best tile saw for YOU, however, can be well… tough. You see, with a ton of uniquely odd sizes, custom edges & brands. The market for it is seriously confusing, especially for beginners (and for some experts too). So, to help you guys out, we have listed the top 5 best tile saw modes to buy in 2020 + the best tile saw guide below.

Come, let’s get chopping;

Best Tile Saw 2020 – The Perfect Tool For The Job!

Talking about the best tile saw models, there are two top types: Benchtop & free standing. While some features are sliding trays, others offer sliding saw, and still, others are totally stationary, forcing a manual tile push by hand. Discrepancies in tile size can also make a tile saw worthless to one user but ideal for another. The edges even matter: the best tile saw models should offer, diamond, carbide, or alloy edges to cater fine, precise cutting.

Unlike regular saws, these are meant to cut the tile, not grind it. What this means is that you will get to chop your tiles in the most precise, cleanest way possible. They work with all tile types – glass, ceramic, porcelain, granite, etc.

Frankly, if you are cutting tile, the best tile saw IS the best way to go – no doubt. Here’s the best tile saw units to buy in 2020:

Best Tile Saw Review 2020 – The Top Tools To Cut Tiles With Total Perfection!

Adored by experts and personally tested by us to ensure max quality, here are the best tile saw to buy this summer season;

#1. Leegol Electric

7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

Affordable, portable, and ready for the job, the Leegol wet tile saw is mainly geared for weekend DIY warriors and homeowners who want a simple tool for the job. The metal tabletop, which can be tilted for bevelled cuts, goes plenty nice with the powerful 5-Amp motor that is perfect for dealing with tiles of any type.

Leegol Electric

The Diamond top blade ensures smooth cutting & thanks to the cooling water reservoir that also keeps the blade cool & minimizes dust and debris; you can use it for hours without the risk of heating.

Thanks to the built-in rip fence & Miter gauge, the accuracy is good for the price. It’s not exceptional but good. Ergonomically, the reinforced tub & frame is ample enough for Jobsite abuse, and the warranty of 2 years is quite nice too.



  • Lightweight, portable and well built
  • Powerful induction motor + diamond saw blade for effective tile cutting across any materials of any thickness
  • Built-in water reservoir for active blade cooling & enhanced dust reduction
  • Adjustable rip fence & miter gauge
  • Tilting (45 degrees) table-top for making easy bevel cuts


  • Not meant for any heavy-duty tile cutting actions
  • Feels cheap

#2 SKIL 3540-02

7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

An Amazon best-seller, the Skil 3540-02 best tile saw is simply designed to offer excellent tile cutting action & fairly cheap pricing – no more, no less.

SKIL 3540-02

With a corrosion-resistant table top with a convenient tilting setup, it’s ideal for bevel & straight cuts, the diamond saw ensures cleaner cuts and minimal debris, which is further reduced with the water reservoir cooling system. 

Powering everything, we get a 3600 no-load 4.2 amp motor. In our testing, we found it to be enough for everyday tile cutting, though not anything heavy.

Thanks to the adjustable rip fence & m-gauge, the accuracy is quite good. And thanks to the extension system on the side, you get ample support while cutting. And the best part? All of this only weighs around just 22 pounds!



  • Decently powerful 4.2 amp motor with a peak 3600 RPM – more than enough for everyday tile cutting needs
  • Corrosion-resistant, tilting steel work table with handy support extension
  • Razor-sharp 7’ diamond blade
  • Inbuilt water reservoir for heat & dust-free cutting
  • Very Lightweight 


  • The blades sometimes catch/lift the tile
  • Poor fence quality

#3 SKIL 3550-02

7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

Yet another best tile saw from Skil, the 3550-2 improves on its predecessor & brings a new “HydroLock” system which enables heat & dustless tile cutting without any risk of splashing, the very handy slide-out extension is still here, now offering support for up to 18X18 tiles.

 SKIL 3550-02

The corrosion-resistant aluminum tabletop comes with a built-in rip fence & miter gauge, which when paired with the 7’ diamond saw ensures accurate, clean tile cuts every time. And oh, the table is still “tilting” for making bevel cuts easier.

Yet again, the device is very portable, though the weight is now 2 pounds extra thanks to the larger water reservoir. The built-in motor is still the same 4.2’ amp one, and like earlier, it’s always good enough for most daily tasks.



  • A revamped, splash-free bigger water reservoir for better than before blade cooling and dust reduction
  • Corrosion-resistant, tilting aluminum tabletop with support extension
  • Sharp 7’ diamond dust blade
  • Reliable 4.2 amp single speed (3600 RPM) motor
  • 2-year warranty


  • The hydro lock system still needs a ton of improvement
  • Bad rip fence (again)


PCE980 Wet Tile Saw

The biggest highlight of the Porter + Cable tile saw will surely be the sliding saw mechanism, which is quite rare to see at these sizes, let alone at such low prices The top 2850-RPM motor is plenty awesome and paired with the 7’ diamonds saw; you can easily chew through the porcelain, ceramic, and even stone tiles. 


For accuracy, the square patterned table & miter gauge makes lining up tiles effortless, which is also great for repeating rip cuts. Unfortunately, the tile size is limited to just 12 inches as the compact size is too restricting.

Of course, we get water-cooling for blades – Its standard. In fact, the built-in drain plug even helps to prevent excessive splashing. The saga continues with the tough build, as the steel deck/roll cage combo makes it impervious to any Jobsite abuse.

And oh, you also get a handy 3-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee for that extra peace of mind.



  • Highly capable 1 hp motor for class-leading cutting capability – ideal for porcelain, glass and even ceramic and stone
  • Exclusive sliding tile system & miter squares for impeccable accuracy
  • Built-in water cooling with splash guard& drain plug
  • 3-year warranty
  • Roll cage frame for max longevity


  • Limited capacity (supports tiles up to only 12 inches)
  • The table is a bit uneven

#5 DEWALT Wet Tile Saw With Stand

Wet Tile Saw With Stand10-Inch (D24000S)

A dollar shy of $800, the Dewalt” best tile saw unit is not for the average user. But hey, for the price, it doesn’t get better than this.


DEWALT Wet Tile Saw With Stand

The exclusive rail system offers superior accuracy, which when combined with the diamond tip 10’ blade, and the powerful 1.5 HP motor, there is literally no tile you can’t cut cleanly, be it glass, porcelain, clay, or even ceramics – it chops all! 

For further accuracy and performance, Dewalt has also included cutline indicators and steel rollers for exceptional stability in repeating tasks.

With two adjustable water nozzles spraying mist, both heat and debris are kept to a bare minimum, and since the tub is large, there is less risk of splashing too. Finally, this tile saw comes with an included stand for easier operation.



  • Steel rails cut line indicators, and steel rollers – combined, this is the most accurate tile saw in this best tile saw guide!
  • Class-leading 1.5 hp motor & diamond set saw for superior tile cutting, always
  • Removable cutting cart for easy cleaning
  • Dual water nozzle for heat and dust-free operation 
  • Stand included


  • Extremely expensive
  • Heavy 

Best Tile Saw Buying Guide – Top Things To Consider Before Buying

With the top 5 best table saw units now been revealed, here’s the best saw tile guide to help you find the ideal tile saw for YOUR needs;

1) Tile Saw Type

Usually, tile saws come in 3 types: (A) stationary –you’d need to push the tile on to the blade to cut it. (B) Bridge saw – you put the saw on a tabletop & pull the running saw across it, cutting it. (C) Slider – instead of the blade, you move the tile.

Obviously, the choice is up to you. They are all similarly accurate, so it’s just the matter of picking the one that feels comfy to you. 

2) Motor Power

In short, the more power the best tile saw has, the better it will cut. On an average, ¾ to 1.5 hp is more than enough for casual cutting needs. Depending on the difficulty and the material type, however, this can easily go up to 5 hp or more.

Honestly, there’s no “one size fits all”, And the higher the power, the more costly it will we. Consider both when picking. 

3) Blade Quality

According to experts, you should look for models with alloy, or stainless steel saws that have carbide or diamond coated edges. These don’t heat up easily and can give you a finer cut. The sharper it is, the less debris too.

Above all, the blade itself should be sturdy enough. Tempered steel is better, and see if you can also get extra blades with your purchase.

4) Water Feeding (Ease of Lubrication)

A properly lubricated saw can not only cut down the amount of dust produced but can also give you a cleaner cutting result + better longevity to the saw itself. Look for a model that has a decent reservoir size for proper water spraying.

Honestly, unless you have any issues, just get a wet saw and be done with it. These self-cooling saws are better in every way.

5) Warranty

Being constantly subjected to water, debris, flying shards, and just general wear and tear, table saws lead a stressful life than other power tools. So, it’s always advisable you get a unit with a long warranty to be safe. 

Pro tip: go only for branded saw models (like the best tile saw models above) as these generally offer better support & warranties overall.

The Best Tile Saw 2020 – The Conclusion

Whether you are a contractor, a tile shop owner, or just a guy who is looking to spruce up their home floor, the best tile saw can a go a long way in realizing your tiling dreams. In fact, without them, tile cutting is almost impossible itself! 

With any of the best tile saw 2020 units above, you are guaranteed to get the cleanest, most precise tile cutting action possible. They are tested for perfection & cover every price range, so there’s something for everyone. 

Anyway, whichever one you choose, make sure always to give safety your highest priority – always. Always get proper training before operating them, and wear ample protective gear like gloves, goggles, etc.

Like always, if you have any queries or opinions, feel free to comment below and let’s continue our talk over there.

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