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Best Weed Whackers {2022} For Easy Lawn Maintenance + Review & Buying Guide

From cutting down overgrown patches weeds or shrubs or even just cutting grass better to keep the edges of your garden crisp & smart, the best weed whackers – also known widely as “String Trimmers” – are an indispensable piece of kit. They are light, portable, and ideal for clearing weeds from out-of-the-way areas with ease.

As you can predict, the best weed whackers are available from quite a lot of firms – some great, some not so much. Below, we’ve listed 5 of the best weed whackers we believe offer the best value to help cut through the noise.

Also, keep reading below for our top tips & buying guide on choosing the best string trimmer for your landscaping needs;

Best Weed Whackers For The Gardeners!

Designed to go where the big bulky lawn mowers cant, the best weed whackers are sort of a “touch – up” tool of sorts that are just as capable of chopping larger swaths of overgrowth as well as tackling weeds on the most delicate flower patches. You can also use then to trim the grass on uneven & steep terrains or close to objects inaccessible by other equipment – like the area around lawn fences, mailbox posts, etc.

To put into a better perspective, the best weed whackers can pull double duty as edgers and mini-mowers at the same time – how cool! While the good old “lawn mowers” help maintain the grass’s heights, the best weed whackers will keep the lawn looking trim at the same time. Yup, if you’re serious about gardening, it’s one tool you shouldn’t go without!

Best Weed Whackers Review – 5 Weed Choppers!

If you are buying the best weed whackers for the first time or is upgrading your current model, here are the best ones to consider;

#1 WORX WG163 GT 3.0

20V PowerShare 12Cordless String Trimmer

Without a doubt, this is our favorite weed whacker ever! Crafted by Worx, this Amazon bestseller serves dual purposes – a string trimmer & wheel edger. You can use this tool to cut weeds effortlessly across any terrains, be it steep or sloped. The tilt-adjustable head is perfect for dealing with hard to reach areas. It’s powerful, its lightweight, and the comfy handle and easier controls make this machine a dream to use. The rubberized wheel offers good, smooth support while edging and guarantees cleaner, straighter cuts. 

WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12Cordless String Trimmer

The built-in spacer guards go a long way in minimizing accidental trimming of precious flowers and plants & further improves accuracy. The battery life is brilliant, and the included cell is cross-compatible with the entire Worx power tool family.



  • Works as both a string trimmer & edger
  • Powerful motor + 12-inch cutting width combo ensures faster, easier weed clearing sessions
  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • Long-lasting dual 20V batteries with Worx tool cross support
  • Spacer guard


  • No fast charging support here (takes up to 5 hours to get charged)
  • No auto-line feed

#2 Greenworks 12-Inch

40V Cordless String Trimmer

With variable speed support delivering power when you need it, the Greenworks range of best weed whackers is notable for their use of long-lasting, strong brushless motors and superior constructions – as is the case here. We loved the comfy auxiliary handle, and along with the 12-inch cutting width & 30 minute run time, it’s ideal for dealing with lawns that are big & need heavy-duty treatment. The line is self-feeding, so there is no need to worry about that. It’s also designed ergonomically to improve balance.

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer

Noted for its noiseless operation, this tool is built to last, and it is evident from the steel shaft and closed off the design. Unfortunately, this also means no support for attachments. Finally, a 4-year warranty protects your investments.


  • Premium design (built to last)
  • Adjustable head, auto-feed line with 12-inch cutting width offers hassle-free, faster weeding experience
  • Pretty decent 30 minutes run time with fast charging support
  • Noise “less” operation
  • 4-year long warranty (2 for the battery)


  • No attachment compatibility
  • Expensive 


String Trimmer

Next in our best weed whackers review, we have the popular Black+Decker BESTA510, an affordable model with a much larger 14 inched cutting width for faster, easier weed trimming. The aptly powered 6.5 amp motor offers enough torque to get the job done, while the mostly plastic design – though less durable – makes it lightweight enough to be used for a long while.

BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer

We never felt any fatigue in all the time we used them, though the extra rattling under heavy load can become a bit annoying in the long run. Like the Worx weed whacker we saw above, you can also use this model as an edger (your mileage may vary).

Despite the price, an auto line feed system is still present, and with the corded design, the restrictiveness aside, the tool can run continuously for hours. For protection, you get a limited 2 year warranty.


  • Easy to handle
  • Large 14-inch cutting width with auto line feed for easier, faster weed trimming
  • Can also be used for edging needs (easy conversion)
  • Continuous performance
  • Super cheap


  • Almost all parts are made from plastic
  • The plug is difficult to set

#4 Toro 51480 Corded

14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

Yet another corded weed whacker but with far superior build quality, the Toro 51480 comes with a vastly superior 5 Amp motor, a 14-inch cutting width, and has adjustable head and shaft for awesome utility – ideal for people of any height. A nice highlight here is that you can also use it for a bit of edging. The mode conversion is quite easy, and once you get used to it, it’ll only take a few seconds to move between them.

Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

Ergonomically, the device is quite pleasing to use. It’s pretty lightweight, and the padded handles help a lot with handling. The auto-feed trim line is a nice add-on considering the price, and lastly, the warranty is capped at 2 years.


  • Wide 14 inch cutting capacity
  • Adjustable shaft and head, lightweight design and grippe, comfortable handles
  • One push conversion to edger mode
  • Auto line feed
  • Decent 2-year long warranty


  • The auto line feeder doesn’t always properly function
  • Not capable of further attachments

#5 Remington RM25C 25cc

2-Cycle 16-Inch Curved Shaft Gas String Trimmer

Boasting a very capable 25 Cc gas engine, the Remington RM25C weed whacker has a 16-inch cutting capacity – and that’s only the beginning. The comfortable handle & curved shaft design guarantee effortless comfort while trimming. The dual-line bump head further improves ease of use with the auto-feeding line per needed. 

Remington RM25C 25cc 2-Cycle 16-Inch Curved Shaft Gas String Trimmer

The line itself is pretty thick here at .095 inch, making speedy work of thick grass/weed patches. The clear fuel tank makes it far easy to keep an eye on the remaining fuel levels while working.

Backed by a 2-year limited warranty, the device is a bit on the heavier side at 14 pounds. Furthermore, it also gets quite noisy – do keep both in mind while buying. The built-in guard helps to reduce debris blowback to a good degree.



  • Powerful 25CC motor & large 16-inch cutting width – need we say more?
  • Self-feeding, thick cutting line
  • Ergonomic handles curved shaft for exceptional comfort
  • Easy fuel level monitoring
  • Quick start technology for faster start-ups


  • Can get quite noisy and noticeable emissions
  • Heavy  

Best Weed Whackers Buying Guide – Read This Before Buying!

Not everyone may be familiar with the best weed whackers. If you are in this category, here’re some things to consider first before buying;

1) Power And Performance 

The best weed whackers can be bought in corded, cordless, and gas-powered variants. If you require pure brute force, go with gas. For everyone else, electric is the best way to go – we prefer the cordless ones for their Eco-friendliness & portability.

Make sure it has enough torque to run consistently without catching. Give more brownie points for ones with variable speeds & quick starts.

Make sure the 

2) Cutting Width And Control

The bigger the cutting widths, the more grass you can cut in one go. It mostly ranges from 10 inches to 16+ inches – check your lawn size and buy accordingly. Some allow adjusting or swapping the blades per need. Look into them too.

The controls should be easy, so it has an appropriately long shaft. Get a model that allows you to adjust the length per your needs.

3) Other Key Things To Consider

For less arm fatigue, get a light unit with the lowest vibration output possible. Swapping the blades should be easy – tool-less is better. It also needs to be ergonomic, noiseless, and has a decent exhaust (for gas models).

Design-wise, you can get them in straight or curved shafted. Also, check the fuel efficiency – how long can it run on a full tank/charge?

Best Weed Whackers Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

While lawnmowers are very ubiquitous, the best weed whackers are not. Here’s a quick FAQ to help clear some common doubts about them;

1) How often should I use a weed whacker?

While these tools are mostly used “as needed,” we advise using them only when you really have to, as using them too much can accidentally lead to destroying actually healthy grass – it is unavoidable.
In other words, if you notice excess grass, do not hurry to cut the whole lawn at once. Instead, focus only on the worst-hit areas.

2) What are the safety measures to take when using the best weed whackers?

Invest in a good pair of gloves for general protection, and if you are using a gas-fuelled weed whacker, a good respirator is a key to save you from the toxic fumes. A good pair of goggles can better save your eyes from flying debris. 
Also, get a good ANC headphone or an earplug as this tool can get pretty noisy – like very!

3) What is the difference between a weed whacker and a weed eater?

Honestly, there is none. Both of these names point towards the same tool: the designs or how they work in your gardens.

Best Weed Whackers Review – Here’s Our Final Verdict 

If it isn’t obvious enough, only by the grace of all the best weed whackers – slicing up tall grass around mailboxes, front steps, fences, and flower beds – can your garden or lawn look truly polished & healthy – it’s that simple!

All the best weed whackers we’ve reviewed above are industry favorites and are used by some of the best landscapers out there. They cut grass fast, work across a large area & are built so durable that you don’t have to worry about buying another anytime soon. To pick the “right” whacker for you, use the included best weed whackers buying guide, consider your needs, compare features & pick the one YOU think best suits your gardening needs.

Have any doubts, opinions, and ideas to share? Let us know in the comments below. Also, share the article with your friends & family.

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