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Best Diamond Drill Bit For Granite: Deal with Stone, Metal, Tiles and Rocks Too

Have you ever had the pleasure of working with Granite? If so, the chances are that you would definitely know how nightmarish it could be to drill through that stuff in one piece. To chew through something that hard and tough, you would need something strong, something versatile, something that could really take a beating – you would need something like a custom-made best diamond drill bit for granite. In this article, I am going to introduce you to a bunch of diamond tip drill bit for stone models that are clearly going to answer the question “What is the best way to drill through granite?”

Granite can be a very tough thing to crack, especially if you aren’t using tools that are custom made for it like Dremel diamond bits for stone and the likes. Normal drill bits can somewhat get the job done – I assure you, however, that’s only viable if you don’t really mind chewing through all of them in a fortnight or less.

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Best Metal Drill Bits in 2018 Review: Perfect for Drilling up Wood, Steel, and Stone

Don’t get me wrong here, drilling through metal – as annoying as it can be at times – is actually a fairly simple process to do if you have the correct set of tools like the best steel cutting drill bits or diamond heads. In fact, it is more or less like cutting through wood or stone – It is just that easy. Having the best metal drill bits is the key to making a perfect cut, and that is exactly where things get a bit more complicated.

Mind you – Pretty much any best bits for drilling steel can somewhat get the job done well; however, having the “perfect” best metal drill bits at your disposal can literally make all the difference in the world. Aside from just making your projects turn out awesome, having the best metal drill bits would also mean that the efforts you put into them would also be minimized to the degree that’s not excessive or overt.

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Best Drill Bits for Glass 2018 (2 Sea Glass Bits + 4 Diamond Bits Reviewed)

Last week I helped you to pick the affordable drill press, and this week I have reviewed the Drill doctor drill bit sharpeners. Today I am analyzing the best drill bits for glass. I am also examining best diamond drill bits used in cutting the glass works.

The novice question is how do we get a hole in any glass material? The simple answer is you can drill the glass like you drill the wall, wood, and metal.

You can use the drill machine and use the glass-cutting drill bits on that drilling machine. These glass drilling bits are made to drill the glasses, and the tiles kind of fragile materials. You can use the cordless hammer drills, corded hammer drills, drill presses and any other drill machines but the only thing to keep in mind is that you must use the drill-bits which are specially made to cut/drill the glass items. Continue reading