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Best Drill Bits for Glass 2018 (2 Sea Glass Bits + 4 Diamond Bits Reviewed)

Last week I helped you to pick the affordable drill press, and this week I have reviewed the Drill doctor drill bit sharpeners. Today I am analyzing the best drill bits for glass. I am also examining best diamond drill bits used in cutting the glass works.

The novice question is how do we get a hole in any glass material? The simple answer is you can drill the glass like you drill the wall, wood, and metal.

You can use the drill machine and use the glass-cutting drill bits on that drilling machine. These glass drilling bits are made to drill the glasses, and the tiles kind of fragile materials. You can use the cordless hammer drills, corded hammer drills, drill presses and any other drill machines but the only thing to keep in mind is that you must use the drill-bits which are specially made to cut/drill the glass items. Continue reading

Best Drill Press Under $200 (Reviewed 6 Top 2018 Drill Presses)

There are best drill press machines cost you anywhere from $50 to $1000. The $50 types may not be branded ones. You would have never heard the company name before. The $100 to $200 range ones are what you can expect from brands and quality ones. My aim is to bring you the best drill press under $200.

Very quickly the prices can go above $300 to $700 for most of the feature-rich drill presses available as of today on the Amazon marketplace. Do not go behind the fancy features come with the drill machines that cost above $300.

You can get the best drill press under $300. If $300 is still looking like expensive, then you can also go for an excellent cheap drill press under $200. There are some inexpensive drill press machines under $150. You can grab them, or at $100 there are some affordable drill press machines available for you.

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