Gardening Gift Ideas For Grandma

6 Gardening Gift Ideas For Grandma – Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Whether tending to their backyard or tending to the treasure trove of plants in their new greenhouse, most grandmas LOVE gardening. Do you want to show your love for her? Do consider gifting her useful gardening tools this year. From pots to tillers and shears, grandma’s top gardening gift ideas are as thoughtful as they are useful.

I was wondering where to start? As an avid gardener myself, I have and rely on plenty of tools tested hundreds more for my job & friends. Below we’ve shared the best gardening tools I promise your nana will love.

So yeah, let’s get in then, shall we?

Best Gardening Gift Ideas For Grandma – Show How Much You Love Her!

Without a doubt, the best gifts are personal, tailored to your loved one’s needs & interests. So if your grandma has a green thumb, consider gifts that will help them tend to their garden & keep houseplants happy. Make sure only to gift her items that you know she’s going to cherish & uses daily. Plus, unless she needs it and CAN handle it, avoid gifting power tools like drill sets, saws, etc.

Trust us; your granny doesn’t need anything too big. Something simple will do. There is always something NEW in the garden world. Make sure the gift is meaningful; it has to match her style, and be easy for her to use – it’s important.

Here’re our favorite best garden gift ideas for grandma (2020);

6 Gardening Gifts For Grandma – The Genius Gardener In Your Life 

For the women who see it all, here are the best gardening gift ideas that are as sweet, thoughtful, and awesome as she is;

1) Spade Shovel Sets

For any gardening work, both shovels and spades are very crucial as they help prepare the ground, move soil, relocate plants, etc. They come in different sizes. But considering your grandma’s age, its best to go for handheld mini models. They need to be lightweight, have a nice grip, and sharpen to facilitate easy digging. Make sure you buy from top brands that offer a good warranty – she’d want the tool to last.

While you’re at it, also try & gift her, a gardening duffel bag to keep these tools safe & dust-free when not in use. She’ll appreciate it.

2) Gardening Hats, Aprons, Kneepads, Gloves, Etc.

Even if she has already had a pair, your grandma will appreciate having extras of gardening essentials like aprons, overalls, hard gloves, masks, hats, pads, etc. These will help her do gardening outstandingly without worrying about getting dirty. They are relatively inexpensive and come in a ton of great designs and qualities. When buying, make sure its lightweight, durable, and allows for machine washing. This is a key.

Gardening belts are also worth gifting, with their numerous pockets and tool holders, they’re sure to make your Nanas life easier. The same also goes for garden wagons. Fertilizers can be quite heavy/bulky – the wagons help reduce the effort.

3) Watering Cans, Sprinklers, Hoses

Whether it’s just a window sill flower pot or a full-blown garden, watering is crucial to keep the plants hale, green & hearty. If your granny is struggling with the same, new water can or a sprinkler/sprayer might just be the perfect gift for her. There are tons of types to choose from; a top hose set with adjustable nozzle is sure to get your grandmas fancy. The same also goes for a watering wand for her flowers.

If budget is not an issue, how about installing a brand new sprinkler system for her garden? Yes, it is expensive. But trust us, it’s sure worth it.

4) Garden Knives, Scissors, Pruners, Shears

Trust us; there is a need to cut in gardening. Whether its budding flowers, raising a bonsai or simply weeding, your grandma can surely do with a set of cutting tools. The pruning shears are tremendously helpful reigning in overgrown weeds & leaves. The loppers can make quick work of dry & dead branches, and knives, well… they can be used for everything from cutting seed packages to bud trimming, deadheading, etc.

Buy from good brands. They need to be lightweight, safe, easy to handle, and razor-sharp. You should also think about getting her a sharpening kit, as it can help her better take care of these tools + increase their longevity.

5) Leaf Rakes, Garden Brooms

Gardens are notoriously hard to clean, especially in the fall season. Give your granny a helping hand by gifting her a few rakes, garden and pot brushes. For small flowerbeds, a rake will surely do wonders. There are also bigger rakes & brooms to clean up dead leaves, weeds, and twigs. A pot brush can help up dirt and caked grimes. These too generally don’t cost as much. So show your love by gifting her, a full garden cleaning kit. 

If she’s comfortable using it, you can also gift her leaf blowers, mulchers, and other cleaning power tools to keep her garden beautiful. The good old lawn movers are also an evergreen gift. The awesome part? Your grandpa, too, will love them!

6) Non-Essential Garden Items

Not all gardening gifts have to be useful – some can be for fun too. Your grandmas are sure to appreciate decorative gifts like bird feeders, outdoor lights, garden gnomes, etc. to help spruce up their gardens even more. Of course, this includes gardening books too. They make for a very outstanding evening read and help her learn and explore newer, better ways to enhance their gardening dreams.

Some of the other best garden gifts worth giving her include fences to keep her garden safe, the new pest catchers, a new sprinkler setup, a garden wagon, etc. as long as it adds to the garden meaningfully, the sky’s the limit.

Best Gardening Gift Ideas For Grandma – Let’s Conclude Our Thoughts 

Whether it’s hot baked goods, a warm hug when you’re down, or great advice when you need it the most, our grandmas are a gift that keeps on giving. You want the best for her. And since she’s probably going to spend most time gardening this year, the best gardening tool gifts might just be the perfect way to show your love.

After all, for all she has done for you, this is the least you can do for her!

We sincerely hope that the best garden gift ideas for grandma we’ve shared above have proven fruitful to you for the green-thumbed lady in your life. Again, trust me, the gift doesn’t have to be anything big or flashy – it just needs to be useful. Keep her age in mind when buying gifts. Do consider her safety first. Still, confused? Just ask her better half for advice. Your grandpa can surely help you find the best gift for his beloved.

At the end of the day, she’s sure to love your gift whatever be it because she knows It came straight from your heart!

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