Best Gift Ideas For The Handyman

Top Best Gift Ideas For The Handyman In Your Life (2022 Edition)

Okay, what we’d do without a handyman in our life? From fixing electricity, stopping drippy faucets, tweaking cars to maintaining freezers, they’re the first ones we call to help deal with our lives trivialities. He (or she) is clearly an everyday hero. So yeah, it’s no wonder why many are looking for the best gift ideas for the handyman.

Wondering where to start? Hint: there are better gifts than just tools. Below, we have detailed some of the best gift ideas for the handyman that are equal parts thoughtful & useful – perfect for making him feel like the superhero he is!

Without any further ado, let’s get started;

Best Gift Ideas For The Handyman – A Great Way To Show Your Appreciation! 

Please make no mistake: finding the perfect gift for a do-it-yourself can be very tough because it’s hard to know what they need. For starters, he already may’ve so many tools that he won’t probably appreciate being gifted another. Secondly, we already know a pair of nerdy socks or ties wouldn’t cut it either. He’d want style, something with substance & usefulness that it helps ease his jobs daily burdens & improve his life.

Of course, tools are still a safe choice, especially if you know your favorite handyman needs a particular model. At the end of the day, the real goal is to let him (her) know how much you appreciate him, and his services.

To THAT end, any one of the top gifts listed below will suffice;

Best Gift Ideas For The Handyman – Great Gifts Worthy Of Their Skills And Efforts

Do you want to make your handyman feel appreciated? Here are 6 useful gifts that are sure to make his day this summer season; 

#1 Gloves, boots, aprons, etc.

Typically, a handyman tends to lets their work apparels disintegrate fully before investing in a newer pair. So yeah, they are almost certain to appreciate being gifted a fresher new pair whenever possible. Gloves are an obvious choice, so is work aprons, boots, and masks. Go for tougher models from branded sources. 

With boots and gloves, leather is an excellent choice. It should be well padded; offer good grip, and is resistant to ripping. If he is also an electrician, both the gloves and boots also need to be water-resistant & insulated. 

#2 The classic multi-tool (a must-have)

A handyman without a reliable multi-tool is like a boater without a paddle: he is just not prepared yeah; they make for an excellent gifting choice, especially if your Mr.Fix-it loves exploring the outdoors. They are relatively pretty affordable, with many packing in tools like pliers, blades, a file, scissors, bottle openers, knives, etc.

Personally, we’re great fans of the Letterman Multi-tool ranges. They’re built solidly, are easily portable, and offer a ton of value for money. Frankly, these make a great gift for almost anyone – not just handyman’s alone.

#3 Personalized tools

Personalized gifts have always been a great/intimate way to show someone how much you appreciate them. From hammers that got their name engraved to power tools and apparels that are custom-built per their preferences, they make for excellent tableau – one that they will have no trouble leaving out for display.

Many places, both online & offline, offer personalized gifting services – From doing custom paint jobs, embossing initials to etching quotes, and names. Depending on the level of customization, the expense will change. 

#4 Durable timepieces

As gifts, watches are a timeless classic that everybody loves – your handyman included. Opt for very tough models, like the durable “Casio” digital line-up, as these timepieces need to be able to withstand the rigours a handyman’s profession. They need to be a shock, water, and impact resistant. Good battery life is also key.

Watches with multi-tools are also popular these days. They often come with handy tools like m-tapes, tiny knives, lights, compass, etc. You can find tons of them online. Make sure to buy a well-reviewed one to ensure quality. 

#5 Tool carrying cases and bags

 A safer gift choice for a handyman, tool carrying cases, and bags can help them keep tools organized, safe, and readily available. These are especially useful for fixer-uppers who are always on the go. Choice-wise, there are aplenty. You can either go with hard cases with moulded interiors for placing tools or a nice, tough tool duffel bag. 

Go for top branded models, the likes of Stanley, Dewalt, Kater, etc. Make sure its impact and moisture resistant. If duffel/b-packs are more your handyman’s style, opt for layered, water and tear-free ones with tons of pockets. 

#6 Drinks, alcoholic beverages

After a long day of hard work, your favorite handyman might want to trade in his work tools for a stiff, cold drink. You can either gift them drinks or take them out for one. Beer is clearly the evergreen classic. However, it can also be vodka, gin, or tequila or even cool drinks depending on their preferences. 

You can also gift them drink-making gifts if they prefer making their own drinks. These kits will have all the botanicals, spirits, tools, and instructions to help them concoct a heady, delicious adult beverage that they’ll love.

#7 Gift baskets (the super safe bet)

Grafted, gift baskets might be super boring. But hey, they CAN be superlative gifts when you choose it thoughtfully. They come at many sizes and prices, with most packed with delicacies like nuts, crackers, cheese, meats, and sweets. Some of the pricier ones also come with drinks to help quench their thirst after a long day.

You can buy them pre-packed, or prefer to make them your own, with hand-baked cookies, pies, and chocolates. Add in a “tool kit” made from cookies shaped like tools, and it will be a unique & memorable way to thank your #1 handyman.

Best Gift Ideas For The Handyman – What Is The Verdict? (Conclusion)

This year (2022) more than ever, a handyman would really appreciate having his work, well… appreciated. If you have a Mr-fix it in your life, maybe he is your regular hire, a friend, a relative, or a spouse, they deserve a nice gift this season – to show how much they mean to you, how much respect you have for them.

In these pandemic times, they are LITERALLY risking their lives to make all our lives a bit comfier. Clearly, they deserve only the best. We do hope that the above shared best gift ideas for the handyman have proven to be fruitful in that regard. Practical and thoughtful, these gifts are sure to put a smile on your handyman’s face. When buying, emphasize usefulness. It needs to be pragmatic above all else. 

Remember: the gift doesn’t need to be big or fancy. As long as it carries the intention right, even a simple hug can go a mile.

Hey, what did YOU gift your handyman this season? We’d like to know. Do share with us your ideas & thoughts below in the comments.

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