How To Find A Local Handyman

How To Find A Local Handyman? Tips To Hire Top Contractors & Professional Services

“How to find a local handyman?” this is one of the most common queries we get almost every single day here, PHTS. We get it, you just moved, and you need to get some work done at your new household. Since you are new, it can be seriously hard to find awesome handymen’s & contractors, especially those who you can trust.

From electricians to plumbers, gardeners, painting and furniture experts & more, not sure how to find these local pros? Here are a few easy tips and tricks to find a reliable local handyman that can easily get your home needs fulfilled.

So without any further ado, let’s get started;

How To Find A Local Handyman? Hiring A Handyman – An Overview

As far as the term “handyman” goes, it’s quite loosely defined. Some are self-trained while others are formally trained on varied aspects of home & industrial repairs. A typical handyman mainly specializes in home maintenance, such as carpentry, tiling, painting, etc., while others may be more familiar with extra skills such as plumbing, electrical works, etc.

When considering a handyman for a particular job, consider the task first. If it’s a job that needs a bit of specialized care, be sure to hire a handyman who’s up to THAT task, electricians, pool maintainers, gardeners, etc.

Make sure he is licensed and can be held accountable if something goes bad– this is very important.

Need repairs? Here’re 5 ways to find the perfect local handyman today easily!

1) (obviously)

Google is all about local searches. Just type in “best handyman near me,” and Google will treat you to hundreds of results in close vicinity. This, however, is only the easy part. To find the perfect handyman for YOU, you need to find the one with the most genuine reviews and recommendations, as this can ensure you quality service. Always make sure to call up the recommended handyman before hiring them – it’s a must.

Do not click on results that are listed first. These are mostly paid ones and are best avoided. Skip those for real organic ones.

2) Angie’s List

If you’re in the US, one of the top ways to find home service professionals is through Angie’s list – an online directory of crowd-sourced reviews, ratings, and contact details for everything from handymen, cleaning services to the best doctors & even pet services. The website, depending on the reviews & quality, grades handymen’s A to F, helps you make the right choice rather effortlessly.

Angie is non-biased & features real reviews from real users. They also mark the best ones as “certified Pros” for easy, reliable picking.

3) Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack…

Though Angie’s list is the most popular, that’s not the only “king” in the jungle. Take yelp, for example. Besides hotel reviews, you can easily find handymen, contractors and repair companies listed with detailed contacts, pictures of their work, and plenty of customer reviews to help you choose the right guy for your job. The same also goes for other similar websites like HomeAdvisor, Houzz, NextDoor, thumbtack, etc.

Back in the real world, you can also help community bulletin boards/message boards find the best handymen and repair firms. This is better as this can help you find someone who already knows your area.

4) Your local hardware store

Looking for the easiest way to find a handyman near you? Just head on over to your local hardware shop and ask around. Quite often, the employees there can hook you up with helpful recommendations for reliable, good service members in your area, or they may even be top handymen themselves. Additionally, hiring from them can also help you sometimes land great discounts with all the tools & items needed for the job.

Conversely, the hardware store may have plenty of business cards, paper ads, and contact info for local contractors.

5) The pure word of mouth

This one’s a no-brainer. Do you want to hire the top electricians, plumbers & other service providers in your area quickly? Just ask around the town for recommendations. Got a new job? Ask your colleagues/peers for suggestions. Met the new neighbors? Just ask who THEY consult for home repairs & maintenance. They can also help give you a fair estimation of prices, meaning that you can also prepare for the same.

Do make sure to ask them about who they don’t recommend too – it’s important. Do listen carefully &don’t be shy to ask your queries.

Great Results Guaranteed – Tips To Get The Best Handyman Service Possible

A handyman is someone who is going to work closely with you in your home. So, it’s integral that they be reliable & trustworthy.

Use the tips below to find the best handyman for you;

1) Analyze the project: before hiring a handyman, make sure to determine all the home repairs you want to get completed. A handyman is best suited for painting, patching, fixing up lights, etc. whereas if want to do jobs that call for permits like plumbing, wiring, etc. its best to get a dedicated contractor for the job.

2) Shop around: It’s true, the first choice may not always be the best. Before hiring, make sure to talk with other handymen, too, asking details about their skills, experience, typical cost/quotes, etc., before hiring the best one.

3) Avoid scams: To avoid getting cheated, make sure to never go for handymen who contact you & ask for work. Also, avoid those who aren’t willing to make guarantees or asks for their payment upfront, as it’s a major red flag.

4) Get everything on record: To further your convenience and secureness, always insist on a written guarantee, detailing the job details, working time, and a price estimate, at the time of hiring or before getting started. This is very important as this can help you avoid a lot of issues, maybe even legal bothers, later down the road.

How To Find Local Handyman – It’s Time For Wrapping Up

Yeah, that’s it! Using the tricks & tips above, finding the best handyman locally is now far easier than ever before. They charge by the hour, save money, and help you do multiple tasks that otherwise could’ve taken you ages.

Finally, make sure you work along with your handyman as closely as possible. Make sure you are engaged in the work – pay attention to what they are doing, ask questions, and review all their work live without slowing the job down. Also, make it obvious that you’re planning to post a review about the service you received. While this might not explicitly guarantee a superior experience, it can be a motivator for it nonetheless.

Yes, it’s a tricky process. However, no matter how big or small the job is, with a bit of care and the right queries, we are sure you can find an awesome, reliable handyman who is eager to help improve your home.

Hey, good luck to you then, my friend!

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