Power Hand Tool Set Scholarship for $500

Our very first scholarship program for high school, college, and University students finally out here. We have planned to do our ‘Power Hand Tool Set Scholarship program’ every year. So stay tuned here!

Who are we and what about our Scholarship program?

For our website regular visitors, we don’t need to tell who we are; they already know us as we help them by introducing many home improvement products.

Our reviews about power hands toolset products very much appreciated from building and constructions communities.You can check our few contents here on topics “Best oscillating tool blades“, “Top 2+5 Best cordless hammer drills under $200“, and “7 best cordless hammer drill drivers under $150“.

We started this site as we have great passion towards building and construction industry and thus we like to attract the similar minds from all over the world to join with us in this scholarship program.

Why we run Power Hand Tool Set Scholarship program?

While students studying in their high schools/colleges/Universities, by participating in such scholarship programs, they come to know the power of web publishing as we found ours.

Who can participate in our Scholarship program?

All students who are at present studying in high schools, colleges, and universities who are willing to participate and win our $500 scholarship.

To prove this, you need the following along with the article.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Name of High School or College, or University.
  • Address of the High School/College/University.
  • Scanned or photocopy of the Identity card to prove your studentship.

How To Participate in PHTS Scholarship Program

#1. Write a detailed content on any one of the following tips. Write about just one topic. Don’t try more than one. More than one submission will be considered as invalid to participate in this scholarship program.

–> How to pick best cordless hammer drill machines?
–> Where to buy construction equipment online?
–> Best tools needed to Home Improvement.

#2. Refer the few posts we have published recently. They are product reviews. So don’t write review type content. Use these posts to just refer how we aligned small paragraphs and simple english.

#3. You should write 750 to 1500 words content. Nothing less, Nothing more.

#4. Content should be unique (We will verify them using copy escape tool for plagiarism check). No copy paste. No rewriting. No article spinning. You must acknowledge that you own the content fully.

#5. You must proofread the article before submitting to us. No grammatical errors.

#6. Finally, send the articles to scholarship@powerhandtoolset.com with the subject line- Scholarship Article Submission.

#7. The last date for submitting the article is Dec 30th, 2018.

Winner of the Scholarship gets what?

  • Final results date: March 15th, 2019.
  • Only one person selected as a winner. He/She will get notification via email.
  • We will publish the winner details on our website.
  • The winning article gets published on our website.

After the winner gets the email notification, the winner should contact us with the bank account details of the college/University where he/she is studying. The winning amount paid towards that account.

What do we look in an article?

  •  Uniqueness
  • Writing self-experiences
  • Writing well-researched articles
  • Style of writing
  • Content depth- More knowledge, more depth content.

Terms and Disclaimer:

  • We follow strict privacy policy. Your private details will not be shared or sold to anyone.
  • We own the full rights of the articles we receive towards us. We can publish them on our website.
  • We reserve the right to cancel participation if we found the student not able to prove his studentship.


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